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What’s new Pussycat!

What's new Pussycat!

Hair: Dancing on my own 8. Ice blondes Exile  @ The Arcade
Rose – Desert Rose Glam Affair (Fifty Linden Fridays)
Freckles: Face & Chest Hiatus @ Gacha Mania (Sept 15th)
Top: Mischief Sweaters – Meow Aphrodisiac @ Thrift Shop
Bebe Skirt Black American Bazzar @ Swag Fest
Cotton Meow Bag RARE   L’Douce Push @ Gacha Mania (Sept 15th)
Allure Heels- Black Reign

Girls Chase Boys

Yes, that song by Ingrid Michaelson has been stuck in my head it is kind of addicting. Talking about addictions, the Thrift Shop is back and a few of these items will be found there.

Girls Chase Boys

Twenty 13 and Something New are participating in the Thrift Shop and Ally has released a few hand poses (which are excellent for showing off nails and jewelry on the wrists and fingers). She has also released a few other poses so make sure to stop by her setup! Twenty 13 released unisex pants and yes I am rocking them with one of the newest releases from Delirium Style. The pants and the jacket comes with different versions (DS has a hud and this item is not at the Thrift Shop). In any case, make sure when you go check Ally’s stuff, make a way over to Twenty 13 cause I know you want to 😛

I know I have been slow on blogging and I could give you the reasons but they will only sound like excuses so please bear with me as I am trying to get on SL and focus more 🙂

Love ya all! ❤ Saxxy

Hair: Devinna-Truth

Eyes: Hope Eyes in Silverleaf(NEW)-Ikon

Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series & Eyeshadow BasicSparkles in Black-Mons

Lip Shine Basics in Cherry-Pink Acid @ Swag Fest

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Genetics Hairbase in Blacks-Modish

Ears: Unisex Steking Ears-Mandala

Jewelry: Unisex Gunmetal Necklace Black-Cold Ambitionz @ Swag Fest

Edge Rings-Diamante

Nails: Skull 01-Twenty 13

Clothing: CaliforniaGirl Jacket w.HUD-Delirium Style

Dilemma Unisex Jeans in Black Plain-Twenty 13 @the Thrift Shop

Dog: Chi Chi Chihuahua – Spike – White-Birdy

Shoes: Outsiders – Studded White Platform – RARE-Flite @the The Arcade

Poses: Mirror My Hands-Something New @ the Thrift Shop

Somewhere in my dreams…

Hey all.. Bit of different kinda picture today, i like to express my moods sometimes though art i guess, I know am not one to talk alot of personal stuff on here or in general really, i tend to keep my emotions to myself words wise, but recently i have a certain issue in my life and i guess last night it took its toll on me, and i proper cried lol.. let it all out..  but i feel better now, and you know a good cry can bring some clarity sometimes, so i got it out my system, and i’m ready to carry on.. No whining from me! Just time to regroup and carry on!  Enjoy the picture it has more personal meaning i guess.. but i have cute clothes too! haha ♥

Somewhere in my dreams...

Hair: Road Magika
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel @ Futurewave
Earrings: Feather 2 Gacha Tabou Irresistible
Tattoo 1: Dreamcatcher SLink hand Taox
Tattoo 2: Heart Slinks Feet PMS  @ Thrift Shop
Top: Sweet-Top Lace Michigan A&C @ Fi*Friday
Pants: Bell Bottom Jeans Insight @ SL Fashion week
Companions: The Fate Companions Wimey @ The Genre

Location: Annwn Willows 

A Shimmering Star

A Shimmering Star

Hello everyone! Today has been just BLAH! Everyone in my household is sick and won’t be getting any better anytime soon. I will say I am smart for getting a pneumonia shot back in November, otherwise I would probably have it. I am trying to avoid any others from getting sick and from getting any other unnecessary germs myself so I am sporting a mask looking like a ninja and stuffs lol.

Today I am showing off a new shape from Panda Punx available @ Stuff in Stock called Delora. Twenty 13 released some mesh eyes and although these eyes were not in my bloggers pack, they were well worth buying to go along with this outfit. The eyes come in mesh and non mesh. They are available in fat packs and individually in a variety of colors. The rest of the details are available below. Thank you Avery for continuing to do a very good job on the blog and our new followers, a big thank you as well. We will be holding a bloggers contest next month so be on a look out for that!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Harley in Peach-Pink Fuel

Shape: Delora-Panda Punx@Stuff in Stock

Hair: New in Praline-LeLutka

Eyes: Reflections Mesh Eyes 06 in Latte-Twenty 13

Makeup:Black Eyeliner Series 5

Eyeliner Drama in Black

Eyeshadow Mystery in Yellow2- All three from MONS

Sugar Lips in Rose-Panda Punx@Thrift Shop

Jewelry: Ice Cream Necklace & Ring-Bens Beauty

Purse: Diana Satchel Right in Cream-Bens Beauty @ Fi Friday

Dress: Meline Belted Asymetrical Belt Dress in Powder White-Voxxi

Shoes: Stamped Pointed Platform in Sand-Cashmere & Keane

Hey brother, there’s an endless road to re-discover

Wow what a busy day but i want to get this post out cause I haven’t posted for a couple days for one and secondly bodify opens its doors for its February round today and i had to show you just some of the awesomeness available!  lol I gotta be quick so enjoy i will be back soon ❤

Hey brother, there’s an endless road to re-discover

Hair: Mori Lcky @ The Big Show
Make up: Margot Glam Affair
Tattoo: She’s a Tiger Tattoo Sourires @ Bodify
Mouthie: Love bites Bubblefish @ Pre-Release Gacha Garden
Nails: Change Of Heart Elephante Poses @ With Love Fair
Collar: The Collar V1 SaltBodify
Top: Parade jacket black Social VintageBodify
Skirt: Tart Skirt Religion Static Bodify
Socks: Royale leggings Mustache Stickyz Bodify
Bows: Foot bow / White Babydoll @ Thrift Shop


Cleopatra Dress_001

So Snow Martiel released these dresses and I am like sooooooo in love with them. I chose the black and gold out of three other options because of course black is sexy. The style of the dress is different than the usuals out there and damnit it’s just an all around smexy ass dress. Make sure to check out Bens Beauty for the awesome jewels and beautiful clothing!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Kate Hair in Dark Brunettes pack-LeLutka

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Pixie Shadow in Gold-Buzzeri & Nox

Glossy Lip Highlights-Izzie’s

Jewlery: Evana Ring-Bens Beauty

Dress: Cleopatra Dress in Black-Bens Beauty

Shoes: Desire in Black-N-core

Poses: Erina Pose + mirrored-Ilaya@ the Thrift Shop

Location: FotoScope

Whoa! She’s Blonde ?!

Pretty in Pink Collage

Not the first time this has happened, but it is the first time that nothing looks like the original Saxx. Skyla tells me I am brave to have done this, but, if it hadn’t been for Lluna and her no mods on her shapes, I would have stayed in this comfort zone. So I thank you Lluna! 

In other news, there are rumors going around….ok maybe not yet, but soon there will be of Sandman and I hooking up last night. Well it is definitely true. Want the juicy details?? Sorry, you can’t have them..mwahaha! Lets say he has been observing this girl for a long time lurking in the corners of Voice Geek and yes that is some stalker type of shit but hey, I guess we are all a little weird. Anywho, maybe in the future we will elope to Jamaica on one of his many planes *shrugs*

Onwards to the fashion, Panda Punx has this porcelain skin and shape available at Feebs Rascals. It comes with the pink glossy lips and is adorable. Delirium Style has released new stuffage as well! The jacket and pants are a great duo together or can be worn separately whatever floats your boat.

Have a wonderful Saturday all!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin & Shape: Hartlyn {Sweet Kisses} Porcelain Skin-Panda Punx @ Feebs Rascals

Hair: Katie in Blondes-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Love Vision Eyes-Modish @ the With Love Fair

Makeup: Black eyeliner series-5-MONS

Glitter Pop Eshadow in Silver Drought-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Birdy Necklace (silver)-[Glow] Studio@ The Dressing Room

Jacket & Pants(shoes included): Fur Hoodie 15 & Pony Girl Pants-Delirium Style

Poses: Nichole 1 & 6-Pose+ivity@Thrift Shop

Smokin Tifa


Hey all, I am on a roll today evidently lol. Today I have had so much inspiration! The smallest things can inspire me at times 😀 I have been accepted to blog for Kaithleen’s, woot! I fell in love with her rompers from the Candy Fair, and checked out some of her items on Marketplace. She keeps things classy with a touch of sexiness and that is definitely more of my style! In any case for those of you who are thinking hmm….what exactly is she wearing? Well if you are familiar with Final Fantasy then you probably recognize the type of attire and the character Tifa.I added my own touches to her as she is not a blonde and is usually holding a weapon like a sword but meh :P. Tifa happens to be a very strong and independent woman and very good friend of Cloud Strife. I may lose you in the talks of this eco-terrorist protagonist so back to the fashion lol.

You can find this outfit in an array of colors by Kaithleen at the Thrift Shop starting on the 7th, so stack up your chips ladies and gentlemen, tons of great stuff to be brought.

Make sure to come check out Skyla at Jokers today @ 2pm SLT, she is sure to make you “Crisp” and “Moist” like a Rice Krispies treat dunked in milk you silly goose!

❤ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Where we Belong in Naturals-Exile

Makeup: My Goth Lip Gloss in Chrome


Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Tattoos: Henna & Henna 2(for Slink Feet)-Your Cocain

Accessories: Fearless Wrist & Ankle Cuffs-BOOM

Clothing: Tifa Final Fantasy Set-Kaithleen’s for the Thrift Shop

Feet: Mid Height Barefeet Feet-Slink


Hey all!

SOoooo i’m super excited to show this top, like really, I just brought this top in RL and posted on fb, and the lovely Sand – PMS owner.. made it for me!! and even better its now for sale for you guys along with a ton of other styles to pick from!
The Jeans are for the new Thrift Shop round coming soon they will be half price and come with phat azz appliers and lots of color options! 😀


Hair: Right though you Exile
Tattoo: Bulletproof Pimp my shit (PMS) @ Jack and Jill Hunt
Top: #Selfie Pimp my shit (PMS)
Jeans: Eve Britches Dark Grey Cynful @ Thrift Shop (coming soon)
Pet: Devil Baby 7 D-Lab
Pose: looking forward 3 Elephante Poses VIP GIFT