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That Time..

Panda Love

..when you got the best feeling ever by winning a prize, hugging a best friend,eating comfort food and so on. Yeah I had one of those days where the nostalgic feeling hit when I stepped outside today. I remember playing outside with my sisters and my neighbors doing all sorts of activities. My parents would set up our huge tent and a bonfire and we would roast marshmallows and make smores…yes I just get all in my feelings lol. Anyways, so I had a great day 🙂

Today I am posting a few new things from Ducknipple and new nails from Bella Elephante. These shoes and dress are from Ducknipple. They come with color changing huds and you will need the high slink feet to wear the shoes. Next up are these ADORABLE nails from Bella Elephante. They have grumpy cat faces in different colors for the fingernails and toenails. These can be found @ One Word that will be running for this round until the 30th of September.

Well that is all for now, hope you all have a good evening/morning.

❤ Saxxy

Skin: Lucia in Ice Frappe-Deesses@The Gacha Mania

Hair: Thoughtful 01-Magika

Eyes: Hope Eyes in Silverleaf-Ikon

Makeup: Indigo’s Marooned Green Winterberry Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Falsies-Mon Cheri

Nails: Grumpy Tea Cat(for Slink Hands and Feet)-Bella Elephante @ OneWord

Jewelry: Greek Necklace in Silver-Pure Poison

Eden Bracelets in Black-Bens Beauty

Panda: Red Panda in Real Panda??RARE-The Mint Condition

Leggings: Black Leggings-U.R.

Dress: Fiya Dress w/HUD-Ducknipple

Shoes: Vulva wHUD-Ducknipple

Poses: Bianca-oOo Studio

Pink and Cute

Hey all, I tell you iam suffering without my ps, I hate it, I guess you just get use to the way you do things, and its the smallest things that bug me that i can’t fix lol.. (the pointy elbows and bumps on legs that type of thing) I’m sure there is way to get it (without paying lots of money haha) I just don’t know what that way is! ANNOYING ME! and GIMP is Sh*t!! and picmonkey is not the same if you pay or not so mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rofl
Anywayyyyyy I will soldier on cause that’s what i do! It will get solved eventuallly i’m sure! hahahahahaha O.o Dee Might be to the recuse as i say all this haha!

Gacha Mania Opens on the 15th and Oh myyy so much to show you – I’m just getting started looks to be a really awesome event! I can’t wait! 😀

All Deets Below ♥

Pink and Cute

Hair: Katalynn Damselfly @ Gacha Mania
Skin: Ensya Skin Spring Rare Pumec @ Gacha Mania
Dress: Dressy 5 Mag<3.B
Shoes: Malibu Lows White (gacha) Flite @ The Seasons Story
Plush: Scottish fold Gray and Cream The Mint Condition @ Gacha Mania