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The Past —

Is in the past! Let it gooooooo let it goooo ~~~ Well – yes I bought Frozen, and saw it for the first time yesterday. I LOVE IT. I should get everyone together, just to hear me sing this song. Oh my god, my boyfriend is going to kill me if I sing it again. Anyway! I have a short one today because I was struggling with firestorm. Is anyone else having problems? Oh well – Today I bring to you GLOW designs, and their Harker dress, which I really like the texture on and the colors. I also decided to wear flats (I know, what a damn change) – but they are beautiful and LVLE is the best. I also have on a headband and arm cuffs from LUAS ( this also comes with a belt ).


Dress: .:GD:. Harker Blouson Dress @ .:Glow DesiIgns:.
Flats: [LVLE] – Pointed Flats – Black @ [LVLE]
Nails: -{ZOZ}- Floral Etch Elegant Polish (Slinks) @ -{ZOZ}-
Lips: .:Panda Punx:. Juicy Lips {Caramel Apple} @ .:Panda Punx:.
Eyes: Madrid Solo- Eyes & Lips- Seductress  Silver Eye Cosmetic @ The Skin Fair
Hair: >TRUTH< Brandy – strawberry @ @ Truth!

Kamila All Dressed Up

Hello all!! So last night after coming home from a tiring day, I logged into SL and found out I was accepted by Panda Punx to blog for them. Thank you for accepting me! Yes as much as I was tired, I was pretty frickin stoked! I will admit I am not the best when it comes to all these fancy tricks on photoshop, but I do NOT and will NOT ever photoshop the crap out of something. I like to show off the product for what it is without the tricks and gimmicks. Of course I edit my avatar and little small errors here and there, but that’s cause I want my avi to be all pretty and stuffs lol. With just a little bit of lighting and shadows, what you see is basically what you will get. Eventually I may get a tablet to make things easier to do, but for now I am pretty content. So thanks to those who like my work despite my little skills I have in photoshop 😛

Love Bait Red Collage

So today I am showing off a new shape, skin, and a couple of beautiful dresses. The shape and skin are called Kamila in bronze and can be found at Room 69. I did apply other makeup over the skin, so I will leave a screen shot of the original skin look here: http://gyazo.com/d73a18c676964f2cbdf819ebf658e410. Also pictured is a lip color from the Luscious Kisses Collection available at Stuff in Stock for Round 2.

The two dresses pictured are simply GORGEOUS and can be found at the Fi Friday Frost Fair. They come with appliers for tango’s and phat azzes. Everything at the event is no more than 100l so make sure to check it out!

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

❤ Saxxy

Love Bait Nude Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Collage One:

Skin & Shape: Kamila {Electric} Bronze and Shape-Panda Punx @ Room 69

Hair: Vanessa in Black-Burley

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon @Fameshed

Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series 5-MONS @ the Dressing Room

Pixie Shadow in Silver-Buzzeri Cosmetics

Isla Lipstick in Crimson Dark-League

Jewelry: Nina Pearl and Heart ring in Silver-Bens Beauty

Thank You Earrings in Tahitan Black Pearl/Silver(gift)-Earthstones

Dress: Love Bait Dress in Red-{U.R.} @ Fi Friday Frost Fair

Shoes: Leather T-Bar Pumps in Black(must have medium feet from slink)-Belgrave

Collage Two:

Skin,Shape, and Eyes same as above

Hair: Qopi in Browns-Truth Hair

Makeup: Eyeliner same as above

Northern Lights Shadow in Gold-Buzzeri

Luscious Lips -4 (Luscious Kisses Lipstick Collection)-Panda Punx @ Stuff in Stock

Jewelry: Classic Pearls Ring and Bracelet(Free on MP)-Lazuri

Dress: Love Bait in Nude-{U.R} for Fi Friday Frost Fair

Shoes: Yilan Sandals in Nude(Must have Slink Feet)-Hucci

Almost Time to Say Goodbye

Good evening or morning to you all! I would first like to thank everyone who have followed us for as long as we started blogging!  To our new followers, a sincere and warm welcome. This year has definitely had it’s up and downs! I think it has been a learning experience to find out who will be there for you, who sincerely loves you, and to find out who are selfish enough to break my heart or hurt others. To those whom have hurt me, I will simply leave you with this…I have found happiness within myself, I have picked myself and my bruised heart off the floor, and in the end, I found solace within myself again and the comfort and love from dear friends, family, and my wonderful boyfriend. So I guess I owe you the biggest thank you, since you made my skin that much thicker as the year progressed. Before I continue on to the fashion and home part of this blog, I would like to personally thank my blog partner Skyla(cause I cannot thank you enough) for continuing this blog with me. I love you beyond belief woman! Since the last blog of the year will be tomorrow, I would like to personally thank my sponsors for believing in my work and giving me guidance along the way. I promise I always find ways to be better than before 🙂

Ok enough of the tear jerking stuff, I am just a grateful person. I will be showing off the latest clothing by Delirium Style and the latest little cottage by Trompe available at Collabor88 (Cory was a bit late). It is all good cause she has these cute little houses for only 88l each! Frickin awesome! I love decorating homes and such and I decided to have a nice evening setting withing these photos. The jacket and pants from Delirium style are of course, awesome!! The jacket comes with a hud to change the inner shirt and you also have the option to take off the shirt. Next up is my skin from Hush. If you are not already part of the group, you SHOULD JOIN! She is not only giving her monthly gift which is the skin I am wearing in these photos, but she has a nice little gift under her tree in the entrance of the store and I’m not telling what it is 😛 I have taken a close up of the skin to see how it looks without makeup. It has berry like tinted lips and cute little freckles. I hope you all like it and until tomorrow, huggles!

❤ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: X3 Holiday Skin-Shiver in Cream(group gift)-Hush Skins

Hair: Storm in Black and Whites-Truth Hair

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Platinum-Ikon

Makeup: Liz Shadow in Smoked-Mock Cosmetics

Collagen V3 in Sky(group gift pack)-Pink Acid 

This makeup was only worn in pic 1

Earrings: Snowflake Earrings (group gift)-Pure Poison

My little pet: My Lil Fawn in Toffee(part of the Inspiration Point Hunt)

Clothing: Studded Jacket 3


Slim Jeans in Dark Grey-Delirium Style

Shoes: Allison Boots in Soot-Fri.

Poses: Pose 1 & 3 from the Sadie Pose Collection-Pose Me

Trompe Loeil Willoughby Lakehouse in Cool for Collabor88

Cool House_011
Cool House_003
Cool House_006
Cool House_008
Cool House_009

The Red Nose Reindeer

Hello all!!! Yus I have missed you all!!!! I didn’t have my main laptop for a couple of days and damn near died lol. I have so much to catch up on with blogging so you may get sick of me after a while lol.

I wanted to start off with this cute outfit by Sugar and Cyanide for the Lubbly Jubblies event. It comes with the dress, antlers, and red nose that has a slight glow. Sooooo cute 😀

I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your Friday, the beginning of your Saturdays as well!

❤ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Crys in Espresso-Truth

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Brown-Ikon

Makeup: “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Isla Lipstick in Crimson-League

Jewelry: Jillian Earrings (group gift)-Artistry by E

Clothing:Rudolph Sweater Dress(comes with Antlers and Nose)-S&C for Lubbly Jubblies

Merino Leggings in Long Taupe-League

Shoes: Cozy Boots in Red-*katat0nik* for Collabor88

A Chouchou Affair

Hello all 😀 Lately I have been doing a lot of sponsor work, so today I decided to take a break and wanted to blog on a few things that I like or love. First up would have to be with my ever growing obsession with Chouchou. Juliet has this voice of an angel! It is so soft and angelic while Arabesque plays the piano and other things in the background, They are a match made in heaven musically! If many do not know who or what Chouchou is, it is a Japanese duo that created Chouchou within secondlife. They had three sims(one closed on November 30th :/) but I actually thought they only had 1 O_O Then while looking up the Ave Maria song from Chouchou I then found out they have a sim right next to each other except the one I have taken pictures of, was like a gateway to heaven …just GORGEOUS!

For the picture of myself, I used my normal Firestorm viewer. For the pictures of the building itself, I decided to try out the new Secondlife “Interesting Viewer” which can be found here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers


What I can say are some of the perks to using this viewer is that a lot of buildings, walls, and other things render much faster instead of having to wait patiently for everything to rez. I will not go on too much about it as everyone has their own opinion on viewers as well as uses different graphic settings. I will say this much though, I will use it from time to time. I tend to love Firestorm way too much though.

Emerald Love

Last but not least, I decided to show off some of the advent gifts that Endra has been passing out to her group. Although group is closed until after the holidays and Endra doesn’t want me to blog group gifts, lets just say I had a special reason to today. If you are not in the group she is still putting gifts under the tree cause ya know, she is awesome like that! The tiara and earrings are just a few things, but I love the colors she chose specifically for the Christmas holiday! I hope you all have enjoyed my ramblings, and until next time, much love from this chica.

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Colbie-Truth Hair

Eyes: Dolly Eyes in Light Amber-Buzzeri

Makeup: Metallic Gloss in Blood


Gel Liner in Emerald-Buzzeri

Jewelry: The Desiree Tiara and Earrings in Holiday 1(group gifts)-Artistry by E

Dress: Satin Gown Grace in Green-Price Tag

Location: Memento Mori , Chouchou V

Ave Maria Being Performed @ Memento Mori

Trust No Bitch

Hello all! Today I decided to dress it down a bit. I am showing off some newness from The Hype. The beanie, cropped tee, and skirt come in a variety of colors, there are different sayings, and the cropped tees come with tango appliers.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!

❤ Saxxy

Boo Whore Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Kenzie in Night-Truth

Eyes: Dolly Eyes in Winter-Buzzeri

Makeup: Pixie Shadow in Lilac


Gel Liner in Purple-Buzzeri

Anna Lips & Teeth in Pop Pink-Pink Acid for Fi Fridays

Accessories: Trust No Bitch Beanie-The Hype

Partygurl Bangles-AlterEgo

Clothing: Boo You Whore Tee


P U N K Y Pink Skirt-The Hype

Shoes: Black Combat Boots-Corvus for Fi Friday

Overloaded on Trenchcoats

Trenchcoat Closeup_004

Hello all! I am so glad to be back as I was busy with the Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas shopping, as well as my boyfriend deploying to Afghanistan ;( It has been one heck of an emotional rollercoaster, but I know he will be keeping up with the blog so I will be extra mushy this month not only because of him, just the holidays in general have that effect on me. Ok lets move nto the good stuff!!

Ok so I decided to show off some trenchcoats and from SLX, Ducknipple, and Sugar and Cyanide. I LOVE trenchcoats, I just wish I had a reason to wear the only one I have in RL in Florida. It hardly ever gets trenchcoat cold, but this is why I have SL 😀 All of these coats are amazing in detail and are hud driven or available in different colors. Your Cocain has released another awesome edition to her slink tattoo collection, it is called Heart and is adorable! There have been some amazing black friday sales and if I wasn’t so busy Christmas shopping yesterday, I would have posted them here so I apologize not only to you all, but my sponsors as well. RL was calling and I needed to get stuff done. Truth also released this awesome group gift, I LOVE THIS HAIR!! LOL, it is amazing and came in the variety pack! In any case, I hope all of our viewers had a safe and awesome holiday. Keep a lookout on advent calendar stuffage and before I forget, if you all like Alterego, her membership to join is now free (normally 500l) 😀

❤ Saxxy

trenchcoat collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Fernanda(group gift) –Truth Hair

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Light Verdigris-Ikon

Makeup: Indigos Marooned Green Winterberry-Mock Cosmetics

Isla lipstick in Crimson(pic three only)-League

Accessories: Glam Cluth Dead Girl(pic 2)-Delirium Style

Classic Pearls stud Earrings(free on mp)-Lazuri

Teeth and Tongue Piercing-Deetalez (cause I was eyeing this on Val, you sexy beast lol)

Tattoo: Heart (for slink hands)-Your Cocain

Clothing: Carissa Trenchcoat in Tan w/gold spikes(pic 1)-Sugar and Cyanide

Winter Outfit(includes jacket,jeans,necklace,and shoes)(pic 2)-SLX

Potlood Jacket w/HUD(pic 3)-Duckipple

Shoes: Tottori Boots in Corner Red(pic 3)-Hucci for Collabor88

Ikela Boots in Onyx(pic 1)-Hucci

Gala in My Garden

This last post for tonight will be kept short and simple 🙂 Delirium Style released this super comfy and cute sweater dress that has a belt attached. A hud is also available with the dress to meet your color scheming needs, from the collar, belt,trim, and the dress itself. Enjoy!

❤ Saxxy

Gala Sweater_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Crys in Crow-Truth Hair

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-Ikon

Makeup: Silver Elegance(group gift)


Caramel Lip Jelle-Mock Cosmetics

Accessories: Earrings from the LUX Eclat Set-**RE**

Messenger Bag-HOC

Dress: Gala Cozy Dress w.HUD/Solid-Delirium Style

Boots: Tottori Boots in Carafe-Hucci for Collabor88

Comfy Time

I will not make this a long post, but Kat just released this adorable outfit for Badazzle, so I had to finish the evening off with something like this. It comes with appliers for the boobies and phat azz lovers, a hoodie(with bunneh ears not shown, but they are cuteeeee), jeans, and legwarmers. Once again, I took another shot at this amazing sim in which Jeff was such a nice person! Glad to have met an owner there, I will provide the lm again down below! I wish you all a great evening from Florida!

❤ Saxxy

Comfy Shirt_001

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Teddy in Reds-Truth

Eyes: Maple Eyes in Forest-The Skinnery

Makeup: Tribalesque Shadows in Innocense-Paperbag

Naturally Lippy Lipstick in Ebony Nude-Pink Acid for Fi Friday

Jewelry: Hoop Mesh Bracelets in Silver-Bens Beauty

Tattoo: Yahara-Your Cocain

Clothing: Comfy Weather-Badazzle Designs

Location: Jeff and Sofia’s Paradise

Gone With the Wind

Wacko Jacket_002

Hello all, no I will not break out into song hence the name of this blog, but I do have some goodies to share with you all! I have a few new items from Ducknipple and Delirium Style so lets get the ball rolling…

Ducknipple released this awesome studded jacket with a tee inside that is interchangeable as well as the color of the studs. The Beanster also released these awesome leather pants. I love the look of the skirt and pants combined effect they have. These also come with a color changing hud.

Delirium Style released this adorable jumpsuit in an array of colors with a color changing hud for the corset. Along with the jumpsuit comes tango appliers for those who wear them.

I hope you all have a great day! I don’t know if I will be posting anything else between today and tomorrow, but if not, I will see you all again next week after Thursday the 21st!

❤ Saxxy

Rust Jumpsuit

         Saxxy is Wearing Pic 1:

Hair: Harley in Black and Whites-Truth

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Brown-Ikon

Makeup: Lae’s Cabaret Makeover


Vitrail Lip Glass in Black Licorice-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Black Ice Earrings(previous group gift)-Chop Zuey

Heavy Spikes Necklace in Black-Bens Beauty

Clothing: Wacko Jacket w/ Hud

Rabella Pants w/Hud-Ducknipple

Shoes: Raven-Maitreya Gold

         Saxxy is Wearing Pic 2:

Hair: Sarah Mesh Hair in Wild Honey-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-Ikon

Makeup: Lucid Copper Nights-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Urvi Earrings in Gold-Zaara

Clothing: Izaza Jumpsuit and Corset in Rust-Delirium Style

Feet: Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged-Slink