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I will never let you down

Heyyy, Sorry i have not been around much the pass week, I have been trying to clear up my inventory some, lol its nowhere need how i want it too be but its better than it was, plus was just having a break while a did, always easy to do at the end of a month in SL than the begining, every restarts at the begining of a month haha.. I also been glued to American Horror Story all 3 seasons i watched in pretty much one go.. cant wait for the new season!

So this jumpsuit i love! Its a new release from Cynful, you pick your Jean colour, then the top has a hud that has a ton of colour of options along with belt options – with normal and Curvy versions too!  i’m totally inlove with it!

I should be back tomorrow, i have some awesome things to show and tell you about, i know i can’t wait 😀

I will never let you down

Hair: West Coast Little Bones
Skin: Wrath T3 Deadly S{k}ins
Necklace: Feel Something Necklace Mango Cheeks
Piercing: Chest Piercing Pekka
Jumpsuit: Denim Jumpsuit Light Blue Cynful
Shoes: Pinup Peep – Midnight Hucci

Pose: Infiniti

EB Awareness Event!

I was asked my the lovely NatashaAngelfire, if i would help by blogging for this event, how could i say no to such a worthy cause..  Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare genetic connective tissue disorder, affecting 1 out of every 20,000 live births. There are many variations of EB, but all share the prominent symptom of extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from minor friction or trauma. There is no cure. 

This is a fund raising event so proceeds do go towards the cause, If you would like to know more about EB or make or own contribution, please visit this site http://www.debra.org/ 

The Event opens tomorrow (28th) EB Awareness Event! 

Some great designers are lined up to help out so check it out!

New Spellbound & Phunk @ EB Awareness Event

Hair: Serenity Spellbound EB Awareness Event! 
Make up eyes: Kharma 6 Dulce Secrets EB Awareness Event! 
Make up lips: Dolly Bronze Nude Pink Acid
Earring: Iadara White Pearl Phoebe
Necklace: Feel Something Mango Cheeks
Dress: Butterfly Mini Dress Phunk  @ EB Awareness Event! 
Shoes: Groupie Wedges Reign (Group Gift)

Pose: For the first time Elephante Poses @ The Pose Fair

Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate

Enchantment – Little Red Riding Hood.

Hey all!

Iam Excited to post this, every 3 months the enchantment chooses a new theme for their event, this time being Little red riding hood, Iam lucky enough to be in some of the few that is allowed into the event early.. I tried to do this picture justice!! I’m by no means the best photographer in SL, but i enjoyed making this, i love a theme! Its Starts 1st Feb, I will Post the LM when its started 🙂

Enchantment - little red riding hood

Hair: Kira Wasabi Pills
Make up: Red, Cherry Red Elephante Poses @ Enchantment
Nails: The Eternal Forest Elephante Poses @ Enchantment
Necklace & Ring: Red’s Medallion & Ring Bokeh @ Enchantment
Basket: Little Red’s Basket Tea.s @ Enchantment
Dress: Ylva Dress with Pelt Luminary @ Enchantment
Shoes: Storybrooke Heels: Wraith Mango Cheeks @ Enchantment
Pose: Little Red 7 Elephante Poses @ Enchantment
(Poses come with own basket also!)

I’m not a quitter!

Hello my lovelies! Hope your new year is treating you well!

So i hope you all read Saxx’s post before me, IF so you will know we will soon have an awesome new guest blogger to add to our team 😀 Miss Skyler Solano, Hopefully not too confusing with 2 sky’s lol.. but remember.. she has an R i don’t! hehe!
also Ema we love you and come back when your ready ❤

OK so on to the cutenessss!
This sweater i adore, is from Kustom9 different colours to pick
These pants are at The Euphoria, Everything is limited to 100 items only! so get ur butts there!!
My cute bunny mug and kitty are at OMGacha.. so lots to collect! IF anyone wants a marmalade tabby let me know i have spare!

All deets below ❤

I'm not a quitter!

Hair: Cozy cutie Clawtooth @ C88
Skin: Harley Pink Fuel 
Make up: Pink Acid

Sweater: Collared Knit – Snow Imbue @ Kustom9
Pants: Combination Pant – Faded Sabotage Femme @ The Euphoria
Shoes: Ballerina Flats Ruby Loordes of London

Necklace: Gaby Necklace Pure Poison
Bracelet: Cube Bracelets O.m.e.n
Mug: Bunny Cafe {Afternoon Tea} 6 – Birdy @ Oh My Gacha
Kitty: Meow head warmer Grey Tabby Mango Cheeks @ Oh My Gacha

Dolly 3 Elephante Poses @ Oh My Gacha

Candy Fair!!! :D

Ooooo excited, so iam so lucky to be a blogger for the candy fair, and i went there this morning and iam sure this will be the first post of a few and hopefully SL will stop kicking me in the butt like it did this afternoon lol 😀
The sim looks AMAZING! Remember its not open till the 4th!!!
First i got some cute bits to show you
Then the most awesome kitchen, I love it.. I just need a proper house to put it in
So enjoy and get excited cause the fair really does look amazingggg!!


Skin: Alli Skin – Cotton Candy Yumyums @ The Candy Fair (4th Oct)
Nails: Jelly Bean Nails Slink Applier Starry HeavenThe Candy Fair 
Necklace: Cotton candy Necklace Pink Mango Cheeks @The Candy Fair 
Rings: sweeties rings, Chocolat & Cherry AxixThe Candy Fair 
Bracelet: Conversation Trinket Silver Me+You Tea.sThe Candy Fair 
Hat: Mad cupcake hat Devious Chesire RARE Yumyums  @ The Candy Fair 
Dress: Candy dress – strawberry SassyThe Candy Fair 
Pose: Candy Fluff 3 Candyfloss included Hopscotch @ The Candy Fair 


Kitchen: Candy kitchen Kuro The Candy Fair