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Join Me for Breakfast?

Join Me for a Country Breakfast

Hello viewers. I would like to say from the bottom of my heart that I appreciate every one of you who have visited the sim. I hope you have enjoyed it thus far! Today I am blogging on a dress that will be available at the Vintage Cool Fair from Delirium Style starting on October 10th. This dress is available in several colors and I think it is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much Chrissy! I would also like to thank Louine Dover for sending me a fatpack of these shoes from Girlicious. They are on the mp for a promo price of 150 lindens and come with color/pattern changing huds(high slink feet). Finally, I used poses from Eleutheria called 0001. I can describe these poses to be sophisticated with a little flair. Please keep in mind that when I blog poses that I may not blog all of them in the pack so please demo them if  possible.

I am thinking about doing a photo contest….as a matter of fact I think I WILL hold one for land pics. Ok so here are the prizes and rules:

1. Take a snapshot of your favorite part of the sim.

2. Submit your picture to our Flickr group and label it DWAT photo contest.

3. Pictures have to be submitted by the 3rd of October and winners will be announced on the 4th of October

It is just that simple! I will ask three non owners of the sim to judge as this will eliminate any bias towards the winner.

Prizes are as follow:

1st place Winner:1000l

2nd Place Winner:500l

3rd Place Winner: 250l gift card to Truth Hair

Anyways pass this on if you must!

❤ Saxxy

Hair: D424 hair in brown-Tram

Eyes: Hope Eyes in Rustic-Ikon

Makeup: Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Basically Olive and Chelsea Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Momento Locket

Pearl Cuff from the Jennifer Pearl Set


Pearl Wisp Earrings from the Pearl Wisp set in white-All accessories from Yummy

Dress: My Vintage Dress 07-Delirium Style @ The Vintage Cool Fair (not open yet)

Shoes:  Natasha Heels-*+*Girlicious*+*

Poses: 0001-Eleutheria

Done Wiv a Twist Estate

Cherry Lemonade

Cherry Lemonade

Hello beautiful people! I have missed you all! I am slowly getting back to blogging again cause well I have been feeling drained emotionally, mentally, and physically! Floridian weather is no joke I swear I have water upon water stacked up in my house. Aside from that I enjoyed my Mother’s Day and the party I threw my kiddo. He doesn’t even realize when he smiles how much it means to me. 🙂

Okies so a few things I am blogging on today! Cold Ambitionz was invited to be a part of The Dressing Room. I was stoked! I know Mery doesn’t know me other than on FB but I have seen her go hard on her creations. I had to go show my support and yes these dresses are fricking cuuute and come in two other colors. Make sure to check out the newest round!

Bella Elephante has released more of her cute nails. I have used the Blossom nails in this post and will be posting another blog on her other set and perhaps this one again with better details on the nails. Make sure to go check them out 😀

Image Essentials I have not blogged on for a while but no I did NOT forget about my super crazy yet talented Kay and her amazing products. I sincerely suggest you check out not just her works but she has updated her studios for the public use. The sim is also available to the public for photography and since the sim runs on donations, please show her some love cause well she deserves it! In this blog I have used some of her poses from the Accessorise 1 pack that will be available @ the Fashionart event. There is another pack available so do not get them confused. These poses are excellent for showing off those beautiful or cute accessories.

Ok folks I need to get myself into bed to watch a movie or something to relax before bed!

Enjoy! ❤ Saxxy

Hair: D428 hair in Brown-Tram @ Collabor88

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Light Mint-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeliner Royal in Brown-MONS@The Dressing Room

Twinkle Shadow in Gold-Buzzeri

Glossy Lip Highlights-Izzie’s

Accessories: Lemon Earrings-The Rove

Fruit Necklace(Lemon)-Yummy@ Collabor88

My Little Bow Ring in Sun-Pekka

Blossom Slink Fingernails-Bella Elephante@Fit for a Princess

Clothing: Lucy Dress in Cherry-C.A. @ The Dressing Room

Shoes: Jesolo Sandals in Emerald-Hucci

Poses: Accessorise 1-Image Essentials@Fashionart

I had a dream so big and loud

Hey all, Hope you all having a good sunday!.. Iam still sick but much better than i was.. i can function now, just about haha.. I finally got into C88 and like i said usually with C88 I can wait / take it or leave it, iam same with most events, i hate the mad rush like it will be there all month most things.. i dont care if iam not the first to have it, cause if i really want it i will get it eventually, but i did love the theme of c88 this round, so i did finally get there, and if i hadn’t been sick would prob been sooner..

Hope you like the look i know there is alot of posts like this out there right now but this is just my spin i guess 😛

Hopefully be back soon and back into the swing of things now ♥

I had a dream so big and loud

Hair:  D424 hair / maroon&darksalmon *gradient * Tram Collabor88
Necklace: Mary necklace (swallows and anchor) Silver LaGyo Collabor88
Earrings: Mary earrings Pack Silver (3 options w hud) LaGyo Collabor88
Top: Spring Plunge Corset – Cream Fashionably Dead  @ Collabor88
Pants:  Skinny Pants Dust SaltSuicide Dollz
Shoes: Pinup Peep – Red Hucci Collabor88
Pet: Poodle Pet – Rose MishMishCollabor88

Location: The Trace