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Thank you very much to everyone!!!!!!

Hello all

I’m excited about this post!! why?? cause we just hit 10k views on our blog – In 11 months – I feel proud!
I didn’t start this blog with the same gusto i have for it now.. I started really slow actually.. lol.. but since getting some really great sponsors who i thank each and every one very much .. i took off and have 100% got the blogging addiction..
I also have to say thanks to my Squishy cause really at the start she is the one that kept the blog alive and kept me going with it.. and she is far better at the technical stuff like adding feeds LOL i tried once and well yeah .. lol.. Sadly my poor Squish has been very ill recently and a trip to hospital 😦 BUT she is on the mend and that’s awesome so i’m sure soon we will be graced with her face more – can’t wait…
I did make her  pose today though 😀
Finally from me thank you to each and everyone that looks, shares, follows, likes our blog or likes us on facebook.. or even just looks to be mean .. it still adds up.. hahaha .. Press those buttons to the right if you didn’t already :P… We would not be at 10K already if it wasn’t for you people so thank you so much!
Saxx is better at words than me, so hopefully i have been able to express how grateful and happy iam .. and really appericate it big love to you all   ❤ Skyla xxx

♥                  ♥                 ♥                  ♥                    ♥               ♥                       ♥                       ♥

Hello bloggers, readers, and our personal stalkers,
I am very excited to know how well our blog has done thus far!
I mean even just within the week I was in the hospital, I think we must have had over hundreds of views and it makes me proud to still be doing what I do.
Almost a year ago I was lost and didn’t have a purpose after a failing sl family falling out and a spoiled business plan, then Skyla proposed we blog and I was so chicken shit to do anything at first thinking I would mess something up.
With new graphics, new sponsors, and a much more positive attitude, I think I have made people proud to show off their products.
I am proud of our improvements and never ending creativity that has brought us to this point, and yes there are plenty of others who have loads more to offer, but I mean there was a point where we thought we were failing and we didn’t have to do a load of ass kissing to get here.
I may have quit a lot of other projects in SL but this is the one thing that has kept me going and I may be at a pit stop for now, but I shall return with full force soon.
I love you Skyla for believing in me and allowing me to do this with you side by side, you are an inspiration to me daily woman! Thank you all once again for your continuous support in us!-  ❤ Saxxy




Hair: Briony – Truth
Skin: Chloe 2  – :Sugar:
Make up: Margot Makeup – Glam Affair
Make up 2:  Juniper Lip Gloss Natural & My natural top lashes Pink acid
Teeth: [whatever] Teeth[whatever] 
Earrings & Necklace: The 1000 Jewelry Set  Pure Poison (1000 member group gift)
Dress:  Julia dress – black Sassy @ The Black fair

Pose: Purple Poses @ She & Him


Hair: Gloria hair in Walnut Whip-LeLutka
Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-IKON
Make-Up: Fruitilicious Gloss in Flame Pea Jelly & Pandora ‘s Gingersnap (lash/eyeshadow) – Mock Cosmetics
Dress: Stephanie Mesh Gown in Peach-Rebel Hope Designs

Location: The Trace


Hair: Counting Stars – Exile
Skin: Whisper Forgive me 02 light rose – Essences @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Nails: Luxury Nails (Pastel)  Shock Factory
Glasses: Like a Sir Glasses Orange ( Gacha) Forver youngThe Thrift Shop 2 
Top: GlamChic Shirt Playbunny Gang/Cold @ The Black fair
Shorts:  Briana shorts & belt solid colour hud Pixelites
Shoes: Ballerina Flats with Hud – Switch

Pose: Jaden Purple Poses

Location: Asa’s Quai Blues

Come dine with me


Hair: Glamorous – Natural Fusion – Exile
Skin: Noodles pastel Subscribe Gift Essences
Make up: Candy Glass Lip Gloss 6 Pack & My Everyday Prim Alpha Eye Makeup – 5 Pack Pink Acid
Necklace: Azah Necklace – Silverish – Pure Poison @ She & Him
Bag: My Studded Clutch-White Snake – Rotten Defiance @ The Black Fair
Dress: Sparkle Dress-Turquoise – Rotten Defiance @ The Black Fair
Shoes: HelenaRedgrave

Pose: Boobs – InfinitiBewbapalooza

Location: Asa’s Quai Blues

As time goes by


Hair: Time and Sound – Exile
Skin: Plum 2:Sugar: 99L @ The Thrift Shop 2 ( 9th Aug)
Make up: Candy Glass Lip Gloss 6 Pack & My Everyday Prim Alpha Eye Makeup Pink Acid
Tattoo: TeorewaiBoss Store @ She & Him
Nails & Rings:  Violatoress v1.0  Hebenon Vial
Bag: Unic Spikes Bag Yellow – Modern Couture She & Him
Top: GlamChic Shirt Black Mustache Gang/Cold @ The Black Fair
Pants:  Juicy Pants Petrol Gang/Cold @ The Black Fair
Shoes: Nevia sandals SeVered GarDeN

Pose: LizzyDemise of Flight

Location: The Trace


My new profile picture i just made cause i look cute 😀