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Pink and Cute

Hey all, I tell you iam suffering without my ps, I hate it, I guess you just get use to the way you do things, and its the smallest things that bug me that i can’t fix lol.. (the pointy elbows and bumps on legs that type of thing) I’m sure there is way to get it (without paying lots of money haha) I just don’t know what that way is! ANNOYING ME! and GIMP is Sh*t!! and picmonkey is not the same if you pay or not so mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rofl
Anywayyyyyy I will soldier on cause that’s what i do! It will get solved eventuallly i’m sure! hahahahahaha O.o Dee Might be to the recuse as i say all this haha!

Gacha Mania Opens on the 15th and Oh myyy so much to show you – I’m just getting started looks to be a really awesome event! I can’t wait! 😀

All Deets Below ♥

Pink and Cute

Hair: Katalynn Damselfly @ Gacha Mania
Skin: Ensya Skin Spring Rare Pumec @ Gacha Mania
Dress: Dressy 5 Mag<3.B
Shoes: Malibu Lows White (gacha) Flite @ The Seasons Story
Plush: Scottish fold Gray and Cream The Mint Condition @ Gacha Mania