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I wanna go on an adventure!

Hello all, Hope your not feeling too bad on hump day! Iam so humpy today rofl, nah its just cold, 2 days before pay day, time of the month, all those things that add up making me feel bleh, its ok once i get paid i will be fineee.. I think i might buy myself and big fat cake haha.. nah i prob won’t but i feel like it right now ( and i don’t have a sweet tooth)

Anyway enough of me whining about my woes, your here for fashion.. lol., The new round of bodify has just started and these leggings are there, a variety of colours and with azz appliers, Also this sweater that i adore.. is for the Pink Friday event, now its not very clear or it wasn’t to me that (i had just woke up) that the items are in the actual stores… at 80L each!
Then of course the cute purse that i know everyone has, but can you blame them they are adorbs.. mishmish will make me poor!

All info’s below ❤

I wanna go on an adventure!

Hair: Emma Wasabi Pills @ Seasons Stories
Skin: Harley Pink Fuel
Eye Make up: Pink Acid
Lips Make up: Mock

Top: WoOl heart Strawberry Jam (Pink Friday)
Pant: Red Winter Tights Sourires @ Bodify
Shoes: River Boots Fri.day

Bag: The polar sleeping bag gacha  MishMishSeasons Stories

December Mornings

Hello 😀

Middle of the week, hope ur hump day is treating you well.. Iam soo cold but that’s nothing new haha.. but i’m 99% ready for christmas.. got all the presents i’m gonna get just a few foodie bits for nearer the time..

Loving this cute outfit,(appliers needed to wear properly!) I jst wish i woke up in the mornings really looking like this.. yay for SL 😀 Deets below


Hair: MangoJuice Fatpack  LoQ Mp Promo 99L$
Skin: Alli 2 Yumyums
Make up 1: Liz Shadow Frosty Pink Mock
Make up 2: Juniper Lips Pop Pink Pink Acid
Tattoo: All I want for Christmas – Skyla (Mp)
Nails: Little Snowflake Slink Nails Elephante Poses
Ring:Little Bow Ring Gift Atooly
Outfit: Snowflakes Bodydsuit, With socks and legwarmers  Peach Blossom @ Bewbapalooza

Pose: Alexia Purple Poses

Home at last!


This post is inspired my whats on my mind, Christmas shopping! haha.. I need to get started srsly.. only 3 weeks to go, Trying to organize what to get people and having some nice food in the house on a small amount of money is stressful but will be done! 😀 Since it turned December i have got really into the Christmas spirit, lol.. might as well make the most of things i say!

This coat is awesomeness from insight there is lots of colour variety’s so make sure you check it..

all deets for everything are below..

If your going out into the cold to do some xmas shopping wrap up warm 😀


Hair: Fernanda Truth Group gift
Alli 3 Yumyums
Make up 1:
Roxanne Eyeliner & Diva Top Lashes Pink Acid
Make up 2:
Red Hot Lipstain Mock
Snowman Mesh Earrings Pure Poison
“Warmth” Scarf Hud 2 Gang/Cold @ Winter Trend
Star Ring Pure Poison @ The Arcade Gacha
Snow Cutie Handbag Pure Poison
 Winter Coat Red Insight @ SL Fashion Week
Snowy Socks Dark – Blacks Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show (5th)
 Winter Wedge Boots -Cream/Grey/Black hud League

Rockabilly Chic

Another preview for the Rockabilly fashion fair (3rd Nov)! Enjoy your Tuesday ❤


Hair: LocknRoll Runaway @ TRFF
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Make up: Roxanne Eyeliner Pink Acid
Make up: L’eau Lip gloss (Russian Red) Mock
Tattoo: My Native Roots Pimp my Shit (Dirty Turkey Hunt Nov 1st-30th)
Face Tat: SkinDeep Collection Old School Face Tattoo Anchor Modanna @ TRFF
Outfit: Dance On mesh collections Lipstick Ariskea @ TRFF

The world is full of monsters with friendly faces

Hello all, Hope your having a good thursday, and a warmer one than me.. iam so cold.. no heating either till i get paid tomorrow.. haha.. its ok i got layers on.. i just need some gloves cause my hands are like ice!

A few bits for you today so enjoy and ♥


Hair: Harley Reds Truth
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Make up 1: Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup Pink Acid
Make up 2: L’eau Lip Gloss (Russian Red) Mock
Tattoo: Monsters Tattoo Corvus
Crown: Pumpkin Crowns Rotten Defiance Group Gift (6 versions of 7 Crowns!)
Bodysuit: Edna Hybrid “Da Brain” silver Gang/Cold @ Perfect Wardrobe
Shoes: Bad Girl going Couture Black Hollyhood

Pose: Heidi 3 Pose+ivity
Location: Cantana


I have the worstttt headach, so excuse me for not having much to say.. I woke up with it.. i never wake up with a headache unless i have beening drinking and i have not touched a drop.. so i dunno its wierd… lol

Anyway ❤ Enjoy!


Hair: Ineke Mina Hair
Make up: Indigo’s Plummage (makeover) Mock
Freckles: Hiatus
Teeth: Whatever
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement-F-Tnails Basic Energie
Top: simply sweater 1 Offbeat @ SL fashion week (ends today)
Shorts: High Waist Buttoned Shorts grey Phatt azz Insight
Shoes: Decaz shoes with hud 2real

Pose: Pose Lola Quintessencia @ The Cosmopolitan sale room

Purple Haze


Hair: Tenille – Truth
Skin: Plum 2:Sugar: 99L @ Thrift Shop 2
Eyes: Gem Eyes IndigoCrash Republic @ She & Him
Make up 1: Mega effin lash mascara & Party all night purple Mock
Make up 2: Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth 8 Pack Pink Acid
Nails: Military Hand – UtopiaH
Ring: Diamond Star Rings – Pack B Purple Cute Poison
Tattoo: Call me Princess TattooGang/ColdThe Black Market (tba)
Dress: Jersey Heart Tube Dress {Purple} Epic @ Bewbapalooza
Boots: Strap Boots! Mesh Black – Cheeky

Pose: Kiera – Purple Poses She & Him

Location: Bentham Manor

Breakfast in Paris


Hair: Magdalena Truth
Skin: Chloe :Sugar:
Make up 1: Model 101 eye make upPink acid
Make up 2: L’eau Lip gloss ( russian red)Mock
Earrings: Gia red/black :::Line:::
Bracelet: Wicky Spiked BraceletsPure Poison (Gift)
Nails: My Wild Hand inc ring (not shown) UtopiaH
Dress: PopArtSassyArt is the key hunt gift
( shirt version for the guys)
Boots: Darling Boots_red_(mesh)Anymore

Modern day Snow White


Skin: Noodles – Blue Moon (gacha) –Essences @ The Chapter Four
Lips: L’eau Lip gloss ( russian red) – Mock
Bow: Mu simple yellow wow bow – Sticky fingers
Nails: My Wild Hand inc ring (not shown) -UtopiaH-
Top: Jackie mesh blue – Avale
Pants: Leather skinny pants Insight @ Stuff in Stock (other colours at event)
Shoes: Helena – Redgrave

:Sugar:, Spice and all things nice!


Hair: Colbie Truth
[2] Chloe – Clear (with freckles body mods tattoo layer:Sugar: 
Make up1:
Liz Shadow frosty pinkMock
Make up2:
Kissable Lipstick V3 PINK – Ninia
Knees: Knee tattoo – band2- Hurt – Neo** Gacha @ The Chapter Four
Eyelashes: My natural alpha top eyelashes Pink acid
unisex steking ears ver4 Mandala
 Luxury Nails (Colorful) – Shock factory @ She & Him
Diamond Star Rings – Pack B – Cute Poison
 Slap Bracelets – random pack [Crash Republic] @SLFW
Kawaii Gone Bad Hoodie – Bad Sugar – :Sugar:
 Demi Jean Shorts – [V1] – [R3] 
Ballerina flats with hud  .Switch.