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Warm up with Hot Choc!

Yay back again, Just a quick sunday postie, I love this poncho makes me feel so cozy!

All deets below bbs x Sky

Warm up with Hot Choc!

Hair: Snow Bunny 9 Clawtooth @ The Arcade
Top:  Poncho V1 – Solids PMS – Pimp my Shit
Pant: Chic Pants Black (come with grey pair also) Kitja @ The Chapter Four
Shoe:  A-Solo Snow Boots Cheetah Flite @ The Arcade

Pose: Asuka Kirin
Location: Done Wiv a Twist Estate

*Missing something?! Check our everyday wear tab for all other details!

The Sinners

Hello all, We have two special pictures today, Saxx and i both took one each, after enjoying our candy fair photo shoot together with Ema we decieded to do another halloween themed one, we all took a picture which i personally love to see everyone’s different take on the same scene, the out come of mine and Saxxy’s are below, Ema’s Pic and Details here 😀
The Dresses are free and you get every version fyi 😀

Sending lots of get well soon thoughts to the Gman aka Turtle ❤


The Sinners

Saxxy’s Look:

Skin: Joy (The Dressing Room Special Skin) in Peach-Pink Acid@TDR

Shape: My Own

Hair: Kat Mesh Hair in Black Coffee-Wasabi Pills@The Seasons Story

Eyes: Anniversary Eyes in Pumpkin(Gift)-Umeboshi@The Seasons Story

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Makeup-Pink Acid

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Lipcolor in Sweet Nectar-Hush 

Accessories: Naughty Neck Line “Pumpkin” Rare-KOtic@Urban United Halloween Event

Happy Halloween Headband(gift)-Zenith@The Seasons Story

Hex Dermal/Piercing in Pentagram Black RARE-Hollyweird@Urban United Halloween Event

Dress: Puffy Dress in Black/Emerald(Free)-Tee*fy@HavenHallow

Shoes: Leather Platform T-Bar Pumps in Black-Belgravia


The Sinners - Happy Halloween

Skyla’s look:

Hair: Suffragette Little Bones
Skin: Sky II America Glam Affair (Sept Arcade)
Eye Make up:  Eyeshadow Glamorous Black Mons
Lips Make up: Exotic Ethnic Lips Orange Pink Acid
Headband: Batty Head Bands (Hallows Eve) Gacha Forever Young
Necklace:  Bat Wings Necklace Pure Poison
Ring 1: Glitter Bat Ring PopTart
Ring 2: Steampunk / Punk ring PMS – Pimp my shit
Dress: Puffy Dress in Pumpkin(Free) Tee*fy HavenHallow
Shoes: Sadistic Heels (cross)  Forever Young

Witch:  Witch Statue Orange Rare Unborn Soul@ Halloween Blackout
Devil: Walking Halloween Kids (hoodman) DLab

Swamp Fairy! Tinkerbell’s Demise:

Morning all you lovely people! Haha I’m all cheery today, dunno why, same sh*t different day rofl, have to make the most of what u have got i guess, There is so many events coming up to go too and that i personally want to have a look, i feel like i dk where to start, i have got a lot fussier in buying products in the last couple of years, purely cause i have so much stuff i tend to think do i reallllly need this, to be woren once and never looked at again haha.. you know ur the same, dont judge 😛 It has to really stand out to me personally, some things are too hard to resist though, but we so many events starting at this time of the month, i think it will have to be a case of being very fussy!! my poor wallet! hehe

Soo anyway today i introduce you to swamp fairy lmao, i made her up she is cute and scary all at the same time, i think she use to be a real fairy well its Tinkerbell then the swamp gremlins captured her and now she is swamp fairy lolllll I totally just made this up but it fits

I been on a waffle today, it does happen sometimes lol 😛


Hair: Kills no.1 – DipDye&Fades Little Bones @ Chapter Four (open)
Skin: Sky II America Glam Affair (Sept Arcade)
Face 1:  Burnt Face  PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout (opens today)
Face 2:  Stitched Lips PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Chest:  Slashed Chest PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Leg:  Leg wound PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Outfit: Tinkerbell’s death: Dress, Mask, Green wings  Mag<3.B @ Night of living cart sale 
Wings 2: Bat Wings Rare (full hud) PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout

Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate

Swamp Fairy! Tinkerbell's Demise:

Till death do us part

Hey all, I have been and conquered the thrift shop can i just say OMG lagggyyy, took me forever i crashed about 7 times rofl.. its such a shame these cool events are laied on but its kinda ruined by the lag for me anyway.. one day i will have my super duper computer and maybe lag a little less lol

Hope you like my look today.. i do rofl.. all deets below!

Till death do us part

Hair: Lazy Summer Days Exile
Horns: Candy Horns Licorice RARE Forever Young @ Thrift Shop
Necklace: Fallen Heart Free Gift Phoebe @ Feeb’s Rascals Sales Room
Tattoo: Till Death Do Us Part PMS (Pimp My Shit) Thrift Shop
Top: Juniper Sweatshirt Forever Young  Thrift Shop
Skirt: Ruffle Mini Skirt – Black Dolle @   Thrift Shop
Shoes: Alee Wedge- Black Reign Thrift Shop

Hotmess Event, Lots of giveaways @ The Jokers Playhouse

Hello all

Soooo today i’m going to tell you about all about the awesome Hotmess event happening @ The Joker’s Playhouse today, There is a ton of giveaways from this list of designers.. and gifties under the tree for you to pick up!
 sugar n cyanide
 barely legal couture
 Belle Poses
 PMS (pimp my shit)
Not only that there is a raffle, everyone who enters the club will be entered for a lifetime of  -|d.l.z|- how cool is that!
So things kick of at 10am with yours truly myself.. lol then carries on all day! .. The main theme being hot mess.. but at 4pm when DJ viper himself takes the stream it will be the winter prom theme.. ofc keeping with hotmess as well.. prom dresses and combat boots?! lol..

Hot Mess Event @ The Joker's Playhouse