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I been slightly MIA for numerous reasons, but i could never leave completely.. lol
Me and Hubby both had a flu for 2 weeks that just wouldn’t pee off so just coming out the other end of that now, kinda of made me lose my flow a bit so bare with me as i get it back I been in this outfit about a week attempted to blog it numerous times so finally got there haha – plus there has been real things going on, and i ain’t gonna lie new wow expansions when i did have free time that was distracting me away! but iam here now and i plan if nothing comes up to catch up this week! so enjoy i will be back soon!


Hair: Oracle Little Bones @ C88
Lips:  Julie lipsticks 9 Rare Deeses @ Gacha Mania
Ring: Dainty ring diamond black Luxe @ Sad November
Top:  Megan Sweatshirt Insight 
Pants: Tamed Leggings Forever Young @ Cirque de Seraphim
Boots: Maggie.Boots (Oil) Fri. @ C88

Poses: Rumi 6 & Mimi 6 Kirin
Location: Virtual Decay


Hello all,  I was about to write happy sunday, iam a day ahead of myself lol.. prob cause iam the tinyest bit hungover.. not too abd though just tired, i didnt drink too much only a couple of beers, lol.. I dont drink very often these days though.. sooo Happy Saturday!! Thrift Shop opens tomorrow (Sunday) lots of bits from there ♥


Hair: Serenity Spellbound
Hat: Graffiti Hat (Full Hud RARE) Pimp My Shit @ The Thrift Shop
Glasses: Aviator Glasses (Full Hud RARE) Pimp My Shit  @ The Thrift Shop
Ring:  Dime Store Diamond Rings Gacha (Silver RARE) Forever Young @ The Thrift Shop
Tattoo:  Skeleton Tattoo Pimp My Shit  @ The Thrift Shop
Top: Lana Short Top Black (with Lola Appliers) Insight
Pants: Acid Wash Jeggins (wowmeh, tango, slink, azz) Forever Young @ The Thrift Shop
Shoes: Frey very high Bow Heels Black Cheeky @ Fi Friday

Pose 1: Glam 6 Elephante Poses
Pose 2: Handy 11 Infiniti

Location: Virtual Decay

I feel like a rebel

Hey all,  Happy Friday!! .. Hope you are looking forward to your weekend, The weather has been quite warm here in the UK today which is so goood!! Makes me think of Summer, I love heat! .. Lots of cuteness to show you as always, being brief as i have to make the hubby’s dinner haha.. but enjoy and be back soon Skyla ♥

I feel like a rebel

Hair: Jupiter Milk Hair @ Kustom9
Earring: Vo Horn Earrings XIAJ
Tattoo: A Touch of Red Tattoo Elegant.Filth @ The Ho Depot
Top: Half Tucked Tank Top Social Vintage @ Bodify
Pants: Karma Leather Leggings Social Vintage Bodify
Shoes: Mikhala – Studded Pumps Kink @ The Ho Depot

Pose: Glam Elephante Poses (May Group Gift)
** Free for //elephante poses// VIP Group members. 1 time 300L group fee to join.

Location: Virtual Decay

Say what you want about me

Hey all, Happy Monday! I’m excited this week, not only should my next computer arrive this week, i’m going to visit my goddaughters at the weekend who i haven’t seen in almost a year now, luckily i’m feeling alot better after recently beening a bit ill, The doctor was worried it was my appendix. lol it wasn’t with some antibiotics later and things to look forward too.. i feel better than i have in a while..

Did you know She & Him is back! Its on now so make sure you go check it out!

All deets below ♥

Say what you want about me

Hair: Sunday Spellbound
Earrings/Necklace: Shiny Cross Bens Beauty @ Fi*Friday
Tops: Lulu Top Skulls Le Forme @ She & Him
Shorts: B Boop Shorts Suicidal Unborn
Stocking: Sheer Socks Cross Tartcake
Shoes: Cluber Black Candy Doll

Pose: For the First time Elephante Poses @ The Pose Fair

Location: Virtual Decay

So What, Who Cares?

…..that you have more lindens,gacha items,friends,a history,or the willpower to keep fighting? I have been dealing with so much drama and I am simply sick of it. I don’t know how many times I have to throw my hands up in the air to show I am truly done with the reoccurring drama. I just want to move on! It obviously isn’t going to get better, we will never be able to trust again. There is no point in hurting each other anymore. It was never my initial intention. Just ya know go away. It is truly sad to see how the people who took years to create great friendships with go away within the matter of seconds, hours, or days.

I am happy that I was able to get away from it all and spend time with my family. I think that is what people fail to realize that sometimes you just need to step back, turn your computer off and enjoy a good book, movie, meal, or just time to clear your head. I did just that and feel ten times better!

Who Cares_002

I do apologize for the absence of my blogging. Computer issues arise and ya know, ya kinda have to deal with the issues of that. But here I am showing off this dress with a HUD from Delirium Style that will be available@ The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair starting on the 29th running until April 11th. You may find more info here:


❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Maiko in Red1/Silver(comes with detachable headphones)-Truth@ The Arcade Gacha

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Galaxy Lips in Black(Free Makeup Pack)-Nar Mattaru@The Skin Fair

Cigarette: Diamond Vape Cig – RARE-{XO}@The LOIF

Jewelry: Swell Watch Set in Silver-7891

Purity – Black & Silver Leather Bangles-Diamante

Dress: Grunge Dress w.HUD and Collar-Delirium Style @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair(coming soon)

Shoes: Space Shoes in Black-Fashionably Dead

Location: Virtual Decay

Pose: Henley Pack-Posetivity@Fi Friday

PS: I have made my Flickr private due to unnecessary cyberbullying. Aint nobody got time to be trolling the work of other people so doing it to me makes it no different.

Let’s cause a riot

Hey, Two posts in one day, you lucky people haha.. this is my comeback look from my last post, always come back fighting no bitch keeping me down..! rofl so this top and pants i adore, i would 100% wear these pants in rl haha.. They are both are fi*friday, I’m bit late getting this post out but its open for a few more hours today so get ur butts there, if your reading after the store LMs are also included so hopefully you can find there! much loves enjoy ur night ❤

Let's cause a riot

Hair: Hair 27 Eaters coma
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel Futurewave
Top: Nicky Top  Le Forme  @ Fi*Friday
Pants: Relic Trousers Cashmere & Keane @ Fi*Friday
Shoes: Flite
Location: Virtual Decay

Dark Horse

Hey all

I managed to get into the Project limited last night, lucky on my last try i was about to give up.. lol.. I got a couple of things.. but had to blind buy rofl as it never rezzed to me, today i just have the gloves on i got they are so cute, there is versions with cross and other little pictures at the top of them, these are the plain ones!

Bodify is also open for it new round, the top from pretty liar and cute little boobie add on from Geek! ..

All deets are below ❤

Dark Horse

Hair: Female Trouble Clawtooth @ C88
Skin: Harley Pink Fuel
Make up: Pink Acid

Top: Peek-A-Halter Black Pretty Liar @ Bodify
Pants: Leather Leggings White Sassy @ The Azz show
Gloves: Symbolic Fingerless Gloves Plain Utopiah @ Project limited
Shoes: Corporals Black LowRiders FLite

Necklace: Chained Link Necklace Black Glam AffairC88
Boobie add on: DigiGeek Stash Girly BV GeekBodify
Tattoo 1: Small Cross Corvus
Tattoo 2: Hipz Lipz Stickyz @ Suicide Dollz

Killer Curves 3 Demise of Flight

Virtual Decay