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For the first time!

Hey all, Ordering my new computer on monday!!! lol excitement!!! I can explore anywhere in SL can’t wait lol.. Studio pics are awesome, dont get me wrong but i do prefer to explore and take inworld pictures.. and put something together lol

~The pose fair is starting on the 19th April and this is just one of the many awesome poses i get to show you from Elephante poses! Hopefully i will get my new computer in time to do a cool pic with one of them cause it is awesome!!

All deets below, wont be around this weekend, be away for most of it. but i will try squeeze another post today and maybe sunday night, if i’m not too tired/hungover rofl ♥

For the first time

Hair: Shimmer Magika
Necklace: Tropicalia MiWardrobe
Hand Tattoo: Dreamcatcher Slink Taox
Foot Tattoo: Heart Slinks PMS
Glasses: Sunglasses-Jelly beans (coffee float) Soothe
Dress: Thinking of you White Sassy @ Bodify
Shoes: Two toned strapped heels Reign (The Saturday sale)
Pose: For the first time 3 Elephante Poses @ The pose fair 

The Inner Geeky Brit :D

Hello all .. I keep blogging late at night lately.. I keep playing wow in the afternoons haha shush dont tell .. i just got it back after a couple of months so its new and shiny right now.. plus the boyfriend is a wow nerd.. his brought out my inner nerd more and more since we been together – We watched the Hobbit the other night OMFG my new fave film I can’t wait for the second one.. I haven’t see the lord of the rings yet though i tried before but couldn’t get into it  also tried to read the Hobbit book.. this was all years ago… but now iam loving the hobbit and more into geeky things as i get older I can’t wait to try watch them again..

Lol wow, books and geeky films is my inner geekiness i guess I truly believe we all have lots of different sides to us.. I love using SL to express that.. 😀

I talked alot for ME today..

Enjoy skyla xx


Hair: Jackie Ombre Reds Hud – Rumina (New)
Skin: Ali 3 – Yumyums
Necklace: Stephana  – Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Bag: Purse Typewriter Sand Miwardrobe @ Candy fair (Ending soon)
Books: Bookset 3 Textures and 2 Hold Options DMC
Top: Funky 2 Shirt 6 Ninia
Pants: Jessie Corduroys w/ Color HUD Forever Young

Pose: Tata 5  Pose+ivity