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For the first time!

Hey all, Ordering my new computer on monday!!! lol excitement!!! I can explore anywhere in SL can’t wait lol.. Studio pics are awesome, dont get me wrong but i do prefer to explore and take inworld pictures.. and put something together lol

~The pose fair is starting on the 19th April and this is just one of the many awesome poses i get to show you from Elephante poses! Hopefully i will get my new computer in time to do a cool pic with one of them cause it is awesome!!

All deets below, wont be around this weekend, be away for most of it. but i will try squeeze another post today and maybe sunday night, if i’m not too tired/hungover rofl ♥

For the first time

Hair: Shimmer Magika
Necklace: Tropicalia MiWardrobe
Hand Tattoo: Dreamcatcher Slink Taox
Foot Tattoo: Heart Slinks PMS
Glasses: Sunglasses-Jelly beans (coffee float) Soothe
Dress: Thinking of you White Sassy @ Bodify
Shoes: Two toned strapped heels Reign (The Saturday sale)
Pose: For the first time 3 Elephante Poses @ The pose fair 

My Escape

Hey all! Late night posting again!! The bf stole my computer all morning, so i had to wait! The things you do for love eh?! lol
You know like everyone has one of those sims they like to go to that just makes them feel at peace? no? haha well i have one.. I will have to do a proper blog on it soon.. but this is it in the picture.. I will promise i will show it off more soon! A wee bit of fashion for you too, I must try to get to sleep now, (bet i’m still awake at 3am lol) I have my art class tomorrow last one 😦 minus our exhibition and trip thingy lol anyway waffling on.. enjoy ♥

My Escape

Hair:  Rain or Shine Wild Fusion ExileThe Arcade Gacha
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel 
Top: Latex bandeau set – white Sassy @ Whore Couture
Pants:  Smexy High Waist Pants Snow Le FormeWhore Couture

Location: Annwn Willows

Dark Horse

Hey all

I managed to get into the Project limited last night, lucky on my last try i was about to give up.. lol.. I got a couple of things.. but had to blind buy rofl as it never rezzed to me, today i just have the gloves on i got they are so cute, there is versions with cross and other little pictures at the top of them, these are the plain ones!

Bodify is also open for it new round, the top from pretty liar and cute little boobie add on from Geek! ..

All deets are below ❤

Dark Horse

Hair: Female Trouble Clawtooth @ C88
Skin: Harley Pink Fuel
Make up: Pink Acid

Top: Peek-A-Halter Black Pretty Liar @ Bodify
Pants: Leather Leggings White Sassy @ The Azz show
Gloves: Symbolic Fingerless Gloves Plain Utopiah @ Project limited
Shoes: Corporals Black LowRiders FLite

Necklace: Chained Link Necklace Black Glam AffairC88
Boobie add on: DigiGeek Stash Girly BV GeekBodify
Tattoo 1: Small Cross Corvus
Tattoo 2: Hipz Lipz Stickyz @ Suicide Dollz

Killer Curves 3 Demise of Flight

Virtual Decay

Army Brats!

Happy Sunday!

So today i give you two looks, there seems to be a lot of army stuff about idk why maybe something went over my head as to why lmao.. but all the same I went with it and  its cutenesssss.. all the deets are below, short and sweet! 😀 ❤


Look 1:
Hair: Temptation Little Bones
Skin: alli 4 Yumyums
Make up: Pink Acid
Facepaint: War paint Modish
Necklace: Shootemup Necklace- Black/Gold [F]oil @ Fi*friday
Googles: Cracked R3volt
Bodysuit: Army Brat – Green StickyZ @ Bodify
Shorts: Dyana Short Brown Insight
Socks: Toeless Socks Brown Forever young
Boots: my boots military Candy bombFi*friday
Pose: Pose 1 Set 1 {Curve.it}

Look 2:
Hair: Hair 39 Eaters Coma
Mask: Neo Rage Mouth Mask Brown/ Camo Epic
Necklace 1: Dogtags Gauged
Necklace 2: Kawaii Clock Necklaces Green Luas Urban Style 
Dress with Guns: Military dress – camo Sassy @ Bewbapalooza
Shoes: Sugar Strap Sneakers (Black) Poptart
Pose: Pose 2 Set 1 {Curve.it}

Location: The Rat Pit

If nothing ever changed, There would be no Butterfies!

Happy hump day all! Again I’m freezing but that’s nothing new haha.. this why i hate the winter, it shouldn’t cost so much to keep warm at least in the summer being warm is free!

anyhooo.. i got a few bits from the new round of She & Him today, plus a new hair from Rumina enjoy! ♥


Hair: Donna Blonde Hud Rumina
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Tattoo: Angel 3 Zentro @ She & Him
Nails: Purple Fusion Scrub
Dress: DayDream Maxi dress with Hud SassyShe & Him
Shoes: Los Angeles EssenzShe & Him

From the dark into the light

Hello all..

Today i have 2 different looks for you not something i do often but i feel they went together.. a light and fluffy look, and a darker spooky halloween look :D.

Hope your Sunday is nice and chilled.. like sundays should be !

Enjoy Skyla x



Hair: Anita reds Truth
Skin: Creepy Doll Yumyums @ Horrorfest
Cuff: Wired Web Cuff Gacha Bones RARE Yumyums @ Horrorfest
Headband: Batty headband (redrum) Forever Young @ Perfect Wardrobe
Outfit: Lucy Top & Panty Insight @ Dope Urban Fashion Week (gift)
Plushie: Squishy Bat 01 Gacha  Forever Young
Pose: Keira Purple Poses



Hair: Vida Light Blondes Truth
Skin: Ali 4 Yumyums
Tattoo: Leo Candy NeeChee
Outfit: Skimpy Fishnet set – fuschia – Sassy @ Bewbstock
Boots: Sugar Strap Sneakers (color Bats) Poptart
Plushies: Squishy Bat (holding RARE) gacha Forever Young
Pose: Lisanna Purple Poses

Apocalyptic Alien

Hello all

I was around yesterday, busy day in rl .. appointments etc.. then i had to DJ so time just ran away with me, but i did put this together yesterday.. only got to post it today though..

I don’t always get the time to put the effort and creativity into every picture esp if SL is playing me up but i really wanted too with this one esp.. as it’s not every day you get given candy corn skins to blog.. I’m happy with how this came out.. hope you like it 😀


Skin: Ali (Candy Corn) Yumyums @ Acid Lily
Tattoo 1: Let’s go Hiatus
Tattoo 2: Inspirtation Hiatus @ Fi*friday
Bruises: Body Bruises Corvus
Goggles: Sandstorm – WarTorn Remarkable Oblivion
Belt: Bullet F****** Belt Remarkable Oblivion
Bracelets:  Polished Cuff Bracelet Black Sassy
Dress: Livvy Dress Black Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show
Boots: Strap Boots! Mesh Black Cheeky
Bear: War-Ready I-lo {Candy Corn} Yumyums @ Acid Lily

Pose: Prissy 6 Curvy Pose+ivity
Location: The Wastelands, The Junkyard.

Candy Fair!!! :D

Ooooo excited, so iam so lucky to be a blogger for the candy fair, and i went there this morning and iam sure this will be the first post of a few and hopefully SL will stop kicking me in the butt like it did this afternoon lol 😀
The sim looks AMAZING! Remember its not open till the 4th!!!
First i got some cute bits to show you
Then the most awesome kitchen, I love it.. I just need a proper house to put it in
So enjoy and get excited cause the fair really does look amazingggg!!


Skin: Alli Skin – Cotton Candy Yumyums @ The Candy Fair (4th Oct)
Nails: Jelly Bean Nails Slink Applier Starry HeavenThe Candy Fair 
Necklace: Cotton candy Necklace Pink Mango Cheeks @The Candy Fair 
Rings: sweeties rings, Chocolat & Cherry AxixThe Candy Fair 
Bracelet: Conversation Trinket Silver Me+You Tea.sThe Candy Fair 
Hat: Mad cupcake hat Devious Chesire RARE Yumyums  @ The Candy Fair 
Dress: Candy dress – strawberry SassyThe Candy Fair 
Pose: Candy Fluff 3 Candyfloss included Hopscotch @ The Candy Fair 


Kitchen: Candy kitchen Kuro The Candy Fair 

Pride and Prejudice


I’m trying to  have a efficient weekend so hopefully you will see alot of me 😛
I got to FINALLY get out my studio as SL behaved today..  when i’m busy it is easier and less time consuming to take pictures in my studio but i LOVE exploring SL and taking pictures but the lag has been killing me lately .. and making it take too long.. and now flickr is being a pest .. oh my dayzzzz! lol

anyway enjoy my lovelies ❤


Hair: Deanne Naturals hud Tameless
Skin: Emily [3] Yumyums
Make up: Juniper Lip Gloss Rose Pink – Pink Acid
Make up: Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes – Pink Acid @ She & Him
Necklace: Tisuki Necklace Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Earrings: Pearl Earring Set R+a
Shoes: AppleLeigh Nude Lindy
Bag: Book Purse (Pride and Prejudice) POSH
Dress: Nicole dress – ivory Sassy @ Stalkerazzi
Pose: Tata Curvy 5 pose+ivity



Hair:  Counting Stars  Natural Fusion Hud Exile
Skin: Emily [3]  Yumyums
Bowtie: Spiked bow choker with texture change hud – Bella’s Boutique
Headband: Spiked bow headband with texture change hud – Bella’s Boutique
Tattoo: Leopard Spots Tattoo Pekka
Underwear: Simply Me set – leopard – Sassy @ Bewbapalooza
Shoes: Sassy Studded Heel [V1] with hud R3volt

Pose: Super Sit II – female model poses (Sit female 7) Saal @ She & Him