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Evil Brain, Angel Heart. I look a little evil today, but I promise you I am still a good little girl on the inside, I am a angel at heart 😉 — To make myself look so evil I have the “Rock Fever” Outfit on minus the jacket that comes with it. I added some ultra sexy heels from HYPERION and a group gift chain on my face – area that is at PANIK!  My tummy tattoo / piercing is a set! and my hand tattoo is a little demon 😉  I think my most demon feature is my eyes though, *glares into your soul*

PS: Did I mention that my Lip Stick is part of a pack on the market place, that is FREE? Your Welcome ❤

EBAH: http://donewivatwist.com/2014/03/29/ebah/

Top / Pants: :.Envious.: Rock Fever @ Envious Creations

Heels: >.H.C.< QUINN 1.1 @ HYPERION

Face Chain: .PANIK. Wrapped Cain V1 @ .PANIK.

Neckalce: {PixelGeek} Chained collar – Black Metal @ {PixelGeek}

Horns: .ARISE. Band Horns / Pack 2 @ .ARISE 

Ring: :: Miss LT Spikes four Rings @ Miss LT

-Face: Cute Poison – Anathema Piercings @ Cute Poison 
-Tummy ( +Tattoo): .:CoLL:. Machiavellian Tattoo & Body Piercing Set @ .:CoLLisions:.

Hand Tattoo: *PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Demon @ SL Fashion Week

Nails: DP – Koffin Nails – Slink Appliers – Fishnet Fetish @ Dark Passions

Lips: {Tilly} – .Black. Lipstick @ Market Place

Eyes: Bastet Eyes – Bloodstone Left @ X-SIGHT

Dark Forces

Hey all, Hope you all having a nice chilled sunday 😀 I been meaning to post this for a couple of days, I haven’t changed in SL for a like 3 days lol.. I have made two pictures so you can see everything clearer in the blog style one 😀

I must do some inventory control – its a huge mess!! and i have a busy week next week but i will try to be back soon, you will defo see me at some point lol

Dark Forces (More pics on blog)

Hair: Dream Scene Milk
Skin: Innocence Atomic @ The Skin Fair
Make up: Critters Eyeshadow Zebra Elephante Poses @  The Skin Fair
Earrings: Horn Earrings Black XIAJ @ L’accessoires
Headpiece: Heathen Head Piece Forever Young @ Suicide Dollz
Necklace: Laurette Necklace Pure Poison Group Gift
Bracelet: Leather Bracelets with Hud PMS @ Krave Urban Fair (1stApril)
Top: Pinch My Nips – Black Perch @ The Ho Depot
Pants: Leggings with Heels Black Insight @ SL Fashion Week


It’s Paddy not Patty; Let me Explain!

Lol so if your friends with me on Facebook or spoken to me today I have a real bee in my bonnet about this – as do 2 of my Irish friends i have spoken to today -They find it quite insulting!  I just don’t approve of changing the name of another countries hoildays – Like its Merry Christmas not Happy Hoilday’s! Iam on a mission to sort this shit out! lmao
Paddy is short for Patrick in Irish, Patty is Short Patrica! I have never heard of a St Patrica 😛

If you like to use the nickname for Patrick, the 5th century British missionary who bought Christianity to Ireland and (supposedly) booted out the snakes then it’s Paddy you need, a name itself that originates from the Irish Pádraig.
As Marcus Campbell, the one-man crusade behind the Paddy not Patty website and the Twitter feed of the same name, says “There isn’t a sinner in Ireland that would refer to a Patrick as “Patty”. It’s as simple as that.”
This from this short article  and explains it more so please check it out ❤

Anyways hope that has helped 😛

Here is some cute fashion ♥

It's Paddy not Patty; Let me Explain!

Hair: Shine Magika
Skin: Sora Pink Fuel
Top: Sasha Stripped Sweater Insight @ SLFW
Shorts: Shorties Forever young @ Bodify
Shoes: Buckled Pumps- Shamrock Reign
Elf: Boozy Death row Designs

O.o These shoes group gift from reign once she reaches 1k she is sending out a special fatpack gift so if you haven’t joined already please do

Genie in a bottle (Black Kite Sim)

Helloooooooooooooo! Hope you all having a good tuesday, lots of pictures today, i found this awesome sim, and i wanted to share a few snaps, there is so much more to it also this is really just a small peek into what the sim has to offfer, I really like this Sim! Its called Black Kite and defo worth a visit, you also get the fashion ofc! Big post picture wise today Enjoy ♥
I Finalllllly found my Virgo hair! What a chore sure it was broken before Thank you squishy! ♥
Genie in a bottle (Black Kite Sim)

Genie in a bottle (Black Kite Sim)

Hair:  Virgo Analog DogThe Arcade Gacha
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel 
Make up:  DarkHorse Purple Mons @ The DressingRoom Fusion
BodySuit:  Lace Bodysuit Blue Insight @ SL Fashion Week
Tattoo:  Heart Slink Feet PMS

Location: BLACK KITE

Black Kite Sim

Black Kite Sim

Black Kite Sim

Black Kite Sim

Broken Heels – Tragedy (One Word Event)

Hey all, I hope you all feel better than i do, I went out drinking at the weekend and lets just say it was a mad one.. I got home at 7am.. and I dont even drink hardly anymore (this is why)  so you can imagine my recovery is taking some time..haha

I know this early and the event doesn’t start till 1st march but i’m so excited for it, One word is a brand new bi monthly, each round a new word will be chosen and voted for by the public (you guys), and that will be the theme..  This first round the word is tragedy.. More info on the One Word blog

Sysy’s has come up with these lovely heels for slink high feet, They come with a broken version and a normal version, also in a variety of different colors, Broken heels on a night out is an 100% tragedy!!

Broken Heels - Tragedy (One Word Event)

Hair: Hair 45 Eaters coma
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel Futurewave
Dress: Tube Dress #3 Emporium  @ SL Fashion Week 
Shoes: Samya Shoes (Broken) SySy’s @ One Word (Coming Soon)

Play with me !

Hey all, Hope you all enjoying the weekend! Iam off out with my RL sister in a bit, but wanted to do this post before i come home filled with beer and cant operate anything lol.. Did you all read the post Saxx reblogged before this one, I recommend it if you are a blogger! Said all those things we all think!
Lots of New in the post – Check the creds Mwah, must dash gotta make myself look human 😛

Play with me

Hair: Hair 39 Eaters coma
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel Futurewave
Tattoo: Gift Tattoo Body Factory
Top: Scoop Neck Tee Forever Young  @ Suicide Dolls
Shorts: Enma Short Insight  @ SL Fashion Week 
Socks: Knee Socks Forever Young Bodify
Boots: Lace Sneakers Black Mag<3.B

Location: Crack Den

Somewhere in my dreams…

Hey all.. Bit of different kinda picture today, i like to express my moods sometimes though art i guess, I know am not one to talk alot of personal stuff on here or in general really, i tend to keep my emotions to myself words wise, but recently i have a certain issue in my life and i guess last night it took its toll on me, and i proper cried lol.. let it all out..  but i feel better now, and you know a good cry can bring some clarity sometimes, so i got it out my system, and i’m ready to carry on.. No whining from me! Just time to regroup and carry on!  Enjoy the picture it has more personal meaning i guess.. but i have cute clothes too! haha ♥

Somewhere in my dreams...

Hair: Road Magika
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel @ Futurewave
Earrings: Feather 2 Gacha Tabou Irresistible
Tattoo 1: Dreamcatcher SLink hand Taox
Tattoo 2: Heart Slinks Feet PMS  @ Thrift Shop
Top: Sweet-Top Lace Michigan A&C @ Fi*Friday
Pants: Bell Bottom Jeans Insight @ SL Fashion week
Companions: The Fate Companions Wimey @ The Genre

Location: Annwn Willows 

Drunk in Love

Hey all, I was gonna post this tomorrow, but not much going on with anything else so i thought i might as well do it now.. love to keep busy me.. not a long waffle today lol.. enjoy the rest of your Tuesday ❤

Drunk in Love

Hair: Quiet Afterthought Exile
Top: Yonce’ Sweater Drunk in Love Iretro @ SLFW
Pants: Stoner Denim (Light) HighRize @ Fi*friday
Shoes:Paramour boots lassitude & ennui

Oh Mickey you so fine // Free Sweater.

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a good Crimbo and New year! I know i said i would be back on the 2nd, well i kinda am cause its midnight here so it’s the 2nd for me.. lol.. I’m excited to be back to blogging, I enjoyed the break but i ready to be back now.. I made a few changes but they are personal so you prob won’t even notice.. haha.. but hopefully you will see the benefits in my blogging.. we got a few new things coming up for the blog aswell.. but i’m gonna let Saxx tell you more when she gets on!

Lots of cuteness today, These shorts are at SL fashion week, but today is the last day this week so make sure you get your butts there.. my little friend on my shoulder is going to be at oh my gacha his rare there is tons to collect!!

All Deets are below as always! Roll on 2014! 😀

Oh Mickey you so fine // Free Sweater

Hair: Fernanda Truth (Subcribe Gift)
Skin: Harley – Peach Pink Fuel 
Make up: Pink Acid

Sweater: Mickey Mouse Sweater Azalea (FREE)
Shorts: Sassy Pants Forever young @ SL Fashion Week
Socks: Comfy Tweed Stocking – Snow Icky  Bodify
Shoes: Corporals Black LowRiders Flite

Earrings: Mouse Dollar Hoop- Silver [F]oil
Shoulder Pet: Cuddly Octopi Geeky Dude Red (Rare) Forever Young @ Oh my Gacha

Home at last!


This post is inspired my whats on my mind, Christmas shopping! haha.. I need to get started srsly.. only 3 weeks to go, Trying to organize what to get people and having some nice food in the house on a small amount of money is stressful but will be done! 😀 Since it turned December i have got really into the Christmas spirit, lol.. might as well make the most of things i say!

This coat is awesomeness from insight there is lots of colour variety’s so make sure you check it..

all deets for everything are below..

If your going out into the cold to do some xmas shopping wrap up warm 😀


Hair: Fernanda Truth Group gift
Alli 3 Yumyums
Make up 1:
Roxanne Eyeliner & Diva Top Lashes Pink Acid
Make up 2:
Red Hot Lipstain Mock
Snowman Mesh Earrings Pure Poison
“Warmth” Scarf Hud 2 Gang/Cold @ Winter Trend
Star Ring Pure Poison @ The Arcade Gacha
Snow Cutie Handbag Pure Poison
 Winter Coat Red Insight @ SL Fashion Week
Snowy Socks Dark – Blacks Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show (5th)
 Winter Wedge Boots -Cream/Grey/Black hud League