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Candy All Around

Hello everyone, I am soooo tired like whoa! In any case I decided to go ahead and get all of these products out of the way and show you what Jay has prepared you all for the Candy Fair starting Oct 4th from Sugar and Cyanide. Due to the pics and styling details, I will keep this short and sweet and focus on the fashion aspect. Yes, I wore my Lush boobs in some of my pics just for Skyla you damn boob lover! I have had these for months and could never get them right, anywho don’t get too used to them, I will only wear them as needed lol. Love you all! ❤ Saxxy

Sweetheart Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Just a Reason in Wild Fusion-Exile for The Arcade

Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Pool-Ikon

Makeup: A little drama in smoke-Elymode

Kawaii stars-StrawBerry

Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth in Pink 02-Pink Acid

Belly Ring: Belly Cupcake II in Pink-Envi

Clothes: Sweetheart(top,pants,tango appliers)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Locale in Sugar-Boom

S&C Candy Fair_004


Hair: Ezra in Midnight-Excess

Tongue: Bubbly tongue-Splash

Dress: Candy Floss in Blue(available in other colors w/ tango and phat azz appliers)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Locale in Lemon Yellow-Boom

I love candy collage


Hair: Mindy in Toast-Truth Hair

Makeup: Same eyeshadow as in pic 1

Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth in Blue-Pink Acid

Eyes: Kaleido in Day-Ikon

Tattoo: Butterfly2-Pimp My Shit

Clothes: I Heart Candy(winged top and skirt)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Sophia Heels w/hud -S&C for the Candy Fair

Candy Girl Collage


Hair: Froukje in Chocolate-Truth Hair

Makeup: Brown & green eyeshadow-Elymode

Tasty Lips in Nude-Plastic Co.

Earrings: Shell Teardrop in Pearl Green-Maxi Gossamer

Clothes: Candy Girl in Summers End(other styles will be available)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Candy Pants and Shoes Collage


Pants: Eye Candy Pants in Icy,Melon, and Pink(other colors available)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Mya Heels(exclusives for the fair)-S&C for the Candy Fair

The URL to the Candy Fair is not available at the moment, please keep an eye on our FB page or here when the time comes for it to be open to the public.