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Ms new booty :P

Hello there again!

Iam excited this is my first phatt ass post! lmao
I love my butt it makes me happy and idc what anyone else thinks you don’t have to wear it or look at it even just derrender them in SL if they insult you that much … hehe.. but like i say it makes me happy anyone who knows me and well u can see on this blog i had a big butt anyway so for me this is just making what i already have look better, its the same with boobs before mesh ones my boobs were SL big.. anyway that’s just how i feel about it.. i know everyone has their opinions on the phatt ass.. but like i say iam happy so thats all that matters 😛

enjoy 😀


Hair: Wild At Heart Natural Fusion Exile
Skin: Emily [3] yumyums
Make up: Juniper Lip Gloss Rice Paper – Pink Acid
Necklace: Multiple Chain Necklace Yummy
Nails: Mr Panda (.vix)
Top: Cropie Boom Boom (purple) Luckie @ Bewbapalooza
Pants: Shiny Leather Leggings Black with Phatt azz applier Insight @ Fi* Fridays
Shoes: Cassie Sneaker – Rainbow – Praxis

Kawaii time!!!!

Haiiii, Sooo anyone knows me knows i was super excited about the Kawaii Fair i went to the first one last year and Mesh was only just starting to come out and it was soooo good, so i had high hopes for this year with mesh and boobs!!! haha..

I wasn’t disspointed, I think i drove Saxx half crazy in my excitement when i finally got there – I spent sooo much money!! haha but worth it! I have been too most of the other fairs recently also and barely pick up one thing me being fussy, but i didnt have to be here, it was alll sooo good… so it remains my fave fair.. cant wait till next years already..

so here is just one sample of some of the 70 items i got .. yes 70!! but i will be honest that does inc some of the free gifts and 10L items.. but still i must of brought and paid for about 55 LOL

so everything I’m wearing is at the Kawaii Fair apart from my skin which is Al vulo..  my piercing which is Hebenon Vial  and my ears which are Mandala gonna be lazy with links but will tell you what stores so u can find at fair


Hair: Bow – Natural Pack – yulicie
Glasses:  Kawaii Glasses 2013 – *Luckie*
Lipstick: Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth 8 Pack –  Pink Acid
Earrings: LoLy  Earrings Black-White – .:SPLASH STORE:.
Rings1: *P* Poinsettia Rings ~Spring Pack~ – Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
Rings2: *Kawaii Poptart Rings* – *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
Nails: Kawaii Nails – Forever Young
Bag:  Bunneh bag white – FreakyDesign
Pets: Yummy Onigiri Pack * White – * Rivendell *
Top:  WhitePanda KawaiiTittyTee w/Tango applier – ..:sexZ:..
Pants: Candy Jeans Kawaii Pack – [Crash Republic]
Shoes: Womens mesh lil flats –  Spearsong 

Poses: Sweet Nothing (below) incs cupcake mouthie ( not shown)/ Kawaii Licks ( above) incs lolly mouthie (not shown) – //elephante poses// 



I think thats it – i got tons more so sure it will appear at some point… If u want any of the LM’s for the store’s i was too lazy to put in .. Just hit me up inworld (Skyla Tunwarm) and i will be happy to pass it too you 😀