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A Dead End

So today while roaming about the Image Essentials sim, I never noticed this little area with the street, the somewhat eerie playground, and torn down motel. I think you did a great job doing this area Kay, it gave me the creeps! It was perfect for this outfit though!

Dead End

Delirium Style just accepted me back as a blogger (YAY \o/) so I got started on their products right away! Delirium Style will be a part of the Rock your Rack event and here are a few of their products such as the crop top and pants. This event will run from September 1st-the 15th. It is definitely for a great cause in support for breast cancer. You may find more info here :


I hope you all enjoy your day!

❤ Saxxy

Hair: Suspiria White/Black Dip(gacha item in store)-Spellbound

Eyes: Prisma in Grey Eye-Song

Makeup: Black eyeliner series number 5 & Eyeshadow Basic Sparkles in Black-MONS

Glossy Pout Lipstick in Bright Red-Pink Fuel

Tattoo: Fei Tattoo-Umeboshi

Teeth: Piercings version of teeth-Whatever

Jewelry: Edge Rings for Casual Hands-Diamante

Tribe Safari Bracelet in Onyx-Ison

Clothing: Cropped Top FATPACK ULTRA RARE


Liv Pants w.HUD-Delirium Style@ Rock Your Rack(not opened until September 1st, refer to the website above for the LM)

Shoes: Unisex Sneakers in Blood-Cold Ambitionz

Poses: Cigdem Pose Pack+Mirrored-AUSHKA&CO

Location: Image Essentials


She has the Sunshine to her Sky


Morning from my end! Since I had a bit of time on my hands last night, I finished up a pic to do this blog today so yay 😀 A few things to blog about so I won’t ramble on too much. Being that the land just reopened, I want to know the opinions of those who do follow us if you would like us to hold an event with a cash prize or a photo contest? Please comment below or reach myself (serenityj8705 resident) or Skyla Tunwarm. We will also be posting the same question on our fb page to see what people prefer.

Glow Designs is on it’s 82nd round of the Designers Circle where you can find this lovely ensemble. It comes with the dress, clutch(in two colors), and earrings.

MUA released nails earlier in the month and I couldn’t help but wear the candy nails to kinda break away from all the blue, although I’m not complaining cause I love blue. The nail hud is for toes and fingers and is called “Candy” for the different swirl options.

I headed over to LeLutka because I had a feeling she had new hair out but wasn’t sure because I am not a part of the group. Either way, I found this really cute version of what is supposed to resemble Elsa’s (from Frozen) hair. I think it hits the nail on the head cause it not only looks like her braid with wisps of hair in the front, but there are little pieces that resemble snowflakes all along the braid. It is CUUUTE! Also available is the hair to resemble Anna 😀

Hope you all enjoy your day! ❤ Saxxy

Hair: Elsa in Naturals-LeLutka

Eyes: Mysteria Eyes in Angel-Buzzeri

Makeup: Pixie Shadow in Silver-Buzzeri

Glossy Pout Lipstick in Baby Pink-Pink Fuel

Nails: Candy-MUA

Jewelry and Accessories: Paris Earrings in Gold(Comes with the Dress)

Book Bag (Lemon and Sky also comes with Dress)

Dress: Dazzling Blue Pencil Dress (Comes with the accessories above)-Glow Designs @ Designers Circle

Poses: Jessie-Posetivity

Oh My Sugar Blossoms!!

Oh My Sugarblossoms!

Hehe yes I certainly got the title to this blog from a gesture within SL but “Blossom” is also the name of this gorgeous gown from Kaithleen’s that will be available @ Fashion for Life. There are several other colors, so make sure to check them out for a great cause. Also new is this beautiful skin from Panda Punx called Trysta. This skin is available @ the OMG Room. The skin comes with a light blue eyeshadow and a light pink lippie. Appliers have been attached in a hud so yes it is certainly very convenient.

As far as the Done Wiv a Twist land, we are under way trying to get it all set up but I think this time around it is much more challenging than our last project. Please bear with us as we get ideas together and do what we can as we are in different time zones between Skyla and I.

❤ Saxxy

Skin: Trysta {Baby Bloo} Skin Brown Sugar Tone-Panda Punx @ OMG Room

Hair: Slow Burn in Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeshadow comes with skin

Glossy Pout Lipstick in Baby Pink-Pink Fuel

Jewelry: Dragonfly Earrings in Silver-Bens Beauty

Dress: Long Summer Dress in Blossom-Kaithleen’s @ FFL

Pose: Pose from the Jessie Collection-Posetivity@ Fi Friday

Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)

Don't Leave Me

Within the past two months I have been addicted to Regina Spektor’s music. I have known about her for a while but I never really just sat there and actually listened. I happened to be listening to her work and this quirky little song comes on and voila, it becomes my title 😀

Delirium Style, Panda Punx, and Salt have released a few new items. This dress is from Delirium Style and comes with a hud to change the dress texture, the belt, and the arm straps. The shoes are from Salt and will be available @ the Soho Market. They come in a variety of colors for the High Slink Feet(sold separately). Finally, Panda Punx is participating in the Dangerous Curves hunt. Each store has a little devil item for 1l. The skin is called Queenie and comes with all appliers for the skin.

Btw, since I have been forgetting to add this in, Dovey (our Mexican mamacita) will be guest blogging with us! We love her work, talent, and the ability to find nice items for awesome prices. So a huge WELCOME Dove 😀

Happy Memorial Day to you all and make sure to show respect before lighting up the grill, floating away at the beach, and etc.

❤ Saxxy

Skin: Queenie in Milk Tone-Panda Punx (Dangerous Curves Hunt)

Shape: My Own

Hair: Lolita-Truth

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Dune-Ikon

Makeup: Black Eyeliner 4-Pekka

Glossy Pout Lipstick in Baby Pink-Pink Fuel

(Blush and brows come on the skin)

Jewelry: Norah Set(Necklace,Earrings, and Ring)-Mon Cheri

Prim Teeth with Tongue and Piercing-Deetalez

Clothing: Club Style Dress w/HUD-Delirium Style

Shoes: Strappy Wedges in Black-Salt @ The Soho Market

Poses: Set of Poses-Label Motion

Look At Those Yummy Um…

Bodysuits!! Mhm yes hello everyone 😀 Sorry I have been slacking on blogging but RL has taken a toll on me these last couple of days. I am here though and I am getting my ass back to work on pictures and making outfits for this hunt that is filled with yummy items from awesome designers. I won’t be saying too much as I have plenty of details to give. Remember this hunt will not start until the 4th!

❤ you all!


Lick That Lolli Collage

Skin: Ria in Sunkissed-Belleza

Hair: April in Variety-Truth for Collabor88

Eyes: Vanity Eyes in Denim-Ikon

Makeup: Robin’s Egg Blue Glimmer Eyeshadow(group gift)-Mock Cosmetics

Kat Brows in Light Blonde-Soiree

Lip Glaze in Pink-Kokolores

Nails: Slink Nails in Hearts-MUA @ The Cosmetic Fair

Accessories: Sugar Barbed Wire-Fang Couture for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Jumbo Lolli in Pink-Arise for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Body Suit w/Stockings: Cotton Candy Bodysuit(comes with Lola,Phat Azz,Slink, and WowMeh appliers)-Bombshell for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Candy Swag Collage

I would have gotten on the horse but that thing is wild, I almost broke my va jay jay :O

Skin: Same as above(different windlights)

Hair: Quiet Afterthought in Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Galaxy Eyes in Silver-The Sugar Garden

Makeup: Robin’s Egg Blue Glimmer Eyeshadow(group gift)-Same as 1st picture

Kat Brows in Medium Brown-Soiree

Juicy Lips in Berry Tart-Panda Punx

Tattoo: Ciara-Your Cocain

Nails: Jewel Decora-The Sugar Garden

Accessories: Bottle Charm Necklace-Pink Fuel

Mesh SweetBag-Cutie Store for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Sticky Bling-Witches & Rats(W&R) for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Bodysuit: Melty Bodysuit(comes with tango and phatazz appliers)-Epic for The Cotton Candy Hunt

Shoes: Groupie Wedges Fatpack(Group Gift)-Reign

Cheers Bitches

Cheers Bitches Collage

Happy Friday!! What better way to start your weekend when you are surrounded by loved ones, you have a little alcohol dying to be opened lol, and awesome clothing from Delirium Style? I think things are pretty good on my end not gonna lie! A huge thank you, and yes I love thanking people because you all seriously do not know the impact some of you readers are making but, thank you all again for not only visiting, but taking your lovely pictures at our place and for joining us at our open mic nights!

Delirium Style is taking part of the 100 Block and available is this bad ass tank w/HUD and pants. The pants come separately in several colors while the tank has a bit of a cropped look in the front and a sexy  opening in the back. Make sure to check Delirium Style while shopping for goodies.

Enjoy your day everyone!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Harley in Blacks-Truth

Makeup: Glitter Pop Eshadow in Ashen Bark-Mock Cosmetics

Black Eyeliner 4-Pekka

Glossy Pout Lipstick in Deep Plum-Pink Fuel

Accessories: Cross 2 Earrings in Silver-Bens Beauty

Hoop Mesh Bracelets in Black and Silver-Bens Beauty

Glam Clutch in Zebra-Delirium Style

Nails: MANICURE – Slink Avatar Enhancement(Nail Appliers) HUD-N-Core

Clothing: Sukie Tank w/HUD


Punky Pants in Silver-Delirium Style@100 Block

Shoes:Strapped Heels in Black-Reign

For The Thirsty Um…..Yeah

Thirsty Hoes Collage

Hello all! Today I am showing off a few things from Twenty 13 cause ya know Brae and Marissa are awesome individuals. They come up with some of the cutest things and sayings. If you don’t think the saying on this shirt is cute (ATTN Thirsty Hoes, LOVE does not mean Legs Open Very Easy), well that is because I am one of those individuals who are against Thirsty HOES lol. Although this shirt isn’t new, it is still worth investing in @ their main store. Now onto the new stuffs!! The unisex baggy sweats are the bomb, but a little risque cause um the back shows the crack but pair them with some briefs or hey expose the crack either way, they look so damn comfy! You can find these in other colors @ The 100 Block. Now, these fucking cute ass mesh id tags in the mouth……..lawd I love them all but this one complimented the outfit and is a RARE! They will be @ The Happy Bunny Gacha Fair, there are ten cute commons and 2 Rares. Good luck!

Also available is this adorable skin and shape called Johanna from Panda Punx available @ Feebs. Make sure to check it out as appliers are also available and Panda Punx is very affordable!

Last but not least, I am posing with the newest poses from Curve It. Mollie makes sure to keep everything affordable and also has affordable shapes! Make sure to check out her marketplace.

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin and Shape: Johanna Skin & Shape-Panda Punx@Feebs

Hair: Blue Monday-Little Bones(group gift)

Eyes: Perspective Eyes in Oxidation-Ikon

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Glossy Pout Lipstick in Bright Red-Pink Fuel

Jewelry: Black & Silver Bangles-Diamante

Clothing: Thirsty Hoe Ladies Mesh Tee-Twenty 13

Unisex Baggy Sweats in Bleak-Twenty 13 @The 100 Block

Mesh ID Badge in FBI(RARE)-Twenty 13 @The Happy Bunny Gacha Fair(starting April 14th)

Shoes: Swift Sneakers-Ducknipple

Poses: Pose Set Two-Curve It


LOVE collage

Hey All! I know I have been slacking with blogging, but I have been working extremely hard on this project. Good news is, it will be done in much less time than I thought. It will hopefully be done on Friday…crossing fingers.

I am showing off a few goodies from Delirium Style. The hoodie and pants both come with HUD’s and has several color options to choose from.

Next up is the piercings from Diamante. I swear I wanted all of them but one at a time for me hehe. I loved this set particularly because of the hearts. Alliana has really put effort into these piercing sets with detail and HUD’s. Check out her new line either on MP or inworld.

Skyla will not be blogging regularly until she gets a new computer. It crapped out on her so SL is not being very nice lol. She will be on and off until she gets a new one which will be fairly soon.

Have a great day all!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Hathaway Hair in Blacks-Tableau Vivant

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Brown-Ikon

Makeup: Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Liz Shadow in Monochrome-Mock Cosmetics

Glossy Pout Lipsticks in Pinks-Pink Fuel

Ears: Steking Ears-Mandala

Piercings: Chained Heart Facial Piercings-Diamante

Nails: Set 135-Flair@Slink West

Clothes: Kali Hoodie


Fit Me Pants-Delirium Style

Shoes: Fall Out Boy Kicks w/ HUD-Razor

Poses: Foxy Pack-Posetivity@Fi Friday

Oh Alice

Who doesn’t love a bit of Alice in Wonderland, These dresses are so cute and totally remind me of wonderland 😀 – there is tons of different colours along with the socks and crown to get they are all from le forme at the luck of the Irish – so go check it 🙂
I’m so busy lately be back more as soon as i can xx

Oh Alice

Hair: Shine Magika
Skin: Sora Pink Fuel
Dress: Queen Dolly Black Le forme @ Luck of the Irish
Socks: Queen Striped Socks Red&Black RARELe forme @ Luck of the Irish
Crown: IAm a queen crown royal black Le forme @ Luck of the Irish
Shoes: Wedge Mary janes Reign

It’s Paddy not Patty; Let me Explain!

Lol so if your friends with me on Facebook or spoken to me today I have a real bee in my bonnet about this – as do 2 of my Irish friends i have spoken to today -They find it quite insulting!  I just don’t approve of changing the name of another countries hoildays – Like its Merry Christmas not Happy Hoilday’s! Iam on a mission to sort this shit out! lmao
Paddy is short for Patrick in Irish, Patty is Short Patrica! I have never heard of a St Patrica 😛

If you like to use the nickname for Patrick, the 5th century British missionary who bought Christianity to Ireland and (supposedly) booted out the snakes then it’s Paddy you need, a name itself that originates from the Irish Pádraig.
As Marcus Campbell, the one-man crusade behind the Paddy not Patty website and the Twitter feed of the same name, says “There isn’t a sinner in Ireland that would refer to a Patrick as “Patty”. It’s as simple as that.”
This from this short article  and explains it more so please check it out ❤

Anyways hope that has helped 😛

Here is some cute fashion ♥

It's Paddy not Patty; Let me Explain!

Hair: Shine Magika
Skin: Sora Pink Fuel
Top: Sasha Stripped Sweater Insight @ SLFW
Shorts: Shorties Forever young @ Bodify
Shoes: Buckled Pumps- Shamrock Reign
Elf: Boozy Death row Designs

O.o These shoes group gift from reign once she reaches 1k she is sending out a special fatpack gift so if you haven’t joined already please do