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I’m Stronger than I’ve Been Before

“This is the part when I say I don’t wanna, I’m stronger than I’ve been before!”

I totally love that line within Ariana Grande’s song called Break Free. It relates to so many things going on in my life. I could go on and on about some of the negatives, but what would be the point? There are so many others who have it a lot worse. I guess along with a broken heart comes this feeling of being worthless. As much as I can tell someone else to be strong, it is hard to keep the strength of myself up at times. I tend to put others before myself and that is a flaw I am trying to change a bit. I will never stop in general about the feelings of others, but I have to stop letting others in the front of the line when all that will occur will be myself at the end of it.

I'm Stronger than I've Been Before

When I logged on, I was surprised, and I mean VERY surprised I was chosen to blog for Ariskea. If you have never heard of these products, you have been missing out! I decided to go ahead and blog on some of her new stuff tonight that will be available @ N21 that will open on the 21st of August. I will post the location but please do NOT try to enter before the opening date!

I also decided to add in this really nice green/mint colored dress from Bens Beauty and heels from Ducknipple that has a color change hud and an option to add spikes. I wanted to show off the cute butterflies in front, so the spikes are not shown.

That is all for now, I will be trying my best to get more blogging done during the week. Kudos to the mommies who will be taking their kids to their first day of school on Monday!

❤ Saxxy

Hair: Pandora (Dark Brown Pack)-Lamb @ Collabor88

Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Gray Green-Ikon

Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series-5


Eyeshadow Mystery in Green-MONS

Summer Face Tattoo in White-White Widow

Nails: Butterfly Slink Nails-MUA

Jewelry: Chakra Gemstone Necklace & Gemstone Bracelet in Heart/Solar Plexus(Bracelets come in other colors)-Ariskea @N21

Dress: Erica Cocktail Dress in Mint-Bens Beauty @ Fi Friday

Shoes: Ernst Heels w HUD-Ducknipple

Poses: Lori and Kayla-Posetivity

Location: L’Arc-en-Ciel

Always a Lady

Always a Lady

Hello gorgeous people! Yes I am back to blogging and I am trying to get some of my sponsors back as I missed blogging their stuff. There are some places I will not be returning to, but the three I reapplied for, I am hoping they will take me back. I was on a long well needed break and it helped me to clarify a lot of stuff that either confused, hurt, or simply took a toll on me. My birthday was this past weekend and I had a blast with my family, I will not even lie. This break was so needed and I recommend it to anyone who is dealing with the drama/stress factors within SL. Some people cannot afford to go away, so I recommend a great meal and a movie. Even if it is with yourself, just step away for a while.

It was not just my birthday either, Collabor88 had a very beautiful arrangement of items from their birthday month theme “Odyssey” I recommend waiting to get in as I had to literally rape my mouse button over and over to get in.

Also new is the gentleman(dummy) carrying me into his arms. This is another dummy you may want to add to your collection from the talented Kay from Image Essentials. You can find this and other poses(which will be blogged during the week) @ The Black Fashion Fair. All the details can be found below. Have a good one!

❤ Saxxy

Skin: Sandra in Ice Frappe(ex group gift, may still be in store)-Deesses

Hair: Vanessa-EnVogue Hair

Eyes: Dream Eyes in Grass Stains-Adored

Makeup: Lae’s Cabaret Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Black Eyeliner Series-MONS

Jewelry: Odyssey Zeus Necklace and Earrings in Gold and Silver-Mandala @ Collabor88

Asia Watch and Bracelet in Black & Gold-Gizza

Hands and Nails: Casual Hands-Slink

Darkside Appliers-Hollyhood

Dress: Calypso Dress in Black-Baiastice@Collabor88

Poses & Props: Athena Pose Pack-Kirin Poses @ Collabor88

Swept Off Your Feet-Image Essentials @ The Black Fashion Fair(Opened from the 8th-22nd)

Location: The Gorge @ Image Essentials

Poindexting Dork

Hello all and happy Saturday!! Today I am showing off the Poindexter outfit from Sugar and Cyanide for Stuff in Stock. I know it has been out for a while but I just got my rights back hee hee and I sure as hell loved the outfit! The original outfit has another top with “Dweeb” but I figured me being a dork and all ya know, I would wear this shirt instead.

I know it was put out in a bloggers group and they are also advertising it themselves, but the lovely Goodnight couple has opened their beautiful winter themed sim to the public. Of course I had to go check it out myself and the pictures on Flickr barely does it justice! It is beautiful and breathtaking! It is where I took this picture and I will share the lm with you all as well. Once again thank you two! 😀

❤ Saxxy

S&C Dork_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Satsuma in Black-Rosy Mood

Makeup: Eyeliner so cute in Black-Mons

Lip Tinte in Cherry-TSG

Tattoo: Yahara-Your Cocain

Accessories: Black Glasses w/ Clear Lens-N-Core

Enigma Variations Mens Bracelets-Chop Zuey

Sadaf paua bracelets-Zaara

Clothing: Poindexter (comes w/ shirt(not shown) and pants and shoes)-S&C for Stuff in Stock

Batwing Top in Dork-S&C for Stuff in Stock

Pose: Lana Pose #1-Demise of Flight

Location: Jeff and Sofia’s Paradise


Hello all, I am back at it again! Today I start you all off with some new boots from Latreia and a vest from a new and upcoming urban brand called “The Hype”.

So I woke up thinking what I was gonna get my hands on first, and I put on the latest boots from Latreia and basically built this ensemble around it. I knew I had to blog for other companies as well and at first I didn’t know what I was going to pair the vests with. Either way I found an ensemble that represented my tough girl alter ego. The Stevie boots are the newest addition to Hera’s awesome shoe line in which she has started to incorporate color huds which is frickin awesome and also gives us the choices to wear the colors or patterns we want.

The Hype has some awesome designs by Isiah Neiro for both men and women. I always believe in small businesses that have the potential for growth, so I not only support but am proud to represent this brand. There are vests available for women in different colors and patterns. Make sure to check out the male swag as well.

❤ Saxxy

Hype Boots_001

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Fire in Black-Miss C

Eyes: Lucid Eyes in Eucalyptus-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeliner So Cute-Mons

Isla Lipstick in Crimson-League

Tattoos: Yahara-Your Cocain

Jewelry: Boombox Ring-[aberrant]

Clothing: Black Ladies Vest-The Hype

Fem Suspender Jeans in Red-M.o.w for Fi Friday

Shoes: Stevie (female)-Latreia Footwear

Location: Image Essentials

Back in Stud Formation

Hello lovelies, yes I am back but not fully recovered :/ I am still sore from my surgery so I am only going to blog here and there because the painkillers I am on relaxes me so much that I would probably fall asleep at my screen and that’s not bueno lol. In any case I am feeling truly blessed that the worst did not occur and that I had once again the best support systems out there from people in RL and SL, so thank you! (Please no pity parties lol, Im a pretty tough cookie sometimes :P)

Today I am blogging on a few things, and we will start off with the studded corset from Ducknipple. The corset comes with a HUD that changes not only the corset itself, but also the studs. I was also lucky enough to get into Collabor88 twice since I forgot to grab the eiffel tower decor item that was a must have in my house lol. While there the first time, I managed to find yet another cute short hairstyle from Baiastice and the awesome bangle and earrings set from Maxi Gossamer.

I hope you guys do enjoy your Sunday, and Skyla I hope you feel better soon!

❤ Saxxy

Studded Corset_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Kiki hair-selective pack-Baiastice for Collabor88

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Platinum-Ikon

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Lipgloss Shane-Mons Cosmetics

“Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD –Mon Cheri

Tattoo: Our Words Full Tattoo-Skyla’s Designs

Jewelry: Bracelets and Earrings (Tarifa Beaded Cross)-Maxi Gossamer for Collabor88

Clothes: CorStud w/Hud-Ducknipple

Denim Jeans in Black-Demise of Flight

Shoes: Delicious in Black-N-core