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Kiss me!

I’m on a roll at the moment, Hope your not to sick of my face yet, i’m just enjoying putting things together and sharing it… I use to care so much how many likes faves views i got, i knew that it didnt really matter as long as i enjoyed it cause its a popularity contest and who u know alot of the time and i keep myself to myself but anyway it would still eat away at me idk why cause It’s not fair maybe… who knows .. i don’t lol… now its like something clicked and i really dont give two F*cks if i’m the best or if anyone likes what i do or not, or if i look crap or one picture isnt as good as another,  i enjoy doing it so people say i look noob or shit I DONT CARE..  I have such a wide range of styles to suit all aspects of my personality that what one person dislikes another may like and vice versa… I’m a diverse person so my style changes alot, and sometimes extremely, one day i will be all azz and tits with it all out and the next skinny and well dressed etc… one day i will take simple blog pictures, the next a may take a “proper” picture, anyhoo.. that’s me i guess take it or leave it… haha i do it cause i wanna no other reason, I don’t have many sponsors at the moment, just a few, that i have always been with but i think i will keep it like that i like to wear what i want too rather than what i’m told too.. but thats just me.. ♥ We will see 😛

I have posted all the pictures i had sitting in my folder so i might slow down now but i will be back soon ♥

Kiss me!

Hair: Dara Red 1 Pr!tty @ The Chapter Four
Skin: Rose – Desert Rose Glam Affair
Outfit: Bow Lingerie / Pink BabyDoll @ Fi*Fridays (55L)
Tattoo: Beautiful Death Sleeves Tattoo PMS – Pimp my Shit @ The Thrift Shop
Shoes:  Athena Heels Slink Black  Le Forme

Pose: Pose Lola Model Poses Quintessencia
Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate

Sugar Sugar!!

Last one for tonight …. lol ♥ Happy Weekend

Bedtime ♥ Time with Hubby ♥ G’night all!

Sugar Sugar!!

Hair: Hollis 1 Ombre Elua @ The Chapter Four
Headband: imeow Handband Aqua Pr!tty
Skin: Rose – Desert Rose Glam Affair
Eyes: Hope Ghost Eyes Aqua Song
Dress: Betsy Aqua Insight @  Fi*Fridays
Tattoo Body:  Sugar Skull Body Tattoo PMS – Pimp my Shit @ The Thrift Shop (Opens Today (Friday 6th) @ 12pmSLT)
Tattoo Hands & Feet: Henna #4 Slink Tattoos PMS – Pimp my Shit @ The Thrift Shop
Shoes: Maggie Heels Nude Fri.

Pose: Pose Lola Model Poses Quintessencia
Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate


I have the worstttt headach, so excuse me for not having much to say.. I woke up with it.. i never wake up with a headache unless i have beening drinking and i have not touched a drop.. so i dunno its wierd… lol

Anyway ❤ Enjoy!


Hair: Ineke Mina Hair
Make up: Indigo’s Plummage (makeover) Mock
Freckles: Hiatus
Teeth: Whatever
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement-F-Tnails Basic Energie
Top: simply sweater 1 Offbeat @ SL fashion week (ends today)
Shorts: High Waist Buttoned Shorts grey Phatt azz Insight
Shoes: Decaz shoes with hud 2real

Pose: Pose Lola Quintessencia @ The Cosmopolitan sale room

Pink Mickey

Hey all…

I seen a lot of conversation going on at the moment both on facebook and in my inworld bloggers group about if people should write and do more than just post pictures and credits on their fashion blogs.. my personal opinion is each to their own.. and some will write lots other none, some will do more than just fashion.. its all just personal preference .. i personally do a mixture.. what do you think?

Anyway for now enjoy the fashion pictures and credits 🙂


Hair: Kat Candy Ploom
Skin: Emily [3] N/a (:sugar: closed new skins soon at yumyums)
Make up: Juniper lips Rice paper Pink Acid
Nails: Nail 21 Quintessencia @ Cosmopolitan sales room
Earrings: Leopard Rave Earring BaublesCosmopolitan sales room
Tattoos: Pretty please (Phatt azz)yumyums
Top: Mickey pink Top – Mouse @ Cosmopolitan sales room
Panties: LoveLace Panty Blue (Phatt azz) Milk
Shoes: Pinky 9ty @Cosmopolitan sales room

We are all mad here!


Hope you are all well, I have a few bits for you today 😀
I love this tattoo, I actucally have decieded for my next tattoo in RL, I want something with we are all mad here written.. just need to think about it and get funds!
Also i Love these pants from Cynful and lil’lace that will be avaible at the dressing room fusion tomorrow, 3 different styles to choose from!
I know i have taken a lot of my pictures in my studio lately but SL has been so laggy, that to go anywhere other than home it has a fit.. when i DJ i literally can’t move then as soon as i@m done i black screen lol .. so takes proper pictures on sims lags me and ends up taking nearly the whole day what with the actual blogging part and posting on fb etc, when iam busyyy its not good..
I don’t think i will be blogging tomorrow.. I DJ 4 hours straight @ Corrupt Strip Club 8am-10am and then Jokers playhouse 10am-12pm..( I will be there tonight also 2-4pm) both places have events all though out the day, Corrupt has cool contests also & jokers has some awesome sponsored events!! so if u want some places to party there you go covers most people right either naked dancers or not depends on your personal preferences.. bit of free promo i know but hey ho.. my blog my rules lol 😛

Look at me writing so much lol that’s usually Saxx’s Job! 😛
anyway i will stop waffling enjoy your day!


Hair: Visit hud 3Magika
Skin: Emily [3]Yumyums (more tones in store)
Make up:  Juniper Lip Gloss Rose Pink Pink Acid
Make up: Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes Pink Acid @ She & Him
Tattoo: Alice TattooZentroShe & Him
Earrings and Braclets:  Studded Diamonds Set – Baubles Cosmopolitan Sale Room
Nails:  Nail 09 QuintessenciaCosmopolitan Sale Room
Top: 062 Tie Side Crop Tank – Black DolleShe & Him
Pants: Bell Bottom Striped Cynful & Lil’Lace @ The Dressing Room Fusion (13th sept)

Poses: Purple Poses