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Feeling Blue

Hii all, unlike the title i don’t feel blue but i do feel ill, I came back from my trip on Tuesday, but i been fighting flu ever since!! *feels sorry for self* nah i will be ok, just taking a few days to feel normal, when i lived in london i use to get horried chest infections all the time, but since living the countryside i never had one, so getting flu while in london gave me one of those horrid chest infections, coughing so much it hurts your whole body, it’s tiring lol.. but i wanted to blogggg and play with my new pc haha so i done a post for ya.. I been trying when on SL to get in C88 but i have been reallly on and off so haven’t got in yet haha i want in, usually with these events i can wait but i love the style so hopefully next time i blog i will of got there, I have been to the fantasy gacha and chapter four though, plus one word is still on with the theme vintage 🙂

I will back soon

Enjoy Skyla♥

Feeling Blue

Hair: Moon Child Little Bones @ The Fantasy Gacha
Eyes: Jela Gift Eye *(OO)*YUKI@ The Chapter Four
Make up:  Glamorous  Blue Mons
Headpiece: Zelda Pearl Headband ‘black’  Bokeh @ One Word
Dress: The Stepford dress – Mono LNS  One Word
Shoes:  Totomi sandal blue *Tentacio*The Chapter Four

Location: The Black Kite

Crystal Clear

Hey my smexie twisters! o.o new nickname for you all 😀 hehe
so a few bits of awesomenesss today! Firstly the skin fair opens on the 14th and sure we are alll aware of this saving those pennies right!?
This skin iam wearing I LOVE like really LOVE, There is many options of tones etc of course but the best option FULL BODY FRECKLES and when ur nickname is freckles and your a freckle whore this is a good thing- i posted a raw shot of the skin also – but remeber to demo everything for yourselves i love some skins but on me personally woth my shape they dont suit me and i like my face lol so anyway make sure like i say try things on, me and saxx wore same skin we didnt even know till we told each other cause they look so different on differnt poeple yet it was same shade and everything! My awesome pretty lipstick is also from the skin fair!
Righht also new event ho depot starts 15th march i got lots of things coming up to show you for that over next few days the top i’m wearing is from there, loads of different color options and Tango appliers and my shorts which i love make my butt look amazing at le forme at the big show! 😀
All the rest of the details are below ♥

Crystal Clear

Hair: Paper Cuts – Deep Ombre Moon {Hair} @ Chapter Four
Skin: Wrath T2 B4b+ Deadly S{k}ins @ The Skin fair
Lips: Doll Gloss 7 Chary @ The Skin Fair
Necklace: Drama Masks Silver Tea.s @ One Word
Ring: My Broken Heart Ring Black Atooly One Word
Top: One Buttom Top (White) IAF @ Ho Depot
Shorts: Love Metal Shorts Pink Le forme @ The Big Show

Raw shot of skin 🙂


The Lost Bear!

Hey again, another 3am postie :O My sleep is messed up haha… but its the weekend its allowed, I grabbed my baby sister Leah to help me with this post! Another one for the awesome One Word event, What is more tragic to a child than their lost teddy, saying that i’m 30 years old and i would deverstated if i lost mine, i had since i was 2 years old lol!!

This set comes with Bears to rez, hold and fliers!
The laying / sitting Teddies will give a temp attach teddy if they are clicked, with one huggy animation. So if someone finds your lost teddy, they can give it a hug!

One Word is now open make sure you get your butts there!

I got another post ready but i will be posting that in the morning, talk about a blogging day!! 😀

Lost Teddy – Goldy Lost Junction @ One Word

The Lost Bear!

The Lost Bear! 2

A Gamer’s Girl Tragedy

Just a quick postie this morning, as Saxx got into the arcade already and sent me this rare unicorn Pug! LOVE! haha she sent me tons of stuff as well bless her (she is an arcade whore, shush dont tell anyone) lol she gonna kill me lmao.. I got another post planned to do today but i dont if i will post today or tomorrow might take a bit of putting together iam bit nervous it wont go how i see it in my head though, but we will see!

Anyway enjoy this cute quickie for now ❤

Gamer Girl

Hair: The Flutter Hair Tastey Pastels Olive @ The Arcade Gacha
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel 
Make up: Eyeshadow Glamorous Hot Pink Mons
Top: Long Tank Forever Young @ Whore Couture
Shoes: Stickyz Pumps White Stickyz @ Whore Couture
Tattoo:  Heart Slink Feet PMS
Pug: Puggles {Unicorn} RARE Birdy The Arcade Gacha
Mouthie: A Geek’s Tragedy Pak Classic Geek @ One Word

Black Widow

Hey all, Talk about late night posting its near 3am here lol, I get to sleep in the morning so its all good, i had fun with this picture, i been having fun with all my pictures at the moment! I have an awesome one planned for tomorrow with my baby sis leah, iam bit nervous it wont come out how i see it in my head though lol.. Today more awesomeness from the one word event, i have seen it all set up it looks so cute! It starts at 12 noon tomorrow! (1st)!!

Anyhoo one last thing big thank you to my squishy (Saxxy) she will know why i hope! lol.. Bless you for doing it ♥

Black Widow

Hair: Monique Mina @ One Word
Necklace & Earrings set: Sorrow (with hud) CaeOne Word
Dress: Antigone Dress Wimey One Word
Shoes: Samya SysysOne Word

Pose: Troubled 1 Mien @ One Word

Location: Hazardous

The morning after the night before

Hey all, Iam not sure if i will posting this tonight or its got to the morning, I mean’t to do it yesterday lol.. I got flu!! go me! and Idk why when u get ill there seems like you got 10 thousand more things to do than usual lol

The Table and pieces on the table are for the One word event i told you about in my last post – I cant wait for this event, (opens 1st march) I feel so lucky to be a blogger for it! I already have another 2 posts in mind so much awesome stuff really getting my creative side out with it 😀

All the deets below ❤

The morning after the night before

Tragic Breakfast  (Table and Toasters are Rare!) Oyasumi  @ One Word
Hair: Right Though you Exile
Top: Muscle Tee – Moody Mondays Invader @ Fi*Friday
Shorts: Denim Shorty / White (Phat azz) BabyDoll @ Fi*Friday

Broken Heels – Tragedy (One Word Event)

Hey all, I hope you all feel better than i do, I went out drinking at the weekend and lets just say it was a mad one.. I got home at 7am.. and I dont even drink hardly anymore (this is why)  so you can imagine my recovery is taking some time..haha

I know this early and the event doesn’t start till 1st march but i’m so excited for it, One word is a brand new bi monthly, each round a new word will be chosen and voted for by the public (you guys), and that will be the theme..  This first round the word is tragedy.. More info on the One Word blog

Sysy’s has come up with these lovely heels for slink high feet, They come with a broken version and a normal version, also in a variety of different colors, Broken heels on a night out is an 100% tragedy!!

Broken Heels - Tragedy (One Word Event)

Hair: Hair 45 Eaters coma
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel Futurewave
Dress: Tube Dress #3 Emporium  @ SL Fashion Week 
Shoes: Samya Shoes (Broken) SySy’s @ One Word (Coming Soon)