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Spring is Coming

Spring is Coming

Hey all quick post before bed. Not very talkative as I am a bit drained right now. Will probably be back tomorrow loves. Huggies and good night from Florida!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Oz. in Brunette Tones-!Oleander@N21

Eyes: Illusion Mesh Eyes 06 in Latte-Twenty13

Makeup: Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Wet Eyeliner 006-Whatever

MakeUp Set in Contouring Blush-MUA

Glossy Lip Highlights-Izzie’s

Nails: Spring Nails-Deesses@Gacha Mania

Jewelry: Unicorn Cameo Necklace and Ring-Yummy

Clothing: {Rosey Posey} Set 3-.Atomic.@N21

Shoes: Esme Flats in Dove-Ingenue

Poses and Props: Pose 5 from the Katia Pose Set-MUA

Spring Babes – Lamb – Vanilla-Birdy/Alchemy

Pose 7 from the Head & Heads Pose Set-Izzie’s

Location: L’arc en Ciel

Trick or Treat

Purple Bruises

It is one day closer to dressing my little one like a Ninja Turtle, to baking those chocolate cupcakes that can melt my baby turtle’s heart(my kiddo), and that much more closer to knocking on random stranger’s doors to ask for a few pieces of candy….and even some fruit? I thought that was pretty funny and smart btw! As I am trying to eat healthy as well, giving out fruit and veggies instead of candy is a sweet gesture. Although kids won’t take it for how it is, I do really appreciate healthy approaches on a holiday filled with sweet goodies and gluttony goodness.

Today I am blogging on a few items from the Urban United Halloween Blackout Event and the Mystic Realms Faire. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

❤ Saxxy

Hair: Taryn Hair in Tease-Twenty13 @ UUHBE

Eyes: Clarity Eyes in Yellow-La Petite Morte(gift)@The Seasons Story

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Intence Face Tattoo(Face 02)-Delirium Style

Glossy Pout Lipstick <Deep> Plum-Pink Fuel

Nails: Pandora Blackout Gacha Nails # 1-::Toxxic::@UUHBE

Accessories: Intence Choker W/Hud-Delirium Style

Pearl Bat Ring/Purple-The Little Bat@UUHBE

Pandora Tricky Treat Buckets Gray(common)-::Toxxic::@UUHBE

 Dress: Creeper Dress in Purple-Vengeful Threads@Mystic Realms Faire

Shoes: Thigh High Boots in Black Snake-Maitreya

Poses: Momo Pose Pack(gift)-Kirin Poses@The Seasons Story

Location: Done Wiv a Twist

Go F#** Yourself

Go F Yourself Collage

Ok ok not literally, don’t run …please come back lol. Anyways we all have those days you know, dealing with the struggles of life and the people who you wish would disappear for a bit. So yeah, it is no surprise that my sissy Ally would make this great pose with the saying of “Go F#ck Yourself” as a prop on the hand. Thank you Ally, I so needed this in my SL life.

Oh btw hai everyone hehe, I have some other new stuffs that you may enjoy! I am so in LOVE with these outfits from Twenty13! They are just right for Spring and the upcoming Summer season. There are of course different patterns available in different colors. They are layered tanks and shorts with mesh and fitted mesh options. Ok now these outfits are exclusives for a very important cause called the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Event  that will be taking place on the 28th of April until the 5th of May. I will share the link where you may find more information from down below:


Up next is the ring I am wearing that will be part of the Oh! Like Blah Gotta Gatcha Event from Pimp My Shit. There are different patterns and the Rare will be the ring that has a HUD included. This event starts on the 25th and ends on the 11th of May, so get ready all you gacha lovers!

Finally, you wanna blow bubbles? I know you do cause they are little pieces of magic so yeah make sure you check out Tea.s @ the Pose Fair for cute poses and props!

Have a great evening/morning!

❤ Saxxy

Hair: UDE609 hair black/chocolate/purple(hairbase is sold seperately)-Boon

Ears: Steking Ears-Mandala

Makeup: Northern Lights Shadow in Greyscale-Buzzeri

Kat Eyebrows in Ebony-Soiree

Creme Lips in Doll Pink-Pink Acid

Tattoo: Japanese Tiger Tattoo-Paperbag@The Cosmetic Fair

Nails: Slink Pearl Nails-Izzie’s @ The Dressing Room

Jewelry: Steampunk/Punk Ring-PMS @ the Oh! Like Blah Gotta Gatcha Event(won’t be open until the 25th)

Ankle Bracelet in Silver-BabyDoll

Clothing: It’s Summer-Twenty13 @ the EB Event(opens the 28th)

Poses & Props: Talk to the Hand-Something New

Blowing Bubbles (Single Pose Prop)-Tea.s@the Pose Fair

I Gacha Attention

Irish Beanie Collage

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Well lent is in affect for me and I have decided to give up chicken and red meat. I swear I could eat a huge frickin burger right now! LOL. Anyways this post isn’t about my hunger pains, I wanted to show off these Beanies from Twenty 13 that are male and female friendly that are Irish themed for St Patrick’s Day. There are four commons and two rares available @ 50l per play for those gacha lovers out there. Good luck!<<Get it?! Yeah I know I’m a bit corny 😛

Also available are the hand tattoos for slink hands from Your Cocain available at the new and redecorated Fi Fridays called Love.

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Beanies: Mesh Beanies(in gacha)-Twenty13

Hair: Closer in Red Eye Flight-Clawtooth

Eyes: Striking Eyes in Olive-Dead Apples @ The Mens Department

Makeup: Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Eyeshadow Mystery in Green & Black Eyeliner Series-MONS

Nails: St Paddy Day Nail Hud-Soul Designs

Face Shamrock: Clover Face Jewel-American Beagle Outfitters

Tattoos: Love (for Slink Hands)-Your Cocain@Fi Fridays

Tops: St Patricks Day Mesh Four Pack-ItsJami

Pants: Sexy Sweats in Lucky-Eyelure

Poses: Nana Poses-Kirin

Hotmess Event, Lots of giveaways @ The Jokers Playhouse

Hello all

Soooo today i’m going to tell you about all about the awesome Hotmess event happening @ The Joker’s Playhouse today, There is a ton of giveaways from this list of designers.. and gifties under the tree for you to pick up!
 sugar n cyanide
 barely legal couture
 Belle Poses
 PMS (pimp my shit)
Not only that there is a raffle, everyone who enters the club will be entered for a lifetime of  -|d.l.z|- how cool is that!
So things kick of at 10am with yours truly myself.. lol then carries on all day! .. The main theme being hot mess.. but at 4pm when DJ viper himself takes the stream it will be the winter prom theme.. ofc keeping with hotmess as well.. prom dresses and combat boots?! lol..

Hot Mess Event @ The Joker's Playhouse

Quotes I Love

Quotes Collage 1

Ok so this has a funny storyline behind it….my gorgeous friend Ally was showing off a shirt with the quote “Sometimes I miss being friends, but then I remember you’re a bitch” seriously I think all of us need a shirt like this O_O I know at least once we have been backstabbed or trampled on by so called friends so that is why I frickin love this top from twenty13 with a hud that changes not only colors but also quotes in which are funny as hell! I will type every saying just in case you cannot see the lettering on the tops lol. They go as follows:

1. Sometimes I Miss Being Friends But Then I Remember You’re A Bitch

2. I Have A Blow Dryer That is Hotter Than That Nasty Bitch

3. Hey Cuntmuffin Go Climb In Your Douche Canoe Then Cry Me a River  & Float The Fuck Away

4. Some People Need to Be Dipped in Vagisil Then They Won’t Be Such Irritating Twats

5. Fancy A Cup Of Tea My Dear? Now Go Find Your Own Damn Man! You Dirty Nasty Bitch!

6. Bitch, Pull The Tampon Out Of Your Ass & Quit Being A Fucking Cunt

So yes these quotes are not child friendly but hey, we need to remind those irritating snorklefucks out there that fit in these categories.. and why not on a shirt 😛

Quotes Collage 2

In other news, Latreia Footwear has released some bomb ass roller blades in which I had fun playing with the color changing hud! It also comes with a skating animation, so grab a pair, and go have some fun inworld!

Ally has released a few new poses as well that I incorporatedin the collages. The middle pictures are part of the All about Bitches pose group 😀

Have a great day or evening where ever you all are!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Hair 12 in Blacks-.eep

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Platinum-Ikon

Makeup:  “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Subtle Lipgloss in Natural-Pink Acid

 Isla Lipstick in Crimson-League

Tattoo: Yahara-Your Cocain

Jewelry: Hoop Mesh Bracelets-Bens Beauty

Clothing:  Ladies Mesh Candy Top(Quotes)-twenty13

Blood Splatter Leggings-Q

Cotton Leggings Pack-Luas Urban Style

Shoes:  High Roller Solid w/ HUD-Latreia Footwear

Poses: All About Bitches-Something New

Location: Image Essentials