Talk is Cheap

Talk is Cheap

Hello all! I have been meaning to write this specific blog for a while. I decided to wait until I was caught up on some of my blogging. Most of you know my usual laptop I am using needs to get fixed so yes, my picture quality may not be the best on this computer, but I would hate to use the fact that my graphics aren’t great right now as an excuse to not blog. Just know I will try to get my laptop fixed as soon as possible so bear with me 🙂

Ok so before I pour my feelings all over this blog, I must make disclaimers. No one else on this blog is affiliated with this specific blog nor should it be used against them. I am writing this based on my own observations and a lot of bullshit occurring within Secondlife and FB. I will NOT sugarcoat nor accommodate to a specific party and will try to remain non bias. If this in any way offends you, come to the source, do not go to anyone else that writes on this blog. This blog will be pretty long so I suggest you grab a seat, some snacks, and a drink.

Talk is Cheap2

First and foremost I want to let people know to protect your information. Change your passwords not only on SL but to your email(s),Flickr,Skype,Oovoo,FB,Tumblr, Twitter, or whatever floats your boat to keep in contact with people. There is way too much hacking going on! Don’t ever doubt for a second that it will not happen to you. There are crazies out there willing to steal,hack,stalk, and basically try to ruin your life.

Next, all these designers going head to head with each other….could you please shut the fuck up! If you were all grown ups about this shit, it would have been squashed and blown over. Seriously, a teenage drama filled movie could have been made with all the drama that is occurring between designers. You should be uplifting and helping each other. Instead, you are getting people hacked, spreading or smearing shit all over social networks acting like acne infested teens with no life. One should not be fighting for success but spreading it, no other way to put that! What astounds me are those who keep at it and are over the age of 30. Sure age shouldn’t even come into play here because some people just never mature, but those with families in RL….go learn how to fucking make a dish or read a book to your kids. I have had a few of my friends leave SL because of how much it has changed with it’s drama and how everything has turned into some “celebrity” type thing. It is RIDICULOUS! Even the millionaires on SL don’t act like half of the ignorant assholes who think their shit doesn’t stink.

Tired of my rant yet? LOL too bad cause I am not done. Let us dwell into cyber bullying…yeah those of you who feel it’s so cool to bully people from behind your screen. I am not perfect, I have trolled and has been a bitch, but since being affiliated with certain folks on our blog, I have stopped. Not once have I used my computer to bully someone continuously though. First of all you are a fucking coward, secondly, the person who you think it is fun to pick on may actually go do something self inflicting, and finally I hope you get bit in the ass by karma. It isn’t cool and most likely you won’t say half the shit in person.

This will be dedicated to us bloggers….who actually do the work! Don’t think for a second that all bloggers want shit for free and that is it. Of course there are perks, but with it must come creativity and the ability to want to learn more to improve our skills. I have left some bloggers groups who thought all I wanted was free shit without asking me what was going on with my RL. Seriously I brought a brand new computer that was worth way more than I had ever received from certain people just so I could enjoy my gaming experience that much better and to take better pictures. I know a lot of people investing their RL money not just on lindens to accessorize your products, but to also improve their graphics, or buy a tablet to help them in PS, and to better themselves as a blogger. Skyla, Ema, and I have learned from scratch how to work certain programs. No we are not perfect but we work on our skills. Also, we get stressed, writers block, creativity blocks, and sometimes RL puts a burden as well. Bloggers are not robots, so a little consideration would be nice. For those who are doing it just for the free shit, fuck off for giving us a bad name..seriously, you are no better than a leech asking for lindens.

The last thing I would like to discuss are the people who can’t seem to be single. It is sickening. You go from one heartbreak into another person’s arms within days. What is so funny is that you have people believing you were the victim and “omg I fell in love!!” No bitch, that is lust. People don’t get over love that easily. I have learned that from the very experience I am dealing with now. I haven’t talked to my bf in over a month. It is hard especially when you were used to talking and texting that person everyday to nothing at all. No, he isn’t being a prick, he is in Afghanistan serving. If it wasn’t love I swear, I would have been like ” fuck this, I can’t handle it” but he is so worth the wait! Some of yall get partnered to mofos days after breaking up with someone. It makes you look a hot ass mess. I know life is short, but DAMN, not that short! Learn to love yourself for a fucking change and learn how to enjoy “you” time.

Ok there is my rant in a nutshell, the title is inspired by wonderful Christel Morane from the shirt I am wearing who is the epitome of a wonderful designer in SL. Nope, I’m not asskissing, just worked at DS and has blogged for her long enough to know she isn’t some stuck up snob. ❤ There is indeed fashion in the blog from Collabor88 and Latreia Footwear(the shoes are sooooo cute!!)  The details are down below. Smooches

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Ria in Sunkissed 05-Belleza@Collabor88

Hair: Gemma-Herve Faenzo @ Collabor88

Makeup: Gloss Lip 1 (included with Belleza skin)

Clothing:Boy Shorts in Pink(comes with phat azz appliers)


Destiny Top w/ Hud-Delirium Style

Shoes w/Legwarmers: Kawaii Sneak All Faces-Latreia Footwear

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