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You must make a choice, to take a chance or your life will never change

Hi all…

Another post with lots from the new She & Him which opens today! My inventory is a mess and I need to tidy it so bad which why i thought i should include the Strawberry’s inventory meme.. I know when you see my items amounts, your gonna think its nothing compared to some.. but its about 2k over where i like to keep it and its driving me nuts.. I say it’s a Virgo thing to be like that.. but i know other Virgo’s who have a much bigger inventory that me.. 😛  I bet its some kind of organised though lol

so enjoy the fashion and my inventory meme 🙂


Hair: Sarah Wasabi Pills
Skin: Emily [2] :Sugar: / Yumyums 
Eyelashes:  Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes Pink Acid @ She & Him
Make up 1: 
[Ingrid Eyeshadows]-Ace BananoMintModish She & Him
Make up 2: 
Exotic Ethnic Lips Pink  Pink Acid  She & Him
Heart Earrings T.Whore Accessories @ Silcone
Verania Necklace Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Xoxo Ring – Royal Gacha Sugar & Cyanide @ Jokers Playhouse Club&Mall 
Breast Longtop – Fatale Mes Sucreries She & Him
aztec print leggings – pink LIME She & Him
Baby T’s – Plain – Dew Pixel Mode

Full length Pose: Jaycee 3 Pose+ivityShe & Him
Pose 2: Jaden 6 Purple Poses

  1. What is your current inventory number? – 32,756 ( i like to stay at 30k or lower if poss!!) lots of events at the moment so i got a box overload lol
  2. If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be? – I can’t deciede between notecards and snapshots after 5 years in SL some hold a lot of memories
  3. What is the last thing you purchased? – The Earrings in this post 🙂 ^^
  4. Which item do you wear most often? – My eyes, Gem Eyes Crash Republic
  5. When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up?  4! 2 different gestures and 2 of the same hoverbike (deletes one – My invent is now 32,755 lmao)

Doctor Who @ Hello Titty Slots!

Its open!!! Hello Titty slots is now offically open! woooot!
All Gachas are 50L or lower to play! You can swap and trade all items!
bigboobiebabes.com has allll the info you will need!
I grabbed my Squishy for this one cause it’s nice to see her face sometimes.. and see us together is getting rare – looks at Saxx lmao
We are showing you just 2 out of the 20 different doctor who dresses its possible to collect – with a possible 5 rares included!!!

I LOVE Doctor who.. lol. .Saxx doesn’t even know who Doctor who is I couldn’t comprehend that when she told me ..Iam british though we are brought up on it i guess?!  I gave her a quick doctor who run down before this picture.. lol


On Saxxy (Squishy)!

Necklace: Kiss (free gift) – Bens Beauty
Hair: 108 in Jet Black-Love Soul
Watch and Bracelet: Asia Gizza
Shoes: Ice/Roller SkatesN-Core
Dress: Gallifreyan Dress Doctor 1Patchwork HeartHello Titty Slots

On Skyla (Freckles)!

Hair: Mana CitrineD!va @ The Hair Fair
Make up: 
Naturally Lippy Lipstick &  Model 101 Eye Makeup – Pink Acid
Baby T’s – Plain – Black – Pixel Mode
Gallifreyan Tardis Dress RARE – Patchwork Heart @ Hello Titty 

Alice in Woodland


Hair: Sparkle And Fade Natural Fusion 2 Exile
Gloss Smackers – Wheat belleritiS  (Gift)
Watch Necklace heart Silver – Candy Crunchers
Hello Titty – Oh Alice :Sugar: (There is lots of different designs in the store to suit everyone, Thank you sooo much Iokko!! <3)
 Leging Beso – Mesh (Coffee) {ViSion} @ She & Him ( More colours @event)
Suede Boots – Sand  Pixel Mode
Lisanna Purple Poses She & Him 

Location: The Trace