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Little Misfit

Hey all, HAPPY EASTER!! I’m currently cooking up a nice big dinner for me and the boyfriend, and we spent the weekend away with family its been really nice!!.. Lots of food, drink, sleeping in a tent .. lol wasn’t too bad, but we slept well last night back in our own bed, hence why i was back blogging till now i was exhausted!!…

Anyway lots of cuteness, i been messing with my blog pictures at the moment trying to find something i’m happy with, and mix it up a bit so sorry for the random different looks.. Ordering the new computer tomorrow so hopefully won’t take to long to arrive, but then i need to find photoshop rofl.. I’m wafflingggggg…

Enjoy the look ♥

Little Misfit

Hair: Lazy Summer Days Exile
Eye Make up:  Bodify shadows Zombie Suicide @ Bodify
Lip Make up:  Dolly WL Lips + LoudMouth App – Pinky Pink Acid @ Fi*Friday
Chest & Belly Studs: Body Diamonds Purple Le FormeMonochrome Fair
Ring 1: Little bow ring black gacha Panik 
Ring 2: Butterfly ring Pink  PMS
Hand Tattoo: Dreamcatcher Slink Taox
Top: Sping Hoodie – Black with hud Cynful Monochrome Fair
Pants:  My heart holes leggings Black PixelGeek @ The Ho Depot
Shoes: Dynamic Kicks – Grunge Invader @  Fi*Friday

Poses: Set 2 {Curve.it}

Two sides to every story!

Hellloo all! Hope you having a good monday! Mine has been pretty ok so far for a monday lol.. I still haven’t got a new computer so still stuck at the sim, so i worked on this picture, something a bit different i think it came out ok ish lol.. all details below!

See you soon ♥

Two sides to every story!

Look 1:
Hair: Girl about Town Milk @ Fameshed
Headpiece: Daffodil [white_yellow] rare LODE @ Chapter Four
Skin: Innocence Atomic
Make up: Planete white White Widow
Bodysuit: Luxury Lace Jump White Le Forme @ The Big Show
Look 2:
Hair: Windmill Moon The Big Show
Skin: China Red Al Vulo @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Make up: Glamorous Black Mons
Bodysuit:  Lust Bodysuit Black Le Forme @ The Big Show
Socks: Hellion Stockings Forever youngThe Big Show

Oh Alice

Who doesn’t love a bit of Alice in Wonderland, These dresses are so cute and totally remind me of wonderland 😀 – there is tons of different colours along with the socks and crown to get they are all from le forme at the luck of the Irish – so go check it 🙂
I’m so busy lately be back more as soon as i can xx

Oh Alice

Hair: Shine Magika
Skin: Sora Pink Fuel
Dress: Queen Dolly Black Le forme @ Luck of the Irish
Socks: Queen Striped Socks Red&Black RARELe forme @ Luck of the Irish
Crown: IAm a queen crown royal black Le forme @ Luck of the Irish
Shoes: Wedge Mary janes Reign

Three two one!

I didn’t quite manage 3 posts, but you got 3 looks in this one so that counts right that like doing four posts really so i win lol .. Lots of new all infos below ♥

Three two one!

Look 1
Hair: Dream Scene Milk ( 75L$ for the Saturday Sale)
Skin: Wrath T2 Deadly S{k}ins @ The Skin Fair
Make up:   My Haunted Eyeshadow  Raven UtopiaH @ The Skin Fair
Make up: Doll Gloss 8 Chary @ The Skin Fair
Bodysuit: Lace Bodysuit Black Biddy @ The Ho Depot 
Garter:  Gettin’ Handy Garter The Scarlett Letter @ Bodify
Tights: Ripped Pantyhose v1 Lolita @ Bodify
Shoe:  Hand spike titanium ieQED

Look 2
Hair: Eden Little Bones @ Chapter Four
Tattoo: Martha Tattoo Sourires @ Bodify
Corset: My Nylon Corset Red L!ke @ The Ho Depot 
Shoes: Certified Translucent Pump (Black) Highrize @ Whore Couture

Look 3
Hair: Mori Lcky
Crown: I’m a queen Pink Le Forme @ Irish Gacha
Tattoo: Cloudy <99> @ The Ho Depot 
Underwear: Madelyn Lingerie Pink Bad @  Bodify
Shoes: Damaris Drama Heels Snow Revanche @ Fi*Friday

Crystal Clear

Hey my smexie twisters! o.o new nickname for you all 😀 hehe
so a few bits of awesomenesss today! Firstly the skin fair opens on the 14th and sure we are alll aware of this saving those pennies right!?
This skin iam wearing I LOVE like really LOVE, There is many options of tones etc of course but the best option FULL BODY FRECKLES and when ur nickname is freckles and your a freckle whore this is a good thing- i posted a raw shot of the skin also – but remeber to demo everything for yourselves i love some skins but on me personally woth my shape they dont suit me and i like my face lol so anyway make sure like i say try things on, me and saxx wore same skin we didnt even know till we told each other cause they look so different on differnt poeple yet it was same shade and everything! My awesome pretty lipstick is also from the skin fair!
Righht also new event ho depot starts 15th march i got lots of things coming up to show you for that over next few days the top i’m wearing is from there, loads of different color options and Tango appliers and my shorts which i love make my butt look amazing at le forme at the big show! 😀
All the rest of the details are below ♥

Crystal Clear

Hair: Paper Cuts – Deep Ombre Moon {Hair} @ Chapter Four
Skin: Wrath T2 B4b+ Deadly S{k}ins @ The Skin fair
Lips: Doll Gloss 7 Chary @ The Skin Fair
Necklace: Drama Masks Silver Tea.s @ One Word
Ring: My Broken Heart Ring Black Atooly One Word
Top: One Buttom Top (White) IAF @ Ho Depot
Shorts: Love Metal Shorts Pink Le forme @ The Big Show

Raw shot of skin 🙂


You take me to the darkside!

Hello all.. A postie before bed, iam going to sort my sleep out! lol.. Iam gonna keep going to bed at a resonable time and getting up till i eventually fall asleep before 6am!
Anyhooo you don’t wanna here about my boring sleep pattern you wanna know about awesome second life stuffs right!?
The Skin fair opens on the 14th – Iam lucky enough to of been around it already people get saving!! This skin today with the freckles and moles which are optional tattoo layers is from okkbye its so cute! .. I have added a raw shot also so you can see it clearly 😀
The Big show is also open and this outfit is just one of things from le forme
The Skirt is higher waisted also.. sorry i just wanted to show more skin lol AND lol.. My cute accessories will be at the luck of of irish gacha fair which opens on the 12th from forever young!
All the deets are below enjoy ♥

(More pics on Blog) You take me to the darkside!

Hair: Eden Little Bones @ Chapter Four
Skin: Marina Sunlit Okkbye @ The Skin Fair
Freckles and Mole Cosmetics  Okkbye @ The Skin Fair
Eye Make up: Haunted Eyeshadow Raven UtopiaH @ The Skin Fair
Lip Make up: Marina Lippies Broken Black Okkbye @ The Skin Fair
Eyes: unseelie queen eyes Red La Petite Morte
Outfit: Molly Suit Black Le Forme @ The Big Show
Choker: Crossed Choker (Black/Sliver) RARE Forever Young @ Luck of the Irish Gacha
Anklets: Ankle Bows Black Forever Young @ Luck of the Irish Gacha
Shoes: Certified Translucent Pump (Black) Highrize @ Whore Couture

A raw shot of the skin and a shot so you can see the ankle bows properly 😛

darkside 2 Collage

My Escape

Hey all! Late night posting again!! The bf stole my computer all morning, so i had to wait! The things you do for love eh?! lol
You know like everyone has one of those sims they like to go to that just makes them feel at peace? no? haha well i have one.. I will have to do a proper blog on it soon.. but this is it in the picture.. I will promise i will show it off more soon! A wee bit of fashion for you too, I must try to get to sleep now, (bet i’m still awake at 3am lol) I have my art class tomorrow last one 😦 minus our exhibition and trip thingy lol anyway waffling on.. enjoy ♥

My Escape

Hair:  Rain or Shine Wild Fusion ExileThe Arcade Gacha
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel 
Top: Latex bandeau set – white Sassy @ Whore Couture
Pants:  Smexy High Waist Pants Snow Le FormeWhore Couture

Location: Annwn Willows

Let’s cause a riot

Hey, Two posts in one day, you lucky people haha.. this is my comeback look from my last post, always come back fighting no bitch keeping me down..! rofl so this top and pants i adore, i would 100% wear these pants in rl haha.. They are both are fi*friday, I’m bit late getting this post out but its open for a few more hours today so get ur butts there, if your reading after the store LMs are also included so hopefully you can find there! much loves enjoy ur night ❤

Let's cause a riot

Hair: Hair 27 Eaters coma
Skin: Sora- Special Edition Pink Fuel Futurewave
Top: Nicky Top  Le Forme  @ Fi*Friday
Pants: Relic Trousers Cashmere & Keane @ Fi*Friday
Shoes: Flite
Location: Virtual Decay

My Deer you are loved!


So i’m lucky enough to be a blogger for shoetopia, It opened for the bloggers today the place looks awesome, i was so excited like a kid in a candy shop! haha! Running and flying around and around  the place, lol there is also gachas at the event which some of the bits are from today, Shoe posts will be the rest of week i promise, but didn’t have time today to put something awesome together, so tomorrow i promise shoes! but like i said here you can see at least a couple of the awesome gacha gifts there will be 😀



Skin: Alli 5 Glitz Glam Yumyums @ The Thrift Shop
Hat: Oh deer knit hat 2 RARE Forever young The Thrift Shop
Neck: Penguin necklace blue Animated! D-Lab
Plushie: Friendship Antelope-brown BSD Design studio @ Shoetopia Gacha 
Tattoo: hummingbird tattoo + piercing Adrenaliyn @ Perfect Wardrobe
Anklets: Bali Anklets Rose Quartz Cae @ Shoetopia Gacha (15th Nov)
Top: Little Basic Top Blue Le Forme @ Fi Friday
Pants: Loved Sweat Pants Pink Forever young  @ The Thrift Shop

Pose: Alexia Purple Poses @  The Thrift Shop

I stole it all

Hey everyone

Got some bits from She & him for you, Make sure you get down and check the place out 😀 I will be back or tomorrow morning.. enjoy your monday ♥


Hair: Moment Hud 3 Magika
Skin: Ali 3 Yumyums
Necklace: Gothique necklace Je suis
Bracelets: Gaki Bracelet Black Modern Couture  @ She & Him 
Candy Bucket: Halloween Bucket All the sweets – Cupcakes & Poetry @The Candy Fair
Top: Lace Bodysuit black (phat azz)- Lime  @ She & Him 
Pants: Unbutonned Skinny Jeans Ripped Gray (Phat azz) Le Forme  @ She & Him 
Shoes: Dark shadow Sandal – Lockhearts  @ The Candy Fair 

Pose: Freedom I Female pose 4 Saal  @ She & Him