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I have the worstttt headach, so excuse me for not having much to say.. I woke up with it.. i never wake up with a headache unless i have beening drinking and i have not touched a drop.. so i dunno its wierd… lol

Anyway ❤ Enjoy!


Hair: Ineke Mina Hair
Make up: Indigo’s Plummage (makeover) Mock
Freckles: Hiatus
Teeth: Whatever
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement-F-Tnails Basic Energie
Top: simply sweater 1 Offbeat @ SL fashion week (ends today)
Shorts: High Waist Buttoned Shorts grey Phatt azz Insight
Shoes: Decaz shoes with hud 2real

Pose: Pose Lola Quintessencia @ The Cosmopolitan sale room

Pink Mickey

Hey all…

I seen a lot of conversation going on at the moment both on facebook and in my inworld bloggers group about if people should write and do more than just post pictures and credits on their fashion blogs.. my personal opinion is each to their own.. and some will write lots other none, some will do more than just fashion.. its all just personal preference .. i personally do a mixture.. what do you think?

Anyway for now enjoy the fashion pictures and credits 🙂


Hair: Kat Candy Ploom
Skin: Emily [3] N/a (:sugar: closed new skins soon at yumyums)
Make up: Juniper lips Rice paper Pink Acid
Nails: Nail 21 Quintessencia @ Cosmopolitan sales room
Earrings: Leopard Rave Earring BaublesCosmopolitan sales room
Tattoos: Pretty please (Phatt azz)yumyums
Top: Mickey pink Top – Mouse @ Cosmopolitan sales room
Panties: LoveLace Panty Blue (Phatt azz) Milk
Shoes: Pinky 9ty @Cosmopolitan sales room

Autumn is almost upon us.


I wasn’t going to do an Autumn post until it actually 22nd september when it’s officially Autumn but  one i look to cute not too and it just kinda came together and 2 its cold enough it the UK  – IAM SO COLD!!!!!!!!!!


Autumn College

Hair: Merci beaucoup (Bewitching Reds Pack) Clawtooth @ C88
Skin: Emily [3] ( Phatt azz)  – yumyums
Make up: Juniper Lip Rice Paper – Pink Acid
Freckles: Hiatus
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement-F-Tnails Basic – Energie
Necklace: Folium Necklace – Pure Poison
Ring: Silver Drop Pendant set – Jet (Ring only) – Maxi Gossamer
Bracelet: Cube Bracelets Omen @ SLFW
Dress: Vale’s Turtleneck Dress Hotpink (phatt azz) Cynful @ Silcone (17th Sept)
Boots: Cult riding boots (black) – ISON @  C88


Ms new booty :P

Hello there again!

Iam excited this is my first phatt ass post! lmao
I love my butt it makes me happy and idc what anyone else thinks you don’t have to wear it or look at it even just derrender them in SL if they insult you that much … hehe.. but like i say it makes me happy anyone who knows me and well u can see on this blog i had a big butt anyway so for me this is just making what i already have look better, its the same with boobs before mesh ones my boobs were SL big.. anyway that’s just how i feel about it.. i know everyone has their opinions on the phatt ass.. but like i say iam happy so thats all that matters 😛

enjoy 😀


Hair: Wild At Heart Natural Fusion Exile
Skin: Emily [3] yumyums
Make up: Juniper Lip Gloss Rice Paper – Pink Acid
Necklace: Multiple Chain Necklace Yummy
Nails: Mr Panda (.vix)
Top: Cropie Boom Boom (purple) Luckie @ Bewbapalooza
Pants: Shiny Leather Leggings Black with Phatt azz applier Insight @ Fi* Fridays
Shoes: Cassie Sneaker – Rainbow – Praxis