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Cool Kid

Cool Kid

I have always thought of myself as this big kid. I think that is why I appreciate Peter Pan so much because he never wanted to grow up. I mean as teenagers we never know how well we have it and we try to rush the adolescent parts aside to be adults. Then we grow up, learn about responsibilities, and then want to reverse it all lol. I have those small talks with my friends in RL who have kids as well. Like since when did we start being uncool and start sounding like our own mothers? LOL in any case I think that is what video games and even SL provide me with. A sense of never growing up if even just for a temporary moment.

Today I am blogging a lovely fur hat and Monflon set from Ariskea available at Fameshed. They are available in several colors and the muff that goes over the hands has an animation to cover the hands. I will have to warn you though, if you want to do any poses with the muff..well it would be difficult. For some reason the animation clashes with animated poses. The pic I took was kinda difficult to capture as I was depending on my AO to position my avi for me. Other than that the set is gorgeous and is beautiful for the winter.

Also new is the dress from Zenith available at Uber. The theme this round @ Uber is Opulence and they have some amazing stuff there! Make sure to check out Uber and Fameshed!

A few more new things can be found down below. Have an awesome day folks!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Hair: _Momoka_ in Blacks-Taketomi

Eyes: Hope Eyes in Wight-Ikon

Makeup: Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Basic Sparkles Eyeshadow in Black & Black Eyeliner Series 5-MONS

Contouring Blush in Med Tan-MUA

Lorelay Dark Lipstick in Wildberry Wet(comes with Lorelay skin)-Deesses

Jewelry & Accessories: 777 jewelry set Diamond-Mandala

[Moscow] Grey Wolf Fur hat & Monflon-Ariskea@Fameshed

Clothing: Vintage Chiffon Dress in Silver-=Zenith=@Uber

Shoes: Kaia Pumps in Silver(Maitreya version)-Pure Poison

Location: Inspiration Point

I Didn’t Find Any Magical Lamps


Hi everyone! I am back from a well needed break! The holidays may be over but I still seem to have these sugarplum fairies spiraling around my head. I don’t really know if that is a good or bad thing, but just know the spirit of Christmas is still lingering. While on break I got a lot of stuff from sponsors so I will be on a blog roll for a while!

Before I continue on to the fashion, I do have a handful of people to thank for my wonderful Christmas gifts! Santanna, Ema, Kodi, Tevin, Skyla, and even the random stranger who gifted me shoes…THANK YOU SO MUCH! The gift of friendship means so much more though. To my sissy Melly who sent me such a lovely card with photos tysm! To Ally, I may not have gotten your package yet but thank you in advance! I know you always give great gifts and I am sure turtle will love whatever you send anyways!

Ok now onto the fashion!! Deesses released this beautiful skin called Lorelay. It comes with two sets of lipsticks(dark and light). I have applied it onto the Slink Physique body in the shade Ice Frappe(so yes Deesses does appliers for Slink Physique).

There were loads of sales during the holidays so I went ahead and grabbed the gorgeous back necklace I am wearing from Maxi Gossamer. The hair I snatched up from Fameshed from Wasabi Pills, and the eyes are from The Sugar Garden which are also new that are winter inspired.

That is all for now I hope you all have a terrific day.

Oh and before I sign off, today is the last day for photo contest entries! Through the weekend we will be judging and the prizes will be sent. Good Luck to you all. This month we will not be having much going on but since February is mostly about Valentine’s Day, Skyla and I decided to do a random giveaway for a Maitreya Body for women/Gift Card for Men to Fatewear. How do you enter? Just be a part of the Done Wiv a Twist Group inworld and we will be using a random raffle generator. I will screen shoot the process and announce the winner in the group as well as the blog and FB page.

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Lorelay in Skin Tone #3 Ice Frappe-Deesses

Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body-Slink

Hair: Tiffany Mesh Hair in Blacks-Wasbai Pills @ Fameshed

Eyes: Snowfall Eyes in Dark Brown-The Sugar Garden

Makeup: Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Lorelay Lipstick in Candy Kiss(Dark Lipstick)-Deesses

Nails: Deco Tin Bluesilver for Slink-La Boheme

Jewelry: Tiffany Back Necklace


Nose Ring from the Ashira Teardrop Set-Maxi Gossamer

Dress: Mesh Dress Arabian Princess Green-Kelini

Pose: Mireia-Label Motion

Gotta Be More

Gotta Be More

Hey all! So while I kept it short yesterday, I have a bit of time to reflect today on things going on. I am thankful to Cassandra Rain of enVOGUE and Chani of Biscuit Clothing for accepting me as a blogger for their incredible work. I think I am more excited to blog for them because they are two upcoming designers in which I have faith that their products will continually get the attention they deserve! Also, the items are super affordable so yeah my friends and readers on a budget may just appreciate that!

Now, I want to talk about my RL just a bit because it goes with the title…I am to this point in my life where change will need to be in effect. Have you ever felt like that…like you just got too damn comfortable in your surroundings and well, it’s time to get up and do something about it? Mhm I am there! There has gotta be more than what I am offering in my own life right now, and I WILL find it. I’m not going anywhere no worries, but I am going to be doing a lot of searching lets put it like that.

Now, onto the FASHION! Biscuit has released a new dress with an amazing picture changing HUD. I chose this one in particular because it has a combo of things that my wifey and I enjoy. The cats, flowers, and colors! RAWR. I paired it with this well detailed tote bag also from Biscuit.

MUA released two new makeup sets in their mainstore. The one I decided to wear is called “Jeff”. It comes with a plum colored lip and dark colored lids. You can wear them together or separately.

Take care you all!

❤ Saxxy

Hair: Winx-Milk (Now known as Soonski)

Eyes: Hope Eyes in Silverleaf-Ikon

Makeup: Jeff Makeup Set-MUA

Accessories:  Moon Digital Alchemy Stacked Necklaces-Schadenfreude@Collabor88

Tan Tote Bag(RARE) 50l per play-Biscuit

Nails: Professional Nail Art “Nude Collection”-Angelica

Dress: Curdel Dress Box W/HUD-Biscuit

Shoes: Sally High Heel Brown-Bens Boutique

Poses: *Closing Time* A-Le Poppycock@The Chapter Four

Location: L’arc En Ciel

My Lil Cottontail

MUA 327 Collage

Hello everyone! today I am showing off more goodies from MUA. I am slowly becoming addicted to the nails from this place. If they aren’t in bloggers packs I will buy them. I am glad I met Avery as she is just as much as a slink nail hoarder as I am hehe. Also newly released are these beautiful bracelets from Earthstones specifically made for the casual and elegant slink styled hands. There are plenty of stones to choose from and of course a nice fatpack.

Ok now back to decorating I go. Love you all!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Adile in Naturals-LeLutka

Eyes: Spectral Eyes in Silverleaf-Ikon

Makeup: Estro Full Set-MUA

Nails: Slink Nails in Royal-MUA

Jewelry: True Hearts Necklace & Earrings-Maxi Gossamer

Zaia Bracelets in Casual Quartz-Earthstones

Bunneh: Spring Babes – Bunny(Snow)-Birdy@ The Chapter Four

Dress: lang.pink-Coldlogic

Shoes: Cuore Special Edition in White(colors were only available for the 21 shoe event)-N-core

The Color Green

Hello all, I decided to talk about the color green since it is most associated with being “lucky”. I have been doing some research and has found out the color green while pretty and is associated with pretty things like the rainbow, emeralds,shamrocks, and so on is not all that lucky. It is the Celtic color of death,leprechauns and faeries who were not always cute as depicted by modern society. The lucky color that was worn before was blue. It wasn’t until St. Patrick actually started wearing a three leaf clover to represent the Holy Trinity. From that point on green was worn in uniforms and was used to represent the holiday. Green in my opinion is still a beautiful color. It is the color of trees, some parts of the sea,gems, herbs,and so much more. So on a positive note, I am showing off the beautiful makeup set from MUA. It comes with the lip color, eyeshadow, and a clover. It is such a pretty set for any woman to wear to represent the holiday. Also, I have started buying jewelry from Ellabella. It is sometimes beautiful or cute, either way she makes awesome products! I joined her group and received this free Nuala group gift(the face jewelry and necklace). If you enjoy these type of jewels, please join the group cause it is free and it is def worth it!

Green Goddess Collage

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Anakoi(Asia) in Butterscotch-Pink Acid@ The Skin Fair

Hair: Harriet in Browns-Truth

Eyes: Maple Eye in Forest-The Skinnery

Makeup: St. Patrick Full Set-MUA

Tattoos: Mehndi Henna Tattoo 1_Sepia(for slink hands)-Greymoon@LOIF

Jewelry: Circlet,Lip Ring,Necklace(Nuala Group Gift)-ellabella

Dress(Comes with Bangles and Shawl): Titania-Luas

A Shimmering Star

A Shimmering Star

Hello everyone! Today has been just BLAH! Everyone in my household is sick and won’t be getting any better anytime soon. I will say I am smart for getting a pneumonia shot back in November, otherwise I would probably have it. I am trying to avoid any others from getting sick and from getting any other unnecessary germs myself so I am sporting a mask looking like a ninja and stuffs lol.

Today I am showing off a new shape from Panda Punx available @ Stuff in Stock called Delora. Twenty 13 released some mesh eyes and although these eyes were not in my bloggers pack, they were well worth buying to go along with this outfit. The eyes come in mesh and non mesh. They are available in fat packs and individually in a variety of colors. The rest of the details are available below. Thank you Avery for continuing to do a very good job on the blog and our new followers, a big thank you as well. We will be holding a bloggers contest next month so be on a look out for that!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Harley in Peach-Pink Fuel

Shape: Delora-Panda Punx@Stuff in Stock

Hair: New in Praline-LeLutka

Eyes: Reflections Mesh Eyes 06 in Latte-Twenty 13

Makeup:Black Eyeliner Series 5

Eyeliner Drama in Black

Eyeshadow Mystery in Yellow2- All three from MONS

Sugar Lips in Rose-Panda Punx@Thrift Shop

Jewelry: Ice Cream Necklace & Ring-Bens Beauty

Purse: Diana Satchel Right in Cream-Bens Beauty @ Fi Friday

Dress: Meline Belted Asymetrical Belt Dress in Powder White-Voxxi

Shoes: Stamped Pointed Platform in Sand-Cashmere & Keane

Sandman Was the Inspiration

Vest Dress_001

Hello all! Ok so most of you all know I have a pretend boyfriend on SL which of course is Sandman lol. Today I decided to see some of his work and what he does within SL when staying out of the drama filled scenes. He took me to a couple of places I fell in love with. I guess what we do have in common is the love for the tropical scenes. I am addicted to the look of SL water because for almost over a year I couldn’t see the sparkliness yes even if that isn’t a word, you know what I mean. We went on several of his boats, passed by a couple of airports, and I even got to ride on a train. Obviously I like stuff like this. In any case, we were looking at houses by the water(mainland houses) and I happened to spot this cozy looking home on the corner of the sim. I went back after a few hours to see if the owner was home, but nope they were not so I kinda trespassed and took this shot really quick lol. If this is your house I am truly sorry I became addicted to your home lol.

Today I am showing off this vest dress by Ducknipple. It is hud driven and looks of course well detailed. The necklace was brought at the Pure Poison sale(60 % off everything) I am not sure if it is still going on but well worth the look! Tattoo is by the beautiful Sandowl for Pimp My Shit. This was the first tat I ever brought from you! 😀 Last but not least, I know I do not give this woman as much credit as she needs, but I LOVE Pose+ivity poses! I use them all the time and should check out Fi Friday for her new Gaga poses.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

PS Sandman almost let me drown….the bastard! LOL

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Rosa BB-Mina Hair

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-Ikon

Makeup: Black Eyeliner 1-Pekka

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Glitter Pop Eshadow in Lavender Ocean-Mock Cosmetics

Glossy Lip Highlights 3D-Izzie’s

Tattoo: Butterfly2-Pimp My Shit

Jewelry: Jennie Necklace-Pure Poison

Nina bracelet & Pearl ring-Bens Beauty

Dress: Tied Vest-Ducknipple

Shoes: Donna in White-N-Core@Fameshed

Pose: Gaga 7-Pose+ivity@Fi Friday

Baby I’ll Rule the Galaxy

Hello all, today there are a few things I would like to show and explain for this blog. Here it goes….I would like to start off with the pose. This pose was asked to be used in a picture on the 14th but being that it is Valentine’s day there is a slim chance I will be blogging. I decided to do it early and explain to those not in the Image Essentials group and those in the group who may have missed it.

Lorde in Space

“On Valentine’s Day, 14th February, millions of people around the world converge to dance to end violence against women and girls.  One in Three will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.  That is 1 Billion Women.”

Kay wrote this in her notice and it is something I am strongly against as far as rape is concerned. The pose is called the “1 Billion” pose and is being asked to be worn and taken pictures with in support of this. You may join the Image Essentials group or even ask Kay Weston and I am sure she will more than happy to hand you the pose. It is full perm but not to be resold.

Next up is to help raise awareness for Autism. I will say I have no one in my family who has Autism, but I have volunteered my time to work with them and they are truly special! Below I will add more details on events and a penguinbeing sold in which all proceeds are being donated for the 4th Annual Autism Awareness Event.



Ok now onto the fashion! I have been accepted to blog for MUA(your Make Up Addiction) Thank you kindly! Today I am showing off one of her newest makeup sets called Oceane. It comes with the full face as shown here or the eyes or lips only versions. I thought it was a perfect look to go along with the Lorde inspired theme I have with the apparel. I couldn’t help but sing World Alone while blogging this. The top,skirt, and high shoes all reminded me of Lorde and I got to use the hair from Exile again. Woot!

Hope you all have a great day!

❤ Saxxy

Saxx is Wearing:

Skin: Harley in Peach-Pink Fuel

Hair: Baby I’ll Rule in Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Blush-Ikon

Makeup: MakeUp Set in Oceane-MUA

“Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Jewelry: Norah in Black-Mon Cheri

Top: Metallic Crop Top in Rock-Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88

Skirt: Comet Tail Skirt in Stars-Same place as the top.

Shoes: Space Shoes in Black-Same place as top and skirt.

Pose: “1 Billion”-Join Image Essentials or ask Kay Weston(finger is supposed be  pointing up silly me used the wrong slink hands 0_0)

I’m Back!!

First and foremost hello to the new and our dedicated viewers! I have missed blogging so much! While my computer was getting fixed, I have to say I needed that break! So many people literally were getting to me and when that starts to happen, well, I don’t need to be around it. Things happen for a reason, I believe my laptop getting repaired was a very good thing for me!

So while I was gone don’t think I wasn’t doing nothing lol. Thank you to the sponsors that didn’t kick my ass out of the group, I will be getting back to work in no time! I have a couple of new sponsors that you will see in upcoming blogs. The first one I am showing off some of their goodies! Twenty 13 has awesome clothes for both men and women. No better people to blog for than Braevin and Marrisa. These two are the epitome of love cause they stick it out and work it out no matter what happens and who tries to break them. Thank you for the opportunity to blog for you all 😀

I will also be showing off a new skin and shape from Panda Punx! Lluna welcome back hun and glad you are feeling better!

Last but not least thank you Skyla and Kodi for being there for me as my welcome back committee! I needed it more than you know. Plus, I got a phat azz today, blame it on Skyla! Mwahz to you all!
Red Twenty13

Saxxy is Wearing:

Shape: Briella

Skin: Briella {Crush}-Jack or Jill Hunt (Panda Punx)

Hair: Esperanza-Truth 

Eyes: Galaxy in Light Brown-The Sugar Garden

Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series in 4 & 5-MONS

Metallic Gloss in Blood-Buzzeri Cosmetics

Tattoos: Yahara-Your Cocain

Accessories: Anuttra Ring Set/earth metal-Mandala

Demi Clutch in Black Skull-Luas

Bangles in Black-Nikita

Apparel: Mesh Motive in Red-Twenty 13

Shoes: Ikela Limited Edition Boots in Onyx-Hucci

Talk is Cheap

Talk is Cheap

Hello all! I have been meaning to write this specific blog for a while. I decided to wait until I was caught up on some of my blogging. Most of you know my usual laptop I am using needs to get fixed so yes, my picture quality may not be the best on this computer, but I would hate to use the fact that my graphics aren’t great right now as an excuse to not blog. Just know I will try to get my laptop fixed as soon as possible so bear with me 🙂

Ok so before I pour my feelings all over this blog, I must make disclaimers. No one else on this blog is affiliated with this specific blog nor should it be used against them. I am writing this based on my own observations and a lot of bullshit occurring within Secondlife and FB. I will NOT sugarcoat nor accommodate to a specific party and will try to remain non bias. If this in any way offends you, come to the source, do not go to anyone else that writes on this blog. This blog will be pretty long so I suggest you grab a seat, some snacks, and a drink.

Talk is Cheap2

First and foremost I want to let people know to protect your information. Change your passwords not only on SL but to your email(s),Flickr,Skype,Oovoo,FB,Tumblr, Twitter, or whatever floats your boat to keep in contact with people. There is way too much hacking going on! Don’t ever doubt for a second that it will not happen to you. There are crazies out there willing to steal,hack,stalk, and basically try to ruin your life.

Next, all these designers going head to head with each other….could you please shut the fuck up! If you were all grown ups about this shit, it would have been squashed and blown over. Seriously, a teenage drama filled movie could have been made with all the drama that is occurring between designers. You should be uplifting and helping each other. Instead, you are getting people hacked, spreading or smearing shit all over social networks acting like acne infested teens with no life. One should not be fighting for success but spreading it, no other way to put that! What astounds me are those who keep at it and are over the age of 30. Sure age shouldn’t even come into play here because some people just never mature, but those with families in RL….go learn how to fucking make a dish or read a book to your kids. I have had a few of my friends leave SL because of how much it has changed with it’s drama and how everything has turned into some “celebrity” type thing. It is RIDICULOUS! Even the millionaires on SL don’t act like half of the ignorant assholes who think their shit doesn’t stink.

Tired of my rant yet? LOL too bad cause I am not done. Let us dwell into cyber bullying…yeah those of you who feel it’s so cool to bully people from behind your screen. I am not perfect, I have trolled and has been a bitch, but since being affiliated with certain folks on our blog, I have stopped. Not once have I used my computer to bully someone continuously though. First of all you are a fucking coward, secondly, the person who you think it is fun to pick on may actually go do something self inflicting, and finally I hope you get bit in the ass by karma. It isn’t cool and most likely you won’t say half the shit in person.

This will be dedicated to us bloggers….who actually do the work! Don’t think for a second that all bloggers want shit for free and that is it. Of course there are perks, but with it must come creativity and the ability to want to learn more to improve our skills. I have left some bloggers groups who thought all I wanted was free shit without asking me what was going on with my RL. Seriously I brought a brand new computer that was worth way more than I had ever received from certain people just so I could enjoy my gaming experience that much better and to take better pictures. I know a lot of people investing their RL money not just on lindens to accessorize your products, but to also improve their graphics, or buy a tablet to help them in PS, and to better themselves as a blogger. Skyla, Ema, and I have learned from scratch how to work certain programs. No we are not perfect but we work on our skills. Also, we get stressed, writers block, creativity blocks, and sometimes RL puts a burden as well. Bloggers are not robots, so a little consideration would be nice. For those who are doing it just for the free shit, fuck off for giving us a bad name..seriously, you are no better than a leech asking for lindens.

The last thing I would like to discuss are the people who can’t seem to be single. It is sickening. You go from one heartbreak into another person’s arms within days. What is so funny is that you have people believing you were the victim and “omg I fell in love!!” No bitch, that is lust. People don’t get over love that easily. I have learned that from the very experience I am dealing with now. I haven’t talked to my bf in over a month. It is hard especially when you were used to talking and texting that person everyday to nothing at all. No, he isn’t being a prick, he is in Afghanistan serving. If it wasn’t love I swear, I would have been like ” fuck this, I can’t handle it” but he is so worth the wait! Some of yall get partnered to mofos days after breaking up with someone. It makes you look a hot ass mess. I know life is short, but DAMN, not that short! Learn to love yourself for a fucking change and learn how to enjoy “you” time.

Ok there is my rant in a nutshell, the title is inspired by wonderful Christel Morane from the shirt I am wearing who is the epitome of a wonderful designer in SL. Nope, I’m not asskissing, just worked at DS and has blogged for her long enough to know she isn’t some stuck up snob. ❤ There is indeed fashion in the blog from Collabor88 and Latreia Footwear(the shoes are sooooo cute!!)  The details are down below. Smooches

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Ria in Sunkissed 05-Belleza@Collabor88

Hair: Gemma-Herve Faenzo @ Collabor88

Makeup: Gloss Lip 1 (included with Belleza skin)

Clothing:Boy Shorts in Pink(comes with phat azz appliers)


Destiny Top w/ Hud-Delirium Style

Shoes w/Legwarmers: Kawaii Sneak All Faces-Latreia Footwear