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I Necessarily Don’t Really Need Outerwear

Hey all! I hope everyone is still keeping their sanity as the holidays are quickly approaching. I have been spending time with one of my best friends since he came from Michigan to Florida. I must say I have missed him and our random times together so much! I’m just happy I have spent this time away from the virtual world and my emotional issues I have been having, and having drinks and taking crazy pics and stuff together ❤

Today I am showcasing a new tattoo by Your Cocain as well as some awesome new shorts and boots from Ducknipple. I am a Floridian, we can still wear stuff like this lol. Winter is so half assed for us. I feel for those complaining about snow but hey, I want to make a snowman,go bobsledding,have snowball fights, and enjoy wearing a big coat and wearing cute winter clothing. The shorts and boots come with huds of course, and the boots are kinda unisex….just don’t play too much with the pink  you guys, I know I know, it is eye catching lol. This awesome tattoo goes from the thigh up to the shoulder. It is called Be My Flower and it comes with Phat Azz appliers. This can be found at the new round of Fi Friday later on when it opens. Anyways I hope you are all bundled up and to my Freckle Butt Skyla, feel better soon my dear!

❤ Saxxy

Floridians Don't Need Much Outerwear

Saxx is Wearing:

Hair: Casey in Night Shadow-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Pale Brown-Ikon

Makeup: Liz Shadow in Smoked-Mock Cosmetics

Black Eyeliner #3-Pekka

Deja Lip Gloss and Teeth in Merlot-Pink Acid

Necklace: Multi-Cross Necklace (Basics)-Cute Poison

Tattoo: Be My Flower-Your Cocain for Fi Friday

Piercings: Apostate [Metal]-HV

Clothing: Hot Top in Black and Mini Jacket from the Lejnaura outfit-Delirium Style

Parton Shorts w/HUD-Ducknipple

Shoes: Meine Boots w/HUD-Ducknipple

Location: Image Essentials

Mariah & Mikaela

Hello all! Today I will be showing off the sexy corset outfit from EBA Lingerie and this curvaceous shape that my sis Aiyana sent me called “Mikaela”. EBA Lingerie has been around for quite some time and offers not only some of the sexiest pieces of lingerie, but also sells some of the cutest pasties and pajamas. The store is located right around the corner from Delirium Style, so take a look when you get a chance!

I have known my sis Aiyana for quite a while, and if it were not for her I would not have known about being a model for Delirium Style nor what awesome fashion lingered around the corners of the store such as EBA and Latreia footwear. One thing I have always admired about Aiyana is that she has never been some itty bitty person. She has her own style and is thicka than a snicka if you know what I mean lol. So it isn’t a surprise that she makes her shapes as tall as a model but with hips, ass, and breasts. Her shapes are of course modifiable and affordable. What the extra icing on the cake is that she does custom work if needed. Aiyana and her husband have just started their marketplace store so check them out as well or contact Aiyana Lanley for custom work.

I hope you all have a great day, I have some cookies to be baking since I am babysitting today….wish me luck with the little ones lol<3 Saxxy

Mariah & Mikaela_4


Mariah & Mikaela 3

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Isla Skin in Sunkiss Feline-League

Shape: Mikaela-Jerseys R Us

Hair: Crys in Espresso-Truth

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Verdigris Light-Ikon

Makeup: Falsies Mesh Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Eyeliner #3-Pekka Cosmetics

Isla Lipstick in Coral-League

Jewelry: 777 Jewelry Set in Diamond-Mandala

Clothing: Mariah Corset(Corset,gloves,stockings,garter belt, and lace thong)-EBA Lingerie

Shoes: Fetish Platform Pump(basic Colors)-Enelya’s Creations

Location: Image Essentials

Bohemian Love

Hello all, I didn’t think I would be back but I was deeply inspired by the colors and style of clothing that will be available for the Boho Fair from Delirium Style. I could have put these pics in a collage but for this blog, I think they each deserve their own individual space. This blog may seem longer because of it, but I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them. ❤ Saxxy

DS for Boho Fair_001


DS for Boho Fair_002

DS for Boho Fair_003


DS for Boho Fair_004

DS for Boho Fair_006


DS for Boho Fair_007

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Sayaka Hair-D!va(pics1-4)

This Year’s Love in Midnight-Exile

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-Ikon

Makeup: Brown and Green Eyeshadow w/Liner-Elymode

Eyeliner # 4-Pekka Cosmetics

Falsies Mesh Eyelashes w/Hud-Mon Cheri

Diva Lipgloss in Beige-Pink Acid

Jewelry: Urvi Earrings(gold)


Raga Oyster Ring in Pearl(gold)-Zaara

Tattoos: Butterflies and Swirls Tatto-Skyla’s Store 😛 You may ask her for it since it is no longer available on her MP store

Apparel: Boho Lita Dress *flower*

Boho Lita Dress *knit*

Boho Lita Dress *silk*

Boho Lita Dress *vintage*(all dresses have HUD’s)

Beaded Fringe Top 06 & 10

Easy Slim Jeans 02 & 04

All of these items are from Delirium Style for the Boho Fair

Feet: Flat Barefeet-Slink

These pics are pretty big so excuse the wait for them to show up 🙂

Give Me The Power I Beg Of You!!

Hello everyone, if any horror movie fans out there guessed it, yes, the title comes from Chucky’s chant to take your soul!! LOL I remembered growing up watching Chucky during our girl sleepovers with a huge bowl of popcorn and smores watching the lil bastard kill people. Now that I can go back and wonder how they let a doll kill them I will never know lol. I decided to mix a bit of sexy and gore together for this sexy version of a “good guy” doll from Sugar and Cyanide. It comes with the overalls, knife, tango, and phat azz appliers. It will be available for Horrorfest 2013, so please check it out! It begins on October 18th and ends November 8th, have fun! ❤ Saxxy

Good Girl Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Inverted (I changed the color to red)-Lelutka

Eyes: Horizon Eyes in Deep Caramel-Ikon

Makeup: Bella Vetro Gloss in Lepore Red-Mock Cosmetics

Black Eyeliner #4-Pekka Cosmetics

Falsies Mesh Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Tattoos: Shutthefuckup Face Tattoo


Ravaged Chest Wound Tattoo-Repulse

Clothing: Good Girl Outfit(Overalls and Knife)-Sugar and Cyanide for Horrorfest 2013

Shoes: Ultraplatform in Rouge Passion-N-Core

Location: Image Essentials

Trick or Treating for Tube Tops and Paradigms

Hello everyone 🙂 I hope your weekend was fabulous! Today I am showing off some goodies that will be available for Stuff in Stock, Boobies Planet, and Silicone events. Since there will be a lot of credits I will cut the talking short and get right to it! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day ❤ Saxxy

S&C Trick or Treat Collage

Boobies Planet Event

Hair: Adriana in Black-Miss C

Eyes: Utopia Eyes in Faerie Green-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeliner # 4-Pekka Cosmetics

Exotic ethnic lips in orange-Pink Acid

Tattoos: Freebie Tattoo-Corvus

Key Of-Your Cocain

Apparel: Top,Pants, & Wings(phat azz and tango appliers available)-Sugar and Cyanide for the Boobies Planet Event

Shoes: Zen in Pure Black-N-Core

S&C Fleur Collage

Stuff in Stock Discount:

Hair: Love my Way in Black Beauty-Clawtooth

Accessories: Halloween Bow in Orange Cats-Pekka for OMG

Unisex Piercings-Phoebe

Apparel & Shoes: Paradigm(top,skirt,and shoes,comes with other patterns of skirts hence the name :P)-Sugar and Cyanide for Stuff in Stock

S&C Tube Top Collage

Silicone Event:

Hair: Dotty in Black Out-Ploom

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Light Lagoon-Ikon

Makeup: Kawaii Cupcake Lipgloss and Teeth in Pink 2-Pink Acid

Apparel: Mesh Tube(w/jeans)-Sugar and Cyanide for the Silicone Event

Shoes: Swift Sneakers-Ducknipple

Belle Trois

Hello all, today I am showing off a few things from Ducknipple and a pair of boots from Latreia. I won’t make this into a huge story or anything as I am quite tired right about now. Enjoy ❤ Saxxy

DN 91013_001
I am wearing…

Hair: Mina in black and Whites-Truth Hair

Makeup: Eyeliner # 4-Pekka Cosmetics

Clear Lip Gloss-Pink Acid

Clothes: Snooze Dress w/hud-Ducknipple

Shoes: Lilayna Boots-Latreia
DN 91013_003
What I am wearing…

Hair: Dominique Mesh Hair in Gingerbread-Wasabi Pills

Makeup: Smoothie Lipcolor in Fallow Umbrage-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Nata and Meg Collection Bracelet in Acorn Gold-Noodles for Collabor88

Clothes: Le Turtle Dress w/Hud-Ducknipple

Shoes: Rider Shoes in Cream-Color.Me.Of.H.O.F for the Arcade Gacha
DN 91013_005
The woman to your left is wearing…

Hair: Teddy in Fades-Truth Hair

Makeup: Liz Shadow in Smoked Magenta


Fruitilicious Lip Gloss in Rose Gumdrops-Mock Cosmetics

Dress: Sloerie Dress w/Hud-Ducknipple

Feet: Mesh Feet (Medium)-Slink 

All pictures were captured at my house ❤

Don’t You Know that You’re Toxic?

Hello again, this time around I am showing off this awesome outfit from Sugar and Cyanide. The outfit is fully mesh and has studs on the top and stripes on the bottom. This outfit will be available for the next round at the Rabbit Hole Sales Room. Enjoy all!<3 Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Just a Reason in Light Reds-Exile for the Arcade

Skin: Candy Skin in America 01-Glam Affair for the Arcade

Makeup:Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup 3 Pack-Pink Acid for Fi Friday

Dark Red Lips-Pekka

Accessories: Black Dragon Earrings in Silver-Chop Zuey

Heavy Spikes Necklace in Black-Bens Beauty for Fi Friday

Clothing: Toxicity(top and Skirt)-Sugar and Cyanide for the Rabbit Hole Sales Room

Shoes: Prestige Boots in Black Latex-Bax