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The Bronze Saxxahontas

So yesterday I decided to stop being lazy and put effort into my attire. I go over to Ema’s and Skyla says I should so blog on this look, I take it she loved it haha. So shortly after, I go and hang out with my beaner friends(no offense, we are Mexican or  wanna be Mexicans and we call each other that all the time)and then the Dovester comments…she feels the need to pass her W2’s to my ass saying I looked like a sexy secretary bahaha, I died for a little bit. Then there was Zakk, saying I looked a bit Native American..LAWD. It was so funny to hear the different opinions on this outfit but in total I loved it and I said I shall blog on it. It is a jumpsuit from Ricielli and I love short hair so here ya have it. Enjoy your day ladies and gentlemen ❤ Saxxy

Bronze Saxxahontas_001

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Sea Hair in Black-Pelle

Eyes: Horizon Eyes in Pale Hazel-IKON

Makeup: Fruitilicious Gloss in Grenadine Lolli


Liz Eyeshadow in Apricot Gold-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Chandraki Necklace (Tigers Eye/Gold)-Earthstones

Earrings from the TEFUTEFU Set in Diamond-Mandala

Clothes: Papi Jumpsuit II in Rust-Ricielli

We Have All Gone Mad

Ok yes I am back, cause I absolutely loved this outfit from Sugar and Cyanide! It seriously gave my boobs a lift without having to add those mesh boobs, not to mention someone couldn’t keep their crosshairs off of me….you know who you are haha! Anyways, it comes with an awesome top that also has wings on the back and printed sinner pants. This will be the last post of the day 😀 Love you all and thank you for the continuous support, reblogs, and follows! ❤ Saxxy

We're all mad here collage

Saxxy is Wearing: 

Hair: Storm in Black & Whites05 Fade4-Truth Hair

Makeup: Grenadine Lolli (group gift)-Mock Cosmetics

Top & Pants: We’re All Mad Here-Sugar & Cyanide for Rabbit Hole Sales Room 

Can I have a Cocktail and a Bollie to Go Please?

Hello all, today I am showing off a couple of pieces from Ducknipple. These pieces I have been eyeing for a while but then again I want the whole store! They are of course HUD driven and come in your standard sizes. I know I haven’t been very long winded within my blogs but I really haven’t been feeling myself lately but never too down in the dumps to not blog, for it is my passion within SL. I hope you all enjoy ❤ Saxxy

Ducknipple Cocktail Dress_001

. ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨

Ducknipple Cocktail Dress_002

. ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨

Ducknipple Cocktail Dress_003

. ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨

Ducknipple Cocktail Dress_004

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Kerri in Black & Whites and Teddy in Fades-Truth Hair

Eyes: Ascension Eyes in Hazel-Ikon

Makeup: Camille +Teeth in Pink (First two pics)-Pink Acid

Indigo Rochelle Poppy Linen Falubrick(last two pics)-Mocks Cosmetics

Tattoo: She aint perfect-Your Cocain

Dresses: Bollie & Cocktail Dress-Ducknipple(only available on the MP)

Necklace: Love Necklace-Apple May Designs

Location: Image Essentials

Who Made You King of Anything?

Hello all, today I am showing off the Cord Dress from Ducknipple. It is cute, simple, and is HUD driven and yes those three things are pretty much the things I look for in my attire to switch it up with accessories and such. There will be a few more pieces I will be showing off from Ducknipple, but for now I shall keep it simple and wishes you all a bright and happy Saturday<3 Saxxy

king of anything_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Betty Mesh Hair in Chocolate-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Ascension Eyes in Hazel-IKON

Jewelry: Athena Set-Bens Beauty

Makeup: Lipshine in Dark Tapestry -Mocks Cosmetics

Dress: Cord Dress w/HUD-Ducknipple(available only on mp, mainstore is under construction)

Shoes: Fabric Platforms in Black(must have medium feet)-Slink

Pose & Prop: King of Anything Poese and skull prop included-Elephante Poses

Location: Image Essentials

A Beautiful Rendezvous with Music

Hello all, I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, especially all of the dedicated fathers out there that still exist, may it be filled with prosperity! I decided to do a blog on something that is constant in my life which is music 🙂 As of lately I have been spending my time at Voice Geek Community College which is voice friendly and friendly people exist! They have open mic nights on Wed & Sat and yes I have sang a couple of times even while being nervous, but it was still fun. Well, one night, I heard the cello being played and it was so lovely! I mean it is one thing to hear it on your ipod, youtube, or a cd, but to hear it live is so much better. I was captivated by this wonderful music, for once, someone had my full attention aside from my crazy friends.


In any case I was inspired to get a cello within SL and at least act like I knew how to play one lol. I wish we had those types of resources where I live at to learn any type of strings, instead I got stuck with woodwinds, but it was still worth it in the end.


I figured this dress from Liv Glam was too pretty not to take other shots so yeah here I am at Image Essentials ya know, just posing 😛


A big thank you and shout out to Santanna, Sunni, Seth, Durty, John, Beatlegirl, Ph3on,Ema(my ride or die chick), and Afrojoe for being such awesome people and allowing us to express ourselves through music or personalities and providing a place for it to happen. ❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Veronica hair in Night-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Horizon Eyes in Pure Hazel-Ikon

Makeup: Rouge Orgueil Dupe-Mocks Cosmetics

Necklace: Black Storm Necklace (former group gift)-Chop Zuey

Dress: Adolphus Dress-Liv Glam

Location: Image Essentials

P.S. Skyla come back to me in one piece, not several lol. I hope you had fun!