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Epiphanies and Whore Couture

Hello all! Today’s post will be a bit longer than usual but that’s ok cause from now on I will say as much as I want and if our lovely fans don’t like it then don’t read it 🙂


Yesterday I had a huge epiphany about our blog because of something Skyla had brought up. It was the vision we had in the beginning which was to make our blog different than your typical fashion blog. After we had reached our goals and have come a long way with our pictures, I think Skyla and I started off on the right track and ended up at crossroads several times. I think once we started becoming bits and pieces like everyone else in the blogging world, that is when we started becoming more popular….which isn’t good in my opinion. We started adding sponsors, events, and blogging on what we felt would satisfy others rather than ourselves. We became burnt out, we lost a lot of our creativity, and just did what others would have expected to see. In the end Skyla and I took a two week break at Christmas, and it wasn’t because of the holiday break, we had all this inventory to sort out and decide whether or not we would keep it.  Some people do not realize it is hard work to be a blogger and that yes most of us are not out to do it for free stuff. I know Skyla and I both spend tons of lindens at events to add along with the stuff  we DO get for free. I just feel that those of you who just throw clothes, hair, and whatever you take pics of to treat it with respect. Treat it with respect you ask? YES! After all you didn’t have to pay for it so make it look nice, take the time to learn Firestorm, the Secondlife Viewer,Singularity, or whatever viewer you use with it’s windlights and graphics settings, learn to use ribbet,pixlr,gimp,paintshop, photoshop, something damnit! Our avatars have kinks that need to be fixed like legs, wrists, shadows, and etc. Skyla and I had no experience in these programs and we taught ourselves and each other. In any case, the main point is that I am going to go back to what I initially wanted to do with this blog, which was to blog on more than fashion.

Now onto the fashion part of this blog lol, The Whore Couture Fair 3 is coming soon for those of us who like to dress really sexy and kinda slutty (we all have inner sluts in us no matter how much you try to deny it). These are several pieces from Delirium Style that you may enjoy. They are non mesh products for us applier wearing people. The event starts March 1st-31st.

I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your day, and remember to never get trapped into someone else’s plan for trying to fit in.

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Gretchen-Truth

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series 5-MONS

Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Harley Lipstick for Peach Skin in Romantic Red-Pink Fuel

Jewelry: Ebru Earrings in Black-Bens Beauty

LOVE Necklace in Black-Diamante(huge sale going on)

Hip Accents Piercings-Cute Poison

Clothing: Sera Top in Red


Simone Shorts in Black-Delirium Style @ The Whore Couture Fair(coming soon)

Shoes: Cassidy Heel/wood (black) was part of the 21 Shoe event for Cashmere & Keane  and are no longer available sowry :/(I checked the mainstore)

Feet: Female Feet in Mid-Slink

Phat Azz

Pose: Chanel pose # 6(Chanel pose pack)-Pose+ivity @ Fi Friday


Hello all! I would like to thank all of our guest bloggers and Ema for posting with us while they could. As of now and until we decide to change our minds in the future, we will not be taking on anymore guest bloggers or permanent bloggers. If you feel like being on the team in the future, please feel free to contact myself or Skyla. Our contact info is in our policy tabs 🙂

Sunset Gold

Today I received a full makeup set from MUA called Desert. For some reason I love bold colored makeup and makeup I can mix and match with. This set is definitely bold with a yellowish gold hue on the lips and a yellow lid. I added in an eyeliner and of course my falsies lashes. I am for sure a makeup addict. Make sure to check out MUA for other cosmetics 😀

The rest of the details are below, and since I am feeling a bit better, I will be enjoying my evening taking a few shots and having a movie night with my twin and our boys. Enjoy your Friday!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Never-Magika

Eyes: Horizon Eyes in Hazel-Ikon

Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series 5-MONS

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Desert (Full set)- your Make Up Addiction

Dress: Hathaway in Dusk-ColdLogic

Feet: Female Feet in Mid-Slink

Poses: Chanel-Pose+ivity @ Fi Friday

Mad Cuteness

Cupcake collage

Hai everyone!! Today I am going to be showing off some cuteness long overdue from Delirium Style (due to the holidays), and a few new things from Fameshed. DS released some cute hoodies, unisex jeans, and a super cute dress. Also, DS and Latreia collaborated to make some awesome sneakers with different patterns, colors, and styles. Make sure you stop by Delirium for all of the super cute stuffage. If you are looking for a job as a model and want some awesome clothing, they are always looking for dedicated people to model and show off their bomb ass clothing and accessories. Make sure to talk to a manager about it!

So I decided to go to Fameshed, and I found a few things that caught my eyes..literally lol. I had to get some awesome eyes from Ikon. They have the mesh and regular eyes within the pack with a well detailed hud. Finally the hair is from Wasabi Pills that is found at this round of Fameshed. It is cute and comes with a bow on the side which you probably can’t see well in the pics(sowry). It comes with a color/pattern changing hud.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!!

❤ Saxxy

Adorkable collage

Saxxy is Wearing: 

Hair: Daisy in Onyx(Type B)-D!va(first collage)

Emily Mesh Hair-Wasabi Pills for Fameshed

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Blush(first collage) and Chocolate-Ikon for Fameshed

Makeup: Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss and Teeth in Pink(first collage)-Pink Acid

Pinkerbell for the Candied Collection-Hush Skins

Accessories: Cupcake on a Stick-The Black Forest

Cupcake Mouthy-It’s Cake-Currently Closed

Mustache-Pose+ivity for OMG(OhMyGacha)

Nails: Butterfly Set(must have Slink Hands)-Mon Cheri

Tattoo:  :: Stars II :: Face tattoo FC12002-Letis Tattoos

Clothing: Olivia Hoodie 04

 Alex Unisex Jeans w.HUD

Heydra Dress 01-Delirium Style

Toeless Stockings in White-Sugar and Cyanide(no longer open)

Shoes: Idol Kawaii-Delirium Style & Latreia Footwear

Leather Platform T-Bar Pumps in Black-Belgravia

Feeling Cosy!

Good Morning all! Nice and Early today well early for some of you, its 1pm for me!

I have a few bits to show you today from a varity of places!

I love these boots they are limited edition, so make sure u get there ASAP as there is not many left!  ❤

Enjoy Skyla x


Hair: Anita Reds Truth
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Tattoo: Aloha Reckless @ TRFF
Head band: Rockabilly Bandana Headband Hud Zombie Suicide TRFF
Bandaid: Rockabilly bandaids Gacha Ace of spades Kmadd TRFF
Necklace: Nautical Necklaces White Cute Poison TRFF
Purse: Soulkeeper Clutch Flite (Halloween Hunt)
Top: Ivana Long Shirt Grey Insight @ Fi*friday
Pant: Rebel Collection Skinny Light Grey (Phat azz) Modanna TRFF
Shoes: Navigator Low Rider Black Flite (limited Edition)

Pose: Dita 1 Pose+ivity  TRFF

Cherry pie!

Hello all, Hope your all starting your weekend well!

Some more bits from Rockabilly, and this dress is for the boobies show so of course comes with appliers, I just dont have my boobage on today!

Love these legs tattoos, i might sneak them in again some time lol.. i would totally get some of those tats in RL!  Come with phat azz appliers, again, I just dont have mine on today! hehe

❤ Skyla


Hair: Criminal Natural Fusion Exile (New)
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums 
Tattoo 1: Rock Star Tabou Irresistible The Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Tattoo 2: Hell on Heels Reckless @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Earrings: Cherry earings Zombie Suicide @The Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Rings:  Rock-a-Knucks Geek @The Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Dress: Sexy Back Dress – Jeans Black Cynful @ The Boobies Show
Shoes: Billie Wedges Forever young @The Rockabilly Fashion Fair

Pose: Dita 3 Pose+ivity @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair


The world is full of monsters with friendly faces

Hello all, Hope your having a good thursday, and a warmer one than me.. iam so cold.. no heating either till i get paid tomorrow.. haha.. its ok i got layers on.. i just need some gloves cause my hands are like ice!

A few bits for you today so enjoy and ♥


Hair: Harley Reds Truth
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Make up 1: Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup Pink Acid
Make up 2: L’eau Lip Gloss (Russian Red) Mock
Tattoo: Monsters Tattoo Corvus
Crown: Pumpkin Crowns Rotten Defiance Group Gift (6 versions of 7 Crowns!)
Bodysuit: Edna Hybrid “Da Brain” silver Gang/Cold @ Perfect Wardrobe
Shoes: Bad Girl going Couture Black Hollyhood

Pose: Heidi 3 Pose+ivity
Location: Cantana

Apocalyptic Alien

Hello all

I was around yesterday, busy day in rl .. appointments etc.. then i had to DJ so time just ran away with me, but i did put this together yesterday.. only got to post it today though..

I don’t always get the time to put the effort and creativity into every picture esp if SL is playing me up but i really wanted too with this one esp.. as it’s not every day you get given candy corn skins to blog.. I’m happy with how this came out.. hope you like it 😀


Skin: Ali (Candy Corn) Yumyums @ Acid Lily
Tattoo 1: Let’s go Hiatus
Tattoo 2: Inspirtation Hiatus @ Fi*friday
Bruises: Body Bruises Corvus
Goggles: Sandstorm – WarTorn Remarkable Oblivion
Belt: Bullet F****** Belt Remarkable Oblivion
Bracelets:  Polished Cuff Bracelet Black Sassy
Dress: Livvy Dress Black Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show
Boots: Strap Boots! Mesh Black Cheeky
Bear: War-Ready I-lo {Candy Corn} Yumyums @ Acid Lily

Pose: Prissy 6 Curvy Pose+ivity
Location: The Wastelands, The Junkyard.

The Inner Geeky Brit :D

Hello all .. I keep blogging late at night lately.. I keep playing wow in the afternoons haha shush dont tell .. i just got it back after a couple of months so its new and shiny right now.. plus the boyfriend is a wow nerd.. his brought out my inner nerd more and more since we been together – We watched the Hobbit the other night OMFG my new fave film I can’t wait for the second one.. I haven’t see the lord of the rings yet though i tried before but couldn’t get into it  also tried to read the Hobbit book.. this was all years ago… but now iam loving the hobbit and more into geeky things as i get older I can’t wait to try watch them again..

Lol wow, books and geeky films is my inner geekiness i guess I truly believe we all have lots of different sides to us.. I love using SL to express that.. 😀

I talked alot for ME today..

Enjoy skyla xx


Hair: Jackie Ombre Reds Hud – Rumina (New)
Skin: Ali 3 – Yumyums
Necklace: Stephana  – Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Bag: Purse Typewriter Sand Miwardrobe @ Candy fair (Ending soon)
Books: Bookset 3 Textures and 2 Hold Options DMC
Top: Funky 2 Shirt 6 Ninia
Pants: Jessie Corduroys w/ Color HUD Forever Young

Pose: Tata 5  Pose+ivity

Come ‘n’ Getcha Some Candy!

More Candy Love it 😀
The Candy Fair is open NOW 😀


Hair: Vida light blondes Truth
Bow: Headbow Gacha Magenta Pekka  @ The Candy Fair
Skin: Mia Pure Bubblegum Birdy @ The Candy Fair
Lips: Candy lippy 10 Birdy @ The Candy Fair
Necklace: Cotton candy necklace Razzberry @ The Candy Fair
Watch: Watch Rare A Amitomo
Nails: Cutie nails with hud Room of AMO 
Top: Eye Candy Shirt Black & Pink Rotten Defiance  @ The Candy Fair
Dress: Candy Dress W/ Lolas – Pink VisionThe Candy Fair
Stocking: Candy lines Pink Kawaii The Candy Fair
Shoes: Decaz Shoes with hud 2real

Pose: Candee 6 & lollypop with bow pose+ivityThe Candy Fair

Pride and Prejudice


I’m trying to  have a efficient weekend so hopefully you will see alot of me 😛
I got to FINALLY get out my studio as SL behaved today..  when i’m busy it is easier and less time consuming to take pictures in my studio but i LOVE exploring SL and taking pictures but the lag has been killing me lately .. and making it take too long.. and now flickr is being a pest .. oh my dayzzzz! lol

anyway enjoy my lovelies ❤


Hair: Deanne Naturals hud Tameless
Skin: Emily [3] Yumyums
Make up: Juniper Lip Gloss Rose Pink – Pink Acid
Make up: Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes – Pink Acid @ She & Him
Necklace: Tisuki Necklace Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Earrings: Pearl Earring Set R+a
Shoes: AppleLeigh Nude Lindy
Bag: Book Purse (Pride and Prejudice) POSH
Dress: Nicole dress – ivory Sassy @ Stalkerazzi
Pose: Tata Curvy 5 pose+ivity