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Dark Horse

Hey all

I managed to get into the Project limited last night, lucky on my last try i was about to give up.. lol.. I got a couple of things.. but had to blind buy rofl as it never rezzed to me, today i just have the gloves on i got they are so cute, there is versions with cross and other little pictures at the top of them, these are the plain ones!

Bodify is also open for it new round, the top from pretty liar and cute little boobie add on from Geek! ..

All deets are below ❤

Dark Horse

Hair: Female Trouble Clawtooth @ C88
Skin: Harley Pink Fuel
Make up: Pink Acid

Top: Peek-A-Halter Black Pretty Liar @ Bodify
Pants: Leather Leggings White Sassy @ The Azz show
Gloves: Symbolic Fingerless Gloves Plain Utopiah @ Project limited
Shoes: Corporals Black LowRiders FLite

Necklace: Chained Link Necklace Black Glam AffairC88
Boobie add on: DigiGeek Stash Girly BV GeekBodify
Tattoo 1: Small Cross Corvus
Tattoo 2: Hipz Lipz Stickyz @ Suicide Dollz

Killer Curves 3 Demise of Flight

Virtual Decay

I love to play barbie!

Hey all

Like most for me my avi is truly my virtual barbie! The variety of looks you can dress up is all part of the fun for me.. pretty much anything you can think of i think is possible on sl these days.. Today i went for the full on barbie, i cant help it when its pink and cute.. my stereotype barbie side comes out haha..

All deets below ♥

I love to play barbie!

Hair: Many Magika
Skin: Harley Peach Pink Fuel
Make up: Pink Acid
Nails: Bubblegum Bow (slink) Starry Heaven

Top: Sweetie Top Forever Young @ The Boobies Show
Panties: Pink heart panties with bows Hard Candy @ The Azz Show
Skirt: Teeny Tiny Tutu – Milk Pretty LiarThe Azz Show
Socks: Toeless Socks  Forever Young 

Headband: Minnie ears pink and white RARE Rotten Defiance
Shoulder: Cuddly Octopi Geeky girl pink Rare Forever Young @ OMG
Earrings: Ram Horn Earrings Pink/Teal Noodles
Bracelets: Way Girlie Bracelets Yumyums

Lizzy 5 Demise Of Flight

Cool Story – Big Girls are sexy too!

Hey all,

I don’t usually spend a lot of time of my blog pictures, i mean i make them look nice but not as long as i did on this one .. lol
I made myself fatter (with Ps) not that my avi is not small anyway, but the phatt azz wasnt cutting it for me.. lol..
hence the name of the post, a convo with a friend, about sex appeal inspired it.. sex appeal is about the person, not size!

I aint a small person in RL or SL and i dont want to be, but its personal preferemce..women can be sexy all sizes.. 😀
Iam proud of my thick bits RL & SL .. I know i got sex appeal 😛
anyway idk iam not ps expert but i think it  came out okish

Cool Story -  Big Girls are sexy too! (pile/blog)

All clothes are from Sticky @ The Azz Show (11th Jan)
Earrings (love them) are from [F]oil
This wasnt suppose to be a blog post, but i thought i might as well as i need blog  this.. 😛 so if you wana know where anything else is from just ask ❤

Work it B*tch

Hey all,

So this time of year every one making resolutions and talking about getting in shape, I am just gonna eat  a bit more healthy really, I love cheesey pasta too much.. haha.. but thats kinda what inspired this look….

I know everyone has these pocket pets, but u blame them they are so adorbsss, I got one the day chapter four opened, then Ema gave me this cutie a defo buy and you trade so awesomeness all round!..

Bodify is its last few days for its first ever round so its your last chance to get there and buy stuffs, before the new round starts so gooo now!! or as soon as you done reading anyway lol Also the Azz show is opening for a new round on the 11th Jan where you will find the shorts with lots of different colour huds for phat azz 🙂

Deets below!

Work it B*tch

Hair: Sonia Milk @ Bodify
Skin: Harley Peach Pink Fuel
Make up: Pink Acid

Top: Hoodie Colors Emporium @ Oh my Gacha
Pants: Sporty Shorts Forever young @ The Azz Show
Socks: My Garter Socks Monochrome Set UtopiaH @ Bodify

Pet: Pocket pet {Kitten} Siamese Birdy @ Chapter Four

Dolly 2 & 5 Elephante Poses @ oh my Gacha

Winter walks

Hello just a quick post, but like i said before after Tuesday, I will be here a lot more, so you have been warned! .. haha.. I will have my blogging head on for sure! .. lots of adorbs stuff again today.. and all deets are below! Hope you all ready for Christmas, I think the build up is lots more fun than the actual day hence all my time of the year posts.. just so much Christmas cuteness i cant help it!

See you again very soon ♥ Sky ♥


Hair: Miss Frost  Fades Milk @ Perfect Wardrobe
Skin: Alli 3 Yumyums
All Make up: Pink Acid
Earrings: Snowflake Earrings Pure Poison Gift
Sweater: Winter College Sweater Frosty Love Gang/Cold Perfect Wardrobe
Pants: Zipped Leggings Forever Young @ The Azz Show
Boots: Snowy boots *Knit Mag<3.B

Pose 1: Atmosphere Collection: Last Chance 5 Elephante Poses @ Acid Lily

Home at last!


This post is inspired my whats on my mind, Christmas shopping! haha.. I need to get started srsly.. only 3 weeks to go, Trying to organize what to get people and having some nice food in the house on a small amount of money is stressful but will be done! 😀 Since it turned December i have got really into the Christmas spirit, lol.. might as well make the most of things i say!

This coat is awesomeness from insight there is lots of colour variety’s so make sure you check it..

all deets for everything are below..

If your going out into the cold to do some xmas shopping wrap up warm 😀


Hair: Fernanda Truth Group gift
Alli 3 Yumyums
Make up 1:
Roxanne Eyeliner & Diva Top Lashes Pink Acid
Make up 2:
Red Hot Lipstain Mock
Snowman Mesh Earrings Pure Poison
“Warmth” Scarf Hud 2 Gang/Cold @ Winter Trend
Star Ring Pure Poison @ The Arcade Gacha
Snow Cutie Handbag Pure Poison
 Winter Coat Red Insight @ SL Fashion Week
Snowy Socks Dark – Blacks Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show (5th)
 Winter Wedge Boots -Cream/Grey/Black hud League

I’ll Race Ya!

Hello all, my freckle butt and I decided to do a blog post together…YAY! We are showing off a few things from the Arcade, Ducknipple, Cynful and well everything you will see below the pic 😀 We are sooooo into the Christmas spirit obviously, and hope we could spread a bit of that cheer to you. So until then, check out the Arcade and grab someone by the hand and skate your ass off!

❤ Saxxy & Skyla


Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Falling for You in Naturals – Exile
Sunrise Eyes in Light Verdigris- Ikon
 Indigo’s Marooned Green Winterberry Makeover  MockCosmetics
 Sjaal Sweater w HUD – Ducknipple
Pants: Tight Denim Skinny Jeans – Alyce
Ice Skates in Driftwood- The Secret StoreArcade Gatcha Event

Skyla is wearing:

Hair: Temptation prize 10 ClawtoothArcade Gatcha Event
Skin: Tara 3 RARE Belleza @ Arcade Gatcha Event
Coat: Willow Coat (Solid Oxblood) Elate! @ Arcade Gatcha Event
Dress: Vale’s Turtleneck Dress – Suede Olive Cynful @ The Azz Show 
Shoe: River.Boots (Trail) – Fri.day
Pose: Saucer Sled!  2 Click Arcade Gatcha Event

Dangerous Panda

Hey, I know i said i might not be here today, well iam here.. .haha.. iam suppose to clearing out my invent but this just look just happened so i went with it..

If you collecting the War-Ready ilo bears, there is a new panda colour for you to add to your collection 😀 I made this one big they come in standard size 🙂


Hair: Bella Tameless
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Lips: Duck Lips – Coal Pink Acid
Collar: Posture V-Collar wiv Hud Red mint (r)M
Tattoo: Bang Bang Gorilla PMS @ The Thrift Shop
Rings & Nails: Violatoress Hebenon Vial
Bear: War-Ready ilo Bear Panda Yumyums
Top: Dangerous Sheer Crop Top Dirtymind
Pants: Glow leggings black DeeTalez @ The Azz show
Shoes: Odyssey Void Malfean Visions @ Shoetopia

Pose: Losing My Balance 5 Elephante Poses @ Posetastic

We are all stars, we all deserve to twinkle

Late night posting, so i will be brief!
Hope your monday is as good as a monday can be!
See you in the morning!
Enjoy Skyla ♥


Hair: Hair 31 Mauve Eaters Coma
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Lips:  Plumped Lippy V3 + Teeth – Red Pink Acid @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair 
Tattoo: Tattoo 2 Zentro The Rockabilly Fashion Fair 
Necklace: Buddy :Love:: Loulou&co The Rockabilly Fashion Fair 
Nails: Shockabilly Dots Nails  Shock Factory The Rockabilly Fashion Fair 
Top: Bow Bodysuit – Leopard Rose Mad Echo  The Rockabilly Fashion Fair 
Shorts: B Boop Shorts Black Su! The Rockabilly Fashion Fair 
Socks: Missy Thigh Highs (leopard pack) Forever Young @ The Azz Show

Pose: Jaden Purple Poses

Apocalyptic Alien

Hello all

I was around yesterday, busy day in rl .. appointments etc.. then i had to DJ so time just ran away with me, but i did put this together yesterday.. only got to post it today though..

I don’t always get the time to put the effort and creativity into every picture esp if SL is playing me up but i really wanted too with this one esp.. as it’s not every day you get given candy corn skins to blog.. I’m happy with how this came out.. hope you like it 😀


Skin: Ali (Candy Corn) Yumyums @ Acid Lily
Tattoo 1: Let’s go Hiatus
Tattoo 2: Inspirtation Hiatus @ Fi*friday
Bruises: Body Bruises Corvus
Goggles: Sandstorm – WarTorn Remarkable Oblivion
Belt: Bullet F****** Belt Remarkable Oblivion
Bracelets:  Polished Cuff Bracelet Black Sassy
Dress: Livvy Dress Black Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show
Boots: Strap Boots! Mesh Black Cheeky
Bear: War-Ready I-lo {Candy Corn} Yumyums @ Acid Lily

Pose: Prissy 6 Curvy Pose+ivity
Location: The Wastelands, The Junkyard.