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Business in the Front…Party in the Back

Business in the Front...Party in the Back

Hey all! Early morning posting I know, but gotta catch up on le blogging. Biscuit has released this awesome dress. Yes, I think it’s awesome cause well it is called Serenity. I am sure it was NOT named after moi, but it certainly does compliment my style. It looks very professional in the front and has a sexy back opening with lace that can change its color with the use of the HUD. I used the necklace my wifey Ema gifted me from Mandala, makeup from Deesses, and hair from The Arcade (Spellbound).

More blogging will be done within the next few days..:D

❤ Saxxy

Skin: Ria in Sunkissed w/moles-Belleza

Hair: SweetDreams in Brunettes-Spellbound@The Arcade

Eyes: Natural(Hazel) in Medium(Free on MP)-Aveline

Makeup: Jouryonce Eyeshadow in Glam Touch & Lipstick in Mauve Sorbet-Deesses

Black Eyeliner Series 5-MONS

Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Nails: Slink Manicure in Merlot-Beauty By Alaska

Accessories: Necklace from the Legacy Elephant Set-Mandala

Girly Satchel in Black-Fashionably Dead

Dress: Serenity Dress-Biscuit

Shoes: Glitter Partition Pumps-Reign

Poses: Background Studio used@Image Essentials

Emerald Stars

Emerald Stones

Hello all I am back…I guess I am on a bit of a roll today because well the one thing I fear is disappointing my sponsors or falling behind on my blogging. This blog look is my favorite I have done in a while because it represents me and what I love to wear. At this round of Collabor 88 you can find a variation of gorgeous deep and light colored products and the theme is Spoopy Motel so expect some creepy stuff! Bella Elephante is participating at the Mystic Realm Faire and you can find these nails shown as well as makeup in which I am wearing the green eyeshadow from the Nightly Shadow pack there as well. Details are listed below and I hope you enjoy the colors surrounding me as well.

❤ Saxxy

Hair: The Beauty Hair in Brown Coffee-Olive

Eyes: Owls in Ash-S0ng

Makeup: Nightly Shadow in Green-Bella Elephante @ Mystic Realms Faire

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Smoothie LipColor in Burnt Umber-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Lux Set gold white-Glam Affair @ Collabor88

Nails: Vine-Bella Elephante@Mystic Realms Faire

Dress: Sweet Pleats Dress in Ivy-Fashionably Dead@Collabor88

Shoes: Zest Pumps in Brown-Maitreya @Collabor88

Every Inch of You Is Perfect from the Bottom to the Top

Today I decided to go for the selfie approach in SL. I guess in rl  I am not a selfie whore or whatever. It would be rather contradicting if I didn’t at least do the selfie poses in SL once since I blog and I take pics of my avi all the time lol.

Always Enough Time for a Selfie

Ducknipple is taking part of the event District 5 and this is one of the cute dresses that will be available for purchase. It comes with a color changing hud for the shirt part of the outfit.

Most of you know from FB I have a lot of stuff going on in RL but not enough to take a break again. I am trying to stay up to date as much as possible with blogging for now. We will be changing the land over to half of a homestead soon and will be closed for a few weeks to set up our new theme. We really hope you guys will enjoy it since all of the cozy holidays are around the corner. I can smell the pine cones and pumpkin pie already!

❤ Saxxy

Hair: Two Weeks no. 2-Little Bones @ The Chapter Four

Eyes: Crystal Eyes in Midnight-Buzzeri

Makeup: Eyeshadow BasicSparkles-MONS

Face Tattoo in Fraise(Black/White)-White Widow

Jewelry: Earrings from the Odyssey Jewelry Set-Zeus(Gold&Silver)-Mandala@Collabor88

Safari tribe ring-Ison

Nails:  Metals & Tips-ZOZ

Accessories: CallMe Bag in Black-Zenith

Keitai Flip Phone in Beary-san Black-The Sugar Garden

Hat comes with the dress below

Dress: Suspect Dress-Ducknipple @ District 5

Shoes: Space Shoes in Black-Fashionably Dead

Poses: Selfies-Mien Poses(comes with the phone that looks like an Iphone)

Location: L’arc en Ciel

District 5 Flyer 2014 v2

I had a dream so big and loud

Hey all, Hope you all having a good sunday!.. Iam still sick but much better than i was.. i can function now, just about haha.. I finally got into C88 and like i said usually with C88 I can wait / take it or leave it, iam same with most events, i hate the mad rush like it will be there all month most things.. i dont care if iam not the first to have it, cause if i really want it i will get it eventually, but i did love the theme of c88 this round, so i did finally get there, and if i hadn’t been sick would prob been sooner..

Hope you like the look i know there is alot of posts like this out there right now but this is just my spin i guess 😛

Hopefully be back soon and back into the swing of things now ♥

I had a dream so big and loud

Hair:  D424 hair / maroon&darksalmon *gradient * Tram Collabor88
Necklace: Mary necklace (swallows and anchor) Silver LaGyo Collabor88
Earrings: Mary earrings Pack Silver (3 options w hud) LaGyo Collabor88
Top: Spring Plunge Corset – Cream Fashionably Dead  @ Collabor88
Pants:  Skinny Pants Dust SaltSuicide Dollz
Shoes: Pinup Peep – Red Hucci Collabor88
Pet: Poodle Pet – Rose MishMishCollabor88

Location: The Trace

I Tend to Dine Alone

Dining Alone

Hello all! Today while I was snapping pics, I was remembering when I lived in Texas how alone I felt at times. True, I had met people at my place of employment, but afterwards I pretty much had dinner alone or ate at restaurants alone. Eventually I got used to it and I had to stop the feeling of wanting someone with me all the time as if I had emotional attachment issues. So standing in front of empty chairs gave me a quick nostalgic feeling.

Kaithleen’s will be a part of the Fashionart Event starting tomorrow @ 12 pmslt. This lovely ensemble (high waisted pants and sleeveless top) will be available in several colors.

I got a chance to slip into Collabor88 and snatched up a few cute things. This really adorable huggable poodle and pink polka dot heels are just a few things from Collabor with the theme being Milkshakes & Turntables.

Panda Punx has released a new skin for the Feebs Rascal Salesroom called Mai Per Voi(Light Skin) It runs until June 1st, make sure to check it out cause you never know what deals you may encounter.

Have a great evening ❤


Skin: Mai Per Voi(Light Skin)-Panda Punx for Feebs Rascal Showroom

Hair: Wine For TDR 4th Anniversery-Loq @ The Dressing Room

Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 in Pale Hazel-Ikon

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Lipstick Cosmo-01(Aria)-Glam Affair

Accessories: Diane Frames in Black-Yummy

Anabella Ring-Bens Beauty

Poodle to hug in Cream-Mish Mish for Collabor88

Girly Satchel in Black-Fashionably Dead

Clothing: High Waist Pants w Sleeveless Top in Pink-Kaithleen’s for the Fashionart Event

Shoes: Pink Polka Dot GooGoo Muck Heels-Schadenfreude for Collabor88

Poses: GAME-Marukin for Collabor88

So What, Who Cares?

…..that you have more lindens,gacha items,friends,a history,or the willpower to keep fighting? I have been dealing with so much drama and I am simply sick of it. I don’t know how many times I have to throw my hands up in the air to show I am truly done with the reoccurring drama. I just want to move on! It obviously isn’t going to get better, we will never be able to trust again. There is no point in hurting each other anymore. It was never my initial intention. Just ya know go away. It is truly sad to see how the people who took years to create great friendships with go away within the matter of seconds, hours, or days.

I am happy that I was able to get away from it all and spend time with my family. I think that is what people fail to realize that sometimes you just need to step back, turn your computer off and enjoy a good book, movie, meal, or just time to clear your head. I did just that and feel ten times better!

Who Cares_002

I do apologize for the absence of my blogging. Computer issues arise and ya know, ya kinda have to deal with the issues of that. But here I am showing off this dress with a HUD from Delirium Style that will be available@ The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair starting on the 29th running until April 11th. You may find more info here:


❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Maiko in Red1/Silver(comes with detachable headphones)-Truth@ The Arcade Gacha

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Galaxy Lips in Black(Free Makeup Pack)-Nar Mattaru@The Skin Fair

Cigarette: Diamond Vape Cig – RARE-{XO}@The LOIF

Jewelry: Swell Watch Set in Silver-7891

Purity – Black & Silver Leather Bangles-Diamante

Dress: Grunge Dress w.HUD and Collar-Delirium Style @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair(coming soon)

Shoes: Space Shoes in Black-Fashionably Dead

Location: Virtual Decay

Pose: Henley Pack-Posetivity@Fi Friday

PS: I have made my Flickr private due to unnecessary cyberbullying. Aint nobody got time to be trolling the work of other people so doing it to me makes it no different.

Getting Down to Business

Lets Get Down to Business

Hello readers! Today I am showing off a few more goodies from Collabor88 and a new group gift from Panda Punx. The March group gift is called Hera {Story}. I only have eyelashes on. The makeup on the skin is naturally pretty. Felt like wearing these shoes today from The Secret Store and pairing it with a blazer,trousers, and some pearls. I am so excited for my upcoming project with the ladies I love very much in SL. It is very close…cannot wait to share with you all! I know I promised a contest this month but it will have to be postponed due to this upcoming project and the whole Arcade Gacha ordeal lol. Hugs!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: March Group Gift Hera {Story}-Panda Punx

Hair: Slow Burn-Exile

Eyes: Spectral Eyes in Silverleaf-Ikon

Lashes: Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Accessories: Phone 5 Black-ZULU

Pearl Wisp Earrings-Yummy

Knotted Shimmer Pearls-Maxi Gossamer

Girly Satchel in Taupe-Fashionably Dead

Clothing: Blazer in Cranberry-Tres Blah@Collabor88

Mika High Waisted Trousers in Cobalt-Baiastice@Collabor88

Womens Plain Tees in White-SS

Shoes: Oxford Heels in Navy-The Secret Store@Collabor88

Love in Despair

SN Sweet and Sexy_001

Hello all. Well today was extremely busy for me, but at least it was well worth it! I would like to welcome Avery as another guest blogger for us! If she remains dedicated, we will add her to the blog along with Skyla and I. This girl is def a sweetheart and she has a LOT of potential to do more, we can sense it! So ty for asking to blog with us and welcome aboard again!

Today I am showing off a pose from Something New. While it is called Sweet and Sexy, I wanted to change the feel of it a bit. As I continue to blog, I continue to toy around with windlights and stuff. I think the picture represents my own love life. I was left sitting in the dark with only shears of light breaking through. While Valentine’s Day is approaching, people are scrambling trying to find themselves a Valentine’s date or someone special to share it with. I look at Valentine’s Day as a holiday for love. It doesn’t necessarily need to be spent with a partner because true loves can come in other forms like friendships and family. Although I do not have a V-Day date best believe I have the best person to spend that day with, which is my son whom completes me in more ways that I would have ever imagined.

SN Sweet and Sexy_006

Close Up

I am also showing off slink tattoos from PMS called Hearts (Pimp My Shit<<awesome name btw). They are available for the hands and feet and can be found at the Thrift Shop.

I hope you all enjoy your evenings/mornings!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Quiet Afterthought in Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Blush-Ikon

Makeup: Harley Lipstick in Cherry-Pink Fuel

Glitter Pop Eshadow in Ashen Bark-Mock Cosmetics

Tattoos: Heart Slinks-PMS @The Thrift Shop

Dress: Sweater Dress-Fashionably Dead

Shoes: Oria Sandal in True Love-Hucci

Prop: Sweet and Sexy-Something New

Baby I’ll Rule the Galaxy

Hello all, today there are a few things I would like to show and explain for this blog. Here it goes….I would like to start off with the pose. This pose was asked to be used in a picture on the 14th but being that it is Valentine’s day there is a slim chance I will be blogging. I decided to do it early and explain to those not in the Image Essentials group and those in the group who may have missed it.

Lorde in Space

“On Valentine’s Day, 14th February, millions of people around the world converge to dance to end violence against women and girls.  One in Three will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.  That is 1 Billion Women.”

Kay wrote this in her notice and it is something I am strongly against as far as rape is concerned. The pose is called the “1 Billion” pose and is being asked to be worn and taken pictures with in support of this. You may join the Image Essentials group or even ask Kay Weston and I am sure she will more than happy to hand you the pose. It is full perm but not to be resold.

Next up is to help raise awareness for Autism. I will say I have no one in my family who has Autism, but I have volunteered my time to work with them and they are truly special! Below I will add more details on events and a penguinbeing sold in which all proceeds are being donated for the 4th Annual Autism Awareness Event.



Ok now onto the fashion! I have been accepted to blog for MUA(your Make Up Addiction) Thank you kindly! Today I am showing off one of her newest makeup sets called Oceane. It comes with the full face as shown here or the eyes or lips only versions. I thought it was a perfect look to go along with the Lorde inspired theme I have with the apparel. I couldn’t help but sing World Alone while blogging this. The top,skirt, and high shoes all reminded me of Lorde and I got to use the hair from Exile again. Woot!

Hope you all have a great day!

❤ Saxxy

Saxx is Wearing:

Skin: Harley in Peach-Pink Fuel

Hair: Baby I’ll Rule in Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Blush-Ikon

Makeup: MakeUp Set in Oceane-MUA

“Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Jewelry: Norah in Black-Mon Cheri

Top: Metallic Crop Top in Rock-Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88

Skirt: Comet Tail Skirt in Stars-Same place as the top.

Shoes: Space Shoes in Black-Same place as top and skirt.

Pose: “1 Billion”-Join Image Essentials or ask Kay Weston(finger is supposed be  pointing up silly me used the wrong slink hands 0_0)