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Rain Rain Go Away

Rainy Day Collage

Yesterday was extremely busy for me! Not only did things kinda start off all over the place but it rained extremely hard and was super windy! So I was inspired to do this kinda gloomy and rainy blog 🙂 A few new things I will tell you all about.

First up is another skin from Panda Punx (Lluna frickin rocks!) it is called Ella and is in the Milk Tone. This skin will be available @ the OMG Room Event so yeah another event to check out if you are into the lighter shades for skins.

I was accepted to be a guest blogger for Miel poses (thank you) and the latest poses which are called [only forever] will be available for the Labyrinth Theme for the Serafilms Event. The poses have the glass ball included, I simply love this pose set!

I have on the newest set of nails from Bella Elephante called “Diamond Flowers”. The new set of nails may be found at the “Fit for a Princess” event.

All the credits and stuff can be found below

Have a great day! ❤

Skin: Ella in Milk Tone-Panda Punx @The OMG Room Event

Hair: Nanda in Ombres-Mina @The Dressing Room

Eyes: Mysteria Eyes in Nebula-Buzzeri

Makeup: Black Eyeliner 4-Pekka

Lipcolor is already on the skin

Accessories: Roses Crown in Lila/BPink-Glow Designs

Cruise Headchain/Pendant 3-Arise

Evana Earrings and Ring-Bens Beauty

Wrath Chest Piercing-Diamante

Nails: Diamond Flowers- Bella Elephante@Fit for a Princess Event

Hand Tattoos: Mehndi-Your Cocain

Dress: Cenedra in Black(Top and Skirt)-Luas

Poses: [Only Forever]- Miel @ The Seraflims Event

Look At Those Yummy Um…

Bodysuits!! Mhm yes hello everyone 😀 Sorry I have been slacking on blogging but RL has taken a toll on me these last couple of days. I am here though and I am getting my ass back to work on pictures and making outfits for this hunt that is filled with yummy items from awesome designers. I won’t be saying too much as I have plenty of details to give. Remember this hunt will not start until the 4th!

❤ you all!


Lick That Lolli Collage

Skin: Ria in Sunkissed-Belleza

Hair: April in Variety-Truth for Collabor88

Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Denim-Ikon

Makeup: Robin’s Egg Blue Glimmer Eyeshadow(group gift)-Mock Cosmetics

Kat Brows in Light Blonde-Soiree

Lip Glaze in Pink-Kokolores

Nails: Slink Nails in Hearts-MUA @ The Cosmetic Fair

Accessories: Sugar Barbed Wire-Fang Couture for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Jumbo Lolli in Pink-Arise for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Body Suit w/Stockings: Cotton Candy Bodysuit(comes with Lola,Phat Azz,Slink, and WowMeh appliers)-Bombshell for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Candy Swag Collage

I would have gotten on the horse but that thing is wild, I almost broke my va jay jay :O

Skin: Same as above(different windlights)

Hair: Quiet Afterthought in Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Galaxy Eyes in Silver-The Sugar Garden

Makeup: Robin’s Egg Blue Glimmer Eyeshadow(group gift)-Same as 1st picture

Kat Brows in Medium Brown-Soiree

Juicy Lips in Berry Tart-Panda Punx

Tattoo: Ciara-Your Cocain

Nails: Jewel Decora-The Sugar Garden

Accessories: Bottle Charm Necklace-Pink Fuel

Mesh SweetBag-Cutie Store for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Sticky Bling-Witches & Rats(W&R) for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Bodysuit: Melty Bodysuit(comes with tango and phatazz appliers)-Epic for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Shoes: Groupie Wedges Fatpack(Group Gift)-Reign

Get Ready for It

Cherry Blossoms Collage

Hello readers! So here is just a piece of what we have been working on 😀 We have decided to get a piece of land and dedicate it to our viewers and blog followers to take pretty pictures and stuffs. No it isn’t a huge sim cause we don’t have the funds but enough space and decor to look all nice 🙂

I am showing off a few new things. First up is this lovely gown that comes in several colors for only 75l from Voxxi. It has a no feet/feet alpha layer and I am totally digging the print.

Your Cocain has released a few new tattoos for Fi Friday. I am showing off the Lana and Compass Love. Lana is an arm tattoo of the incredibly sexy Lana Del Rey surrounded by flowers. Compass Love come with a slink applier and gloved versions for the hand. It looks a bit Henna inspired and exotic. Make sure to check out Fi Fridays for incredible deals.

As far as the land, it will be open to the public on Sunday, April 6th. LM will be given then. Please do NOT try and enter unless you are a guest blogger! You will be ejected :/ Enjoy!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Chika 4 in Black Amber-D!va

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Dune-Ikon

Makeup: A Little Drama in Smoke


Smudged Eyeliner (Teal)-Elymode

Glossy Lip Highlights 3D-Izzie’s

Tattoos: Lana & Compass Love-Your Cocain

Jewelry: 777 Jewelry Set-Mandala

Dress: Marisa Formal Dress in Blue-Voxxi

Poses: Sophia-Posetivity

In the Light

Pretty in Anitque_004

Good evening from my side of the world! I am soooo tired lol but I had to leave you all with a blog before I chillaxed with a glass of wine (yes I need one right about now!) Panda Punx is participating in the Womenstuff Megastuff Hunt that begins on Saturday and ends on the 31st. Available is this skin and shape called Keeley which comes with a garter set(not shown) and appliers. I love the color of the skin especially since it is almost time to be popping out those bikini’s to go beach hopping….WOOT! Make sure to look in the store for the gift.

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin & Shape: Keeley in Sunkissed-Panda Punx

Hair: Candy in Browns-Truth

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Dune-Ikon

Makeup: Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Glossy Lip Highlights 3D-Izzies

Tattoo: Slink Birds for Slink Hands-Your Cocain

Jewlery: Peace Pendant Necklace-Maxi Gossamer

TAKARA Bangle/Inca gold & Nail&Ring-Mandala

Clothing: Alice Top in Antique


Alice Skirt in Antique Photo-Apple May Designs

Being Me

Las Isles_002

Hello all and happy Friday! Today is the 7th so you know what that means right? Well if you don’t know the Thrift Shop and the With Love Fair are opening today and Collabor88 is opening tomorrow. Yes, lots of goodies to get! Today I wanted to show two different sides of me, the soft and the sexy! There is no telling what my mood is in at times, but that is one of the reasons I love SL so much. I can express myself through fashion! Onward with the details..

First up is the clothing. Topazia has seriously updated their stuff. I remember buying gowns from this woman when I found out about dancing in a classy environment.Now everything she does is mesh and the details are spectacular! I went out and brought one of her newest jumpsuits and Nathalia, you did an awesome job!! Next up is the shoes I am wearing along with the jumpsuit from N-core. These fab shoes can be found at Fameshed in an array of colors! The next picture focuses more on items you can find at the new round of Fi Friday. The colorful shorts,top, and shoes are all by Highrize and the smexy tattoo is from Your Cocain and reads “love ain’t shit” Hi5 for that! Enjoy your shopping 😀

❤ Saxxy

Bubble Gum Yum1

Saxxy is Wearing:

Pic #1

Hair: Slow Burnin Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-Ikon

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eyeshadow-Pink Acid

Ria SK Gloss Lip 1(comes with the Ria skin)-Belleza

Jewelry: Pearl Wisp Pearl Set-Yummy

Clothing: Daria Jumpsuit in Beige-Topazia

Shoes: Donna in White-N-Core @ Fameshed

Location: Las Isles

Pic #2

Hair: Gemma in Naturals-Faenzo

Eyes: Same as Pic 1

Makeup: Eyeshadow same as above

Fruitilicious Lip Gloss [My Bubblicious]-Mock Cosmetics

Tattoo: Lotus w/phat azz appliers-Your Cocain@ Fi Friday

Clothing: Tom Boy & Salvaged Denim in Kiss Me(with appliers)-Highrize@ Fi Friday

Shoes: Peeptoe Wedge in Kiss Me(must have high slink feet)-Same location as clothing

Smokin Tifa


Hey all, I am on a roll today evidently lol. Today I have had so much inspiration! The smallest things can inspire me at times 😀 I have been accepted to blog for Kaithleen’s, woot! I fell in love with her rompers from the Candy Fair, and checked out some of her items on Marketplace. She keeps things classy with a touch of sexiness and that is definitely more of my style! In any case for those of you who are thinking hmm….what exactly is she wearing? Well if you are familiar with Final Fantasy then you probably recognize the type of attire and the character Tifa.I added my own touches to her as she is not a blonde and is usually holding a weapon like a sword but meh :P. Tifa happens to be a very strong and independent woman and very good friend of Cloud Strife. I may lose you in the talks of this eco-terrorist protagonist so back to the fashion lol.

You can find this outfit in an array of colors by Kaithleen at the Thrift Shop starting on the 7th, so stack up your chips ladies and gentlemen, tons of great stuff to be brought.

Make sure to come check out Skyla at Jokers today @ 2pm SLT, she is sure to make you “Crisp” and “Moist” like a Rice Krispies treat dunked in milk you silly goose!

❤ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Where we Belong in Naturals-Exile

Makeup: My Goth Lip Gloss in Chrome


Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Tattoos: Henna & Henna 2(for Slink Feet)-Your Cocain

Accessories: Fearless Wrist & Ankle Cuffs-BOOM

Clothing: Tifa Final Fantasy Set-Kaithleen’s for the Thrift Shop

Feet: Mid Height Barefeet Feet-Slink

Love Can be Hazardous

Brown Crossings_001

Hello all, as you all know I can be slightly open with my life and that is what makes me so “lovable” as some have labeled me. I have told you all before that I had a bf that went to Afghanistan and was supposed to be back within a month. That didn’t happen and although I do not know what is going on, I couldn’t deal with crying almost every single night. I was not prepared for this at all. I think I would have been able to handle it if I knew this would happen or if he had mentally prepared me before he left. Either way, I sent an email disclosing exactly how I felt and how I felt that it was important for me to continue my life without him. I thought I could wait, I thought I had the patience, but I simply don’t. Either way, I feel as if I lost a potential soulmate, but if it is meant to be, it will happen.

Ok so onward with the fashion…I know I am slightly late at posting some of these things but hey I was gone for almost a month 🙂 I absolutely love these pants from Ducknipple. They have a HUD for color change and what is even better is that I didn’t have to kill myself trying to fit them in boots!Also wearing a new skin from Cashmere available at Fi Friday, the slink appliers and phat azz appliers are available as well. The rest of the fabulous details are below, and I hope you all have a spectacular day!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Giselle Skin(Light) SE-Cashmere @ Fi Friday

Hair: UDE609 hair black(hairbase is separate)-Boon

Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 in Pure Hazel-Ikon

Makeup: Glossy Pout  Lipsticks (bright) in Olive-Pink Fuel

“Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Black Eyeliners-4-Pekka

Tattoo: Stars1-Your Cocain




Apparel: Sweater Cross Mesh (HUD)-NS

Garde Pants w HUD-Ducknipple

Shoes: Meine Boots w HUD-Ducknipple

Location: Hazardous

I’m Back!!

First and foremost hello to the new and our dedicated viewers! I have missed blogging so much! While my computer was getting fixed, I have to say I needed that break! So many people literally were getting to me and when that starts to happen, well, I don’t need to be around it. Things happen for a reason, I believe my laptop getting repaired was a very good thing for me!

So while I was gone don’t think I wasn’t doing nothing lol. Thank you to the sponsors that didn’t kick my ass out of the group, I will be getting back to work in no time! I have a couple of new sponsors that you will see in upcoming blogs. The first one I am showing off some of their goodies! Twenty 13 has awesome clothes for both men and women. No better people to blog for than Braevin and Marrisa. These two are the epitome of love cause they stick it out and work it out no matter what happens and who tries to break them. Thank you for the opportunity to blog for you all 😀

I will also be showing off a new skin and shape from Panda Punx! Lluna welcome back hun and glad you are feeling better!

Last but not least thank you Skyla and Kodi for being there for me as my welcome back committee! I needed it more than you know. Plus, I got a phat azz today, blame it on Skyla! Mwahz to you all!
Red Twenty13

Saxxy is Wearing:

Shape: Briella

Skin: Briella {Crush}-Jack or Jill Hunt (Panda Punx)

Hair: Esperanza-Truth 

Eyes: Galaxy in Light Brown-The Sugar Garden

Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series in 4 & 5-MONS

Metallic Gloss in Blood-Buzzeri Cosmetics

Tattoos: Yahara-Your Cocain

Accessories: Anuttra Ring Set/earth metal-Mandala

Demi Clutch in Black Skull-Luas

Bangles in Black-Nikita

Apparel: Mesh Motive in Red-Twenty 13

Shoes: Ikela Limited Edition Boots in Onyx-Hucci

I Necessarily Don’t Really Need Outerwear

Hey all! I hope everyone is still keeping their sanity as the holidays are quickly approaching. I have been spending time with one of my best friends since he came from Michigan to Florida. I must say I have missed him and our random times together so much! I’m just happy I have spent this time away from the virtual world and my emotional issues I have been having, and having drinks and taking crazy pics and stuff together ❤

Today I am showcasing a new tattoo by Your Cocain as well as some awesome new shorts and boots from Ducknipple. I am a Floridian, we can still wear stuff like this lol. Winter is so half assed for us. I feel for those complaining about snow but hey, I want to make a snowman,go bobsledding,have snowball fights, and enjoy wearing a big coat and wearing cute winter clothing. The shorts and boots come with huds of course, and the boots are kinda unisex….just don’t play too much with the pink  you guys, I know I know, it is eye catching lol. This awesome tattoo goes from the thigh up to the shoulder. It is called Be My Flower and it comes with Phat Azz appliers. This can be found at the new round of Fi Friday later on when it opens. Anyways I hope you are all bundled up and to my Freckle Butt Skyla, feel better soon my dear!

❤ Saxxy

Floridians Don't Need Much Outerwear

Saxx is Wearing:

Hair: Casey in Night Shadow-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Brown-Ikon

Makeup: Liz Shadow in Smoked-Mock Cosmetics

Black Eyeliner #3-Pekka

Deja Lip Gloss and Teeth in Merlot-Pink Acid

Necklace: Multi-Cross Necklace (Basics)-Cute Poison

Tattoo: Be My Flower-Your Cocain for Fi Friday

Piercings: Apostate [Metal]-HV

Clothing: Hot Top in Black and Mini Jacket from the Lejnaura outfit-Delirium Style

Parton Shorts w/HUD-Ducknipple

Shoes: Meine Boots w/HUD-Ducknipple

Location: Image Essentials

Molly Goes to Town

Good evening as I am posting this later than expected, I have a few things to talk about and blog on today. I will start off with the general stuff. After the 22nd I will not be blogging until the 6th of January simply because I want to spend time with my family not only in RL but also in SL and take the time to spend time with those who I have not seen in a while. I will also be taking a trip to North Carolina at the end of the month and I will be there for a while meeting up with my boyfriend since he will be back from Afghanistan and spending time with my best friend and her family. I will let my sponsors know as well in world 🙂
Next up is my future endeavor with my fellow beaners(and no offense to the Hispanics but we aren’t offended therefore it’s what we call ourselves) Dovey, Santanna, and I will be starting a blog next year that will revolve around the Mexican Culture in one way or another. I suggest that if you get easily offended that you do NOT read it! We are very open minded individuals and if we are going to get hated upon our OWN blog, be prepared for a debate! We fight till the fideo comes squirming out, just saying!
 This will not only be RL but we will also incorporate SL. I will keep you all updated with that.
Today I am showing off the very cute and adorable dress called Molly. Comes with a color changing HUD and will be available at Strokerz Sexpo. I quickly want to thank Jaysee, Adrenalynn, Alliana, and Yasmin for pulling off such an awesome event last night! Winter Wonderland had no boring moments I swear! I have also been accepted to blog for Pose Me, so I definitely thought the poses from the Alexia Collection was most appropriate with this dress. Finally, I am showing off the 2nd tattoo released from Your Cocain available at Fi Friday called Virgin. The full tattoo is not being shown but there is more along the torso.
Last but not least I’m sharing some goodies below:
Badazzle is free to join all month and here are the perks:
12 days of Christmas begins…
– new releases daily
– random store credit
– free group join all month
– 250L in credit when you join
– 20% back on linden purchases w/ group
Sugar and Cyanide has a huge sale going on 😀 Click on the pics below for your ride

Sugar & Cyanide 80% off!!!

Pose+tivity is having a 50% off their pose packs and I will admit I own almost all of her poses so I suggest you check them out!

xmas sale
Artistry by E may not be accepting group members at the moment but she is still nice enough to set non group member stuff under the tree 😀

Artistry by ~ E ~ LOGO

I hope you all have a great day!
❤ Saxxy
Molly Collage
Saxxy is Wearing:
Hair: American Woman in Midnight-Exile
Eyes: Perspective Eyes in Oxidation-Ikon
Makeup: Glitter Pop EShadow in Silver Drought
Lipshine in Ruby Ruby-Mock Cosmetics
Accessories: Baroque Collier in Silver-LaGyo
Black Seam Tights w/ Slink Appliers-Cannibelle
Tattoo: Virgin-Your Cocain for Fi Friday
Dress: Molly-S&C for the Strokerz Sexpo Event(opens Dec 21st)
Shoes:  Hucci Kaedi Pumps in Midnight-Hucci
Poses: Alexia Poses-Pose Me
Location: Maveryck Breen