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Savaged Mickey

Hello everyone! Yes I know I couldn’t resist blogging on the weekend but at least the outfit I am covering is a pretty cute one that is from Sugar and Cyanide and will be available at the next round of Stuff in Stock.  The outfit is called Savage and comes with the top, shorts,tango, and phat azz appliers. This outfit will be available in the lower level for inquiring minds 🙂 Enjoy and hugs from Saxxy ❤

Savage Mickey_003

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Zuzka in Lava-Truth Hair

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eyeliner-Pink Acid for Fi Friday

Bella Vetro Gloss in Lepore Red-Mock Cosmetics

Tattoo: Mickey-Your Cocain

Headband: I Minni Knuckle band-AlterEgo

Attire: Savage-S&C for Stuff in Stock

Shoes: Kaedi Pumps in Midnight-Hucci

You must make a choice, to take a chance or your life will never change

Hi all…

Another post with lots from the new She & Him which opens today! My inventory is a mess and I need to tidy it so bad which why i thought i should include the Strawberry’s inventory meme.. I know when you see my items amounts, your gonna think its nothing compared to some.. but its about 2k over where i like to keep it and its driving me nuts.. I say it’s a Virgo thing to be like that.. but i know other Virgo’s who have a much bigger inventory that me.. 😛  I bet its some kind of organised though lol

so enjoy the fashion and my inventory meme 🙂


Hair: Sarah Wasabi Pills
Skin: Emily [2] :Sugar: / Yumyums 
Eyelashes:  Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes Pink Acid @ She & Him
Make up 1: 
[Ingrid Eyeshadows]-Ace BananoMintModish She & Him
Make up 2: 
Exotic Ethnic Lips Pink  Pink Acid  She & Him
Heart Earrings T.Whore Accessories @ Silcone
Verania Necklace Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Xoxo Ring – Royal Gacha Sugar & Cyanide @ Jokers Playhouse Club&Mall 
Breast Longtop – Fatale Mes Sucreries She & Him
aztec print leggings – pink LIME She & Him
Baby T’s – Plain – Dew Pixel Mode

Full length Pose: Jaycee 3 Pose+ivityShe & Him
Pose 2: Jaden 6 Purple Poses

  1. What is your current inventory number? – 32,756 ( i like to stay at 30k or lower if poss!!) lots of events at the moment so i got a box overload lol
  2. If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – I can’t deciede between notecards and snapshots after 5 years in SL some hold a lot of memories
  3. What is the last thing you purchased? – The Earrings in this post 🙂 ^^
  4. Which item do you wear most often? – My eyes, Gem Eyes Crash Republic
  5. When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up?  4! 2 different gestures and 2 of the same hoverbike (deletes one – My invent is now 32,755 lmao)

We Have All Gone Mad

Ok yes I am back, cause I absolutely loved this outfit from Sugar and Cyanide! It seriously gave my boobs a lift without having to add those mesh boobs, not to mention someone couldn’t keep their crosshairs off of me….you know who you are haha! Anyways, it comes with an awesome top that also has wings on the back and printed sinner pants. This will be the last post of the day 😀 Love you all and thank you for the continuous support, reblogs, and follows! ❤ Saxxy

We're all mad here collage

Saxxy is Wearing: 

Hair: Storm in Black & Whites05 Fade4-Truth Hair

Makeup: Grenadine Lolli (group gift)-Mock Cosmetics

Top & Pants: We’re All Mad Here-Sugar & Cyanide for Rabbit Hole Sales Room 

How About a Round of Applause

Hello all, I have not forgotten about blogging, I guess I have lacked inspiration and writers block all at once. I have been taking the time to enjoy things in RL and within SL that I haven’t done in a while. So here I am, and I would like to start off by congratulating the Miss Busty of SL, Rayona Resident. This outfit is named in dedication of your winning!

S&C 72213_001

The outfit includes Top, Skirt, Tango Applier, and Shoes. I hope you all like it! ❤ Saxxy

S&C 72213_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Hair 012 in Blacks-eep.

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Light Brown-IKON

Makeup: Darling Makeup Combo 1-Glamorize

Necklace: Flying Heart Necklace in Steel-Bens Beauty for Fi Friday

Outfit: Rayona-Sugar & Cyanide

Troublemaking Bubbles

Hello all, this will be another short blog to show off this cute skirt and top from Sugar and Cyanide that will be available @ On Point. The skirt comes in three different styles(two are shown below). Hope you all like it and enjoy the rest of your day ❤ Saxx

troublemaker collage


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Dotty in Black out(non mesh)-Ploom

Eyes: Ascension Eyes in Blue-IKON

Earrings: Love Hearts in Black-MG

Clothes: Trouble Maker in Blue-Sugar & Cyanide for On Point

Location: Image Essentials

A “Minnie” Moment

Hello all, happy Sunday/Monday, I hope everyone is enjoying their day thus far. Been mellow for me and I am rather happy that it has been. These past two weeks have been excruciating for me but I am well on a road to recovery. I fail to follow the advice of wise people at times and I end up kicking myself for it but thankfully I am a strong person and I won’t let things get to me for too long.

Onto the fashion, I am totally in love with this ensemble! Anything with Minnie has a great affect and I think it is because aside from Big Bird in my childhood, Minnie was always a favorite of mine. This is of course the grown, sexy, and cute version hee hee. The Minnie outfit comes with tango appliers, the headband, and four tops(not shown) in different colors also with appliers. This will be available for Stuff in Stock. Smooches

❤ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Kamiko Hair in Night Shadow-Wasabi Pills

Makeup: Lip Jelle in Redberry-Mock Cosmetics

Tattoos: Mickey and Garden-Your Cocain

Necklace: Lore Necklace (free gift)-Pure Poison

Clothes: Minnie-S&C for Stuff in Stock

Shoes: Zen in Pure Black-N-Core

Location: Image Essentials

Can you Get Roxie With It?

Hello all, I hope everyone enjoyed the time to be with family and friends for the 4th of July. It probably isn’t the greatest to be blogging this late, but I definitely needed to get my mind off of some things. So without going on into some random rant, I am showing off the Roxie dress by Sugar & Cyanide. It is color HUD driven and also comes with appliers.

I will be showing off the new appliers soon for slink hands in an upcoming blog for those who have fell in love with skins from S&C. Mwahs<3 Saxxy

S&C Roxi_001


S&C Roxi_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Jada Hair in Praline & Pitch-LeLutka

Eyes: Ascension Eyes in Sahara(Group Gift)-IKON

Tattoo: Simple Heart-Skyla’s Designs

Dress: Roxie(Hud driven)-Sugar and Cyanide

Make-Up: Isla Lipstick in Pink Champagne-League

Ring: Melt My Heart in White-AUX

Leopard is Best in Patterns for Simplicity Colours

Yes my title makes no sense, and I prefer it like that haha. I will be showing off the new Bree dresses from Sugar and Cyanide. Remember folks, there is less than two weeks to update those viewers for SSB, don’t wait until it is too late, and that actually rhymed mwahaha. ❤ Saxxy

Bree colours collage


Bree Patterns collage


Bree Leopard Collage


Bree simplicity collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Adrianna in Brown and Black-Miss C for Fi Friday

Jewelry: Shell Teardrop in Peacock Eye & Sea Green Earrings(2nd pic)-Maxi Gossamer

Winter Flower Earrings in Silver-Yummy

Tattoo: Freak & Dangerous-Your Cocain for Fi Friday

Dresses: Bree Dresses in Colours, Patterns, Leopard, & Simplicity (all hud driven & tango appliers are included)-Sugar and Cyanide

Brand New Day

Hello lovelies, today I am showing off a few new pieces while I have the time to do so from Artistry by E, Ducknipple, & Sugar and Cyanide.

Adasia and Tank_002

The Adsila Set

This beautiful set has a traditional squash blossom design.  The name Adsila, means “blossom” in cherokee. (Thanks for the info Endra :D)

This apple tank top is hud driven to change to your preferences.

Adasia and Tank_003

This is one of a few new outfits from Sugar and Cyanide called Mischief. This outfit will be available on July 1st for Room 69.

bad bitch s&c_002

Yup, going over to the dark side with this cropped tee and capris.

I hope you are all having a lovely day, hugs!-Saxxy

Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Colbie in Light Browns 02-Truth(first pic)

Demi in Crow-Truth(second pic)

Miu in Night Shadow-Wasabi Pills(Third Pic)

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Mint Light-Ikon

Jewelry: Necklace and Earrings from the Adsila set-Artistry by E

Tattoo: She aint perfect-Your Cocain

Clothing: Apple Tank w HUD-Ducknipple

Mischief(2nd pic)- S&C for Room 69

Bad Bitch(3rd pic)-S&C

Shoes: Suave in Raven-Maitreya

Paste it on my Capri Sun

Happy Friday all, today I am showing off a few more new items from Sugar and Cyanide. The pasties shown come in a variety of colors and have appliers for the ladies with breast implants. I love the capri’s! They are very well detailed, and they are perfect for the summer. They also come in different colors, and can be mixed and matched with almost anything. I hope you all enjoy these products as much as I do, and a really big thank you to our viewers, welcome to our new followers, and a big all around thank you to the support you all have given us, means loads to Skyla and I. Keep an eye out for a chance to compete for some great stuff in a later blog. ❤ Saxxy

Capri collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: American Woman in Raven-Exile

Makeup: Summer Mix Eyeshadow in Lavendar w/liner-Elymode

Creme Lipstick in Rose Petal Pink-Pink Acid for Cosmetics Fair

Black Eyeliners 3-Pekka for Cosmetics Fair

Clothes: Pasties in Yellow and White

Capri Pants in Dots & Pink-Sugar and Cyanide