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Mad Cuteness

Cupcake collage

Hai everyone!! Today I am going to be showing off some cuteness long overdue from Delirium Style (due to the holidays), and a few new things from Fameshed. DS released some cute hoodies, unisex jeans, and a super cute dress. Also, DS and Latreia collaborated to make some awesome sneakers with different patterns, colors, and styles. Make sure you stop by Delirium for all of the super cute stuffage. If you are looking for a job as a model and want some awesome clothing, they are always looking for dedicated people to model and show off their bomb ass clothing and accessories. Make sure to talk to a manager about it!

So I decided to go to Fameshed, and I found a few things that caught my eyes..literally lol. I had to get some awesome eyes from Ikon. They have the mesh and regular eyes within the pack with a well detailed hud. Finally the hair is from Wasabi Pills that is found at this round of Fameshed. It is cute and comes with a bow on the side which you probably can’t see well in the pics(sowry). It comes with a color/pattern changing hud.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!!

❤ Saxxy

Adorkable collage

Saxxy is Wearing: 

Hair: Daisy in Onyx(Type B)-D!va(first collage)

Emily Mesh Hair-Wasabi Pills for Fameshed

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Blush(first collage) and Chocolate-Ikon for Fameshed

Makeup: Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss and Teeth in Pink(first collage)-Pink Acid

Pinkerbell for the Candied Collection-Hush Skins

Accessories: Cupcake on a Stick-The Black Forest

Cupcake Mouthy-It’s Cake-Currently Closed

Mustache-Pose+ivity for OMG(OhMyGacha)

Nails: Butterfly Set(must have Slink Hands)-Mon Cheri

Tattoo:  :: Stars II :: Face tattoo FC12002-Letis Tattoos

Clothing: Olivia Hoodie 04

 Alex Unisex Jeans w.HUD

Heydra Dress 01-Delirium Style

Toeless Stockings in White-Sugar and Cyanide(no longer open)

Shoes: Idol Kawaii-Delirium Style & Latreia Footwear

Leather Platform T-Bar Pumps in Black-Belgravia

Molly Goes to Town

Good evening as I am posting this later than expected, I have a few things to talk about and blog on today. I will start off with the general stuff. After the 22nd I will not be blogging until the 6th of January simply because I want to spend time with my family not only in RL but also in SL and take the time to spend time with those who I have not seen in a while. I will also be taking a trip to North Carolina at the end of the month and I will be there for a while meeting up with my boyfriend since he will be back from Afghanistan and spending time with my best friend and her family. I will let my sponsors know as well in world 🙂
Next up is my future endeavor with my fellow beaners(and no offense to the Hispanics but we aren’t offended therefore it’s what we call ourselves) Dovey, Santanna, and I will be starting a blog next year that will revolve around the Mexican Culture in one way or another. I suggest that if you get easily offended that you do NOT read it! We are very open minded individuals and if we are going to get hated upon our OWN blog, be prepared for a debate! We fight till the fideo comes squirming out, just saying!
 This will not only be RL but we will also incorporate SL. I will keep you all updated with that.
Today I am showing off the very cute and adorable dress called Molly. Comes with a color changing HUD and will be available at Strokerz Sexpo. I quickly want to thank Jaysee, Adrenalynn, Alliana, and Yasmin for pulling off such an awesome event last night! Winter Wonderland had no boring moments I swear! I have also been accepted to blog for Pose Me, so I definitely thought the poses from the Alexia Collection was most appropriate with this dress. Finally, I am showing off the 2nd tattoo released from Your Cocain available at Fi Friday called Virgin. The full tattoo is not being shown but there is more along the torso.
Last but not least I’m sharing some goodies below:
Badazzle is free to join all month and here are the perks:
12 days of Christmas begins…
– new releases daily
– random store credit
– free group join all month
– 250L in credit when you join
– 20% back on linden purchases w/ group
Sugar and Cyanide has a huge sale going on 😀 Click on the pics below for your ride

Sugar & Cyanide 80% off!!!

Pose+tivity is having a 50% off their pose packs and I will admit I own almost all of her poses so I suggest you check them out!

xmas sale
Artistry by E may not be accepting group members at the moment but she is still nice enough to set non group member stuff under the tree 😀

Artistry by ~ E ~ LOGO

I hope you all have a great day!
❤ Saxxy
Molly Collage
Saxxy is Wearing:
Hair: American Woman in Midnight-Exile
Eyes: Perspective Eyes in Oxidation-Ikon
Makeup: Glitter Pop EShadow in Silver Drought
Lipshine in Ruby Ruby-Mock Cosmetics
Accessories: Baroque Collier in Silver-LaGyo
Black Seam Tights w/ Slink Appliers-Cannibelle
Tattoo: Virgin-Your Cocain for Fi Friday
Dress: Molly-S&C for the Strokerz Sexpo Event(opens Dec 21st)
Shoes:  Hucci Kaedi Pumps in Midnight-Hucci
Poses: Alexia Poses-Pose Me
Location: Maveryck Breen

Feeling Blue

Hey all 😀 As the title says I am feeling a bit blue today from things that are currently transpiring in my life. The feeling will not last long I’m sure since I can be a very strong person, but I woke up crying this morning. I can actually say that this month has not been as festive as I would have liked it to be. I am trying to remain optimistic but then again I can’t lie to myself and say that I have been in the best Christmas cheer. I think what keeps me going aside than my kid, is the positive things that I see on my FB feed. So many people in love, getting married, beginning a family or even adding to their family. This is the kind of stuff that makes me hopeful for something much greater than my current situation. I will keep our viewers updated as far as our Gingeraffe partner Ema has claimed to not want to be on SL anymore. I do know this much, if she doesn’t come back we will lose a great blogging partner and will go back to Skyla and I. I guess from my standpoint, I could never include someone else on the team. I would just rather go back to how Skyla and I were before and continue to make this blog a success.

Ok now that I have said that much, today I am showing off this awesome jacket from Ducknipple. Comes with an undershirt and a HUD to change the jacket and shirt. Your Cocain is back to Fi Friday this round. I am showing off one of her creations on my hands which is called Maiori.

I hope you all have an awesome Saturday/Sunday!

❤ Saxxy

Swings Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Hair 37 in Noir-Eaters Coma

Eyes: Perspective Eyes in Oxidation-Ikon

Makeup: Naturally Lippy Lipstick in Ebony Nude-Pink Acid

“Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Tattoo: Maiori(must have updated Slink Hands)-Your Cocain for Fi Friday

Accessories: True Hearts Necklace and Earrings-Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88

Clothing:  Mesh Trenchy Jacket w HUD-Ducknipple

Lala Leggings(solids)-Sugar and Cyanide

Shoes: Heartbreaker in Nude-Aux for Collabor88

Location: Mad City Christmas

The Red Nose Reindeer

Hello all!!! Yus I have missed you all!!!! I didn’t have my main laptop for a couple of days and damn near died lol. I have so much to catch up on with blogging so you may get sick of me after a while lol.

I wanted to start off with this cute outfit by Sugar and Cyanide for the Lubbly Jubblies event. It comes with the dress, antlers, and red nose that has a slight glow. Sooooo cute 😀

I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your Friday, the beginning of your Saturdays as well!

❤ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Crys in Espresso-Truth

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Brown-Ikon

Makeup: “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Isla Lipstick in Crimson-League

Jewelry: Jillian Earrings (group gift)-Artistry by E

Clothing:Rudolph Sweater Dress(comes with Antlers and Nose)-S&C for Lubbly Jubblies

Merino Leggings in Long Taupe-League

Shoes: Cozy Boots in Red-*katat0nik* for Collabor88

Bite My…..

Kiss My Butt_002

Yes if you guessed it, it is my butt :O My gorgeous sissy Ally made this pose and just thought this pose was um well lol, it was sexy in a sense? It is available at Something New for all those um “ass” adorers out there 😛 Anywho, I am also showing off this sexy lingerie piece that can be found at Bewbapalooza from Sugar and Cyanide. The frost lingerie set comes with slink(must have the slink feet) tango and phat azz appliers. Tc all!

❤ Saxxy

Kiss My Butt_003

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Closer in Red Eye Flight-Clawtooth for the Arcade Gacha

Eyes: Dolly Eyes in Cerulean-Buzzeri

Makeup: Twinkle Shadow in Silver-Buzzeri

Camille Lips+Teeth in Caramel-Pink Acid

Clothing: Lingerie in Frost-S&C for Bewbapalooza

Poses: Bite that Ass-Something New

Pose # 9-Pose Maniacs

You Lift Me Up

Hey all! To those of you close to me, you all know I have been struggling with my emotions since I found out my bf was going to leave the country. I have not been the best to be honest and has found comfort in blogging and being around those who mean a lot to me. In any case he allows me to use his avi for photography purposes. Someone told me it was against TOS to share information like that and you know what, there are way too many issues to deal with then me using my bf’s account with HIS permission. How about those copybotters and hackers…yesh move along ppl. In any case I have missed him so much I wanted to do more pics with him.

Something New is a part of the Mother Holle’s Winterdream Hunt. The prop Winters Love is a couples pose within an iced over pond in which I thought was so cute and appropriate to take these shots with my loved one. Make sure to check out the hunt as well as Ally’s adorable Christmas Store filled with Christmas Cheer!

Today I am showing off the solid leggings from Sugar and Cyanide that are available at Stuff in Stock, makeup from Buzz,and the newest boots from Latreia/Delirium Style. The leggings from S&C not only come in solids, but they are also available in prints. The furry cute boots come with a hud to not only change the color of the boot, but also the fur. These can be found at Delirium Style. Last but not least I want to say a huge thank you to Eleri for sending out that huge fatpack of makeup through the S&C group for bloggers, it was like an early Christmas present and I do love your work! I am wearing the Metallic Gloss in Rosy along with the Dolly Eyes in Dark Amber.

I hope you all have a great day!

❤ Saxxy

You Lift Me Up

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Tara Arcade 11-Belleza for the Arcade

Hair: Hair 23 in Noir-Eaters Coma

Eyes: Dolly Eyes in Dark Amber-Buzzeri

Makeup: Black Eyeliners 4-Pekka

Metallic Gloss in Rosy-Buzzeri

Clothing: Angora Sweater in Brown-Ison

Lala Leggings in Black(comes w/HUD)-S&C for Stuff in Stock

Shoes: Furrz(with HUD)-Latreia/D-Style

Prop:Winters Love w/ couples pose-Something New for the Mother Holle’s Winterdream Hunt(look for a snowflake)

Pose #2: Couple 270-Purple Poses

Overloaded on Trenchcoats

Trenchcoat Closeup_004

Hello all! I am so glad to be back as I was busy with the Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas shopping, as well as my boyfriend deploying to Afghanistan ;( It has been one heck of an emotional rollercoaster, but I know he will be keeping up with the blog so I will be extra mushy this month not only because of him, just the holidays in general have that effect on me. Ok lets move nto the good stuff!!

Ok so I decided to show off some trenchcoats and from SLX, Ducknipple, and Sugar and Cyanide. I LOVE trenchcoats, I just wish I had a reason to wear the only one I have in RL in Florida. It hardly ever gets trenchcoat cold, but this is why I have SL 😀 All of these coats are amazing in detail and are hud driven or available in different colors. Your Cocain has released another awesome edition to her slink tattoo collection, it is called Heart and is adorable! There have been some amazing black friday sales and if I wasn’t so busy Christmas shopping yesterday, I would have posted them here so I apologize not only to you all, but my sponsors as well. RL was calling and I needed to get stuff done. Truth also released this awesome group gift, I LOVE THIS HAIR!! LOL, it is amazing and came in the variety pack! In any case, I hope all of our viewers had a safe and awesome holiday. Keep a lookout on advent calendar stuffage and before I forget, if you all like Alterego, her membership to join is now free (normally 500l) 😀

❤ Saxxy

trenchcoat collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Fernanda(group gift) –Truth Hair

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Light Verdigris-Ikon

Makeup: Indigos Marooned Green Winterberry-Mock Cosmetics

Isla lipstick in Crimson(pic three only)-League

Accessories: Glam Cluth Dead Girl(pic 2)-Delirium Style

Classic Pearls stud Earrings(free on mp)-Lazuri

Teeth and Tongue Piercing-Deetalez (cause I was eyeing this on Val, you sexy beast lol)

Tattoo: Heart (for slink hands)-Your Cocain

Clothing: Carissa Trenchcoat in Tan w/gold spikes(pic 1)-Sugar and Cyanide

Winter Outfit(includes jacket,jeans,necklace,and shoes)(pic 2)-SLX

Potlood Jacket w/HUD(pic 3)-Duckipple

Shoes: Tottori Boots in Corner Red(pic 3)-Hucci for Collabor88

Ikela Boots in Onyx(pic 1)-Hucci

Holly on Ice

Hello all, I am starting this morning off with another outfit that will be available from Sugar and Cyanide for The Enchanted Christmas Fair. It is called Holly and comes in array of colors. Holly also comes with appliers for phat azz and lolas. Thanks Skyla, I used your ice rink last night mwahaha!

❤ Saxxy

Ice Skate Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Pictures of You in Dark Browns(bows not included)-Exile

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Morning-Ikon

Makeup: “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Frosty Blue Elegance(Group Gift)

Fruitilicious Lip Gloss in Flame Pea Jelly-Mock Cosmetics

Clothing: Holly in Ice-S&C for the Enchanted Christmas Fair

Skates: SKATES “Ice/Roller”-N-core

An Enchanted Holiday

Happy Sunday to all, just a quick post on an item that will be available from Sugar and Cyanide at the Enchanted Christmas Fair. It is called Holiday and comes with a color changing Hud. I love these dresses because of the festive colors and they show off those sexy legs! This will be my only post for today since I have been on a posting rampage, I needed to catch up and for now I think I have! So until tomorrow, have a great day!

❤ Saxxy

Holiday Dress_001

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Jacqueline Mesh Hair in Night Shadow-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Light Verdigris-Ikon

Makeup:  “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Indigo’s Marooned Green Winterberry Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Tattoos: Be Strong Feet Appliers(must have Slink Feet)-Your Cocain

Jewelry:  Hoop Mesh Bracelets


Lace Ribbon Ring-Bens Beauty

Dress: Holiday-S&C for The Enchanted Christmas Fair

Shoes: Amelia.Heels (Charcoal)-Fri. for Collabor88

Poindexting Dork

Hello all and happy Saturday!! Today I am showing off the Poindexter outfit from Sugar and Cyanide for Stuff in Stock. I know it has been out for a while but I just got my rights back hee hee and I sure as hell loved the outfit! The original outfit has another top with “Dweeb” but I figured me being a dork and all ya know, I would wear this shirt instead.

I know it was put out in a bloggers group and they are also advertising it themselves, but the lovely Goodnight couple has opened their beautiful winter themed sim to the public. Of course I had to go check it out myself and the pictures on Flickr barely does it justice! It is beautiful and breathtaking! It is where I took this picture and I will share the lm with you all as well. Once again thank you two! 😀

❤ Saxxy

S&C Dork_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Satsuma in Black-Rosy Mood

Makeup: Eyeliner so cute in Black-Mons

Lip Tinte in Cherry-TSG

Tattoo: Yahara-Your Cocain

Accessories: Black Glasses w/ Clear Lens-N-Core

Enigma Variations Mens Bracelets-Chop Zuey

Sadaf paua bracelets-Zaara

Clothing: Poindexter (comes w/ shirt(not shown) and pants and shoes)-S&C for Stuff in Stock

Batwing Top in Dork-S&C for Stuff in Stock

Pose: Lana Pose #1-Demise of Flight

Location: Jeff and Sofia’s Paradise