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You Lift Me Up

Hey all! To those of you close to me, you all know I have been struggling with my emotions since I found out my bf was going to leave the country. I have not been the best to be honest and has found comfort in blogging and being around those who mean a lot to me. In any case he allows me to use his avi for photography purposes. Someone told me it was against TOS to share information like that and you know what, there are way too many issues to deal with then me using my bf’s account with HIS permission. How about those copybotters and hackers…yesh move along ppl. In any case I have missed him so much I wanted to do more pics with him.

Something New is a part of the Mother Holle’s Winterdream Hunt. The prop Winters Love is a couples pose within an iced over pond in which I thought was so cute and appropriate to take these shots with my loved one. Make sure to check out the hunt as well as Ally’s adorable Christmas Store filled with Christmas Cheer!

Today I am showing off the solid leggings from Sugar and Cyanide that are available at Stuff in Stock, makeup from Buzz,and the newest boots from Latreia/Delirium Style. The leggings from S&C not only come in solids, but they are also available in prints. The furry cute boots come with a hud to not only change the color of the boot, but also the fur. These can be found at Delirium Style. Last but not least I want to say a huge thank you to Eleri for sending out that huge fatpack of makeup through the S&C group for bloggers, it was like an early Christmas present and I do love your work! I am wearing the Metallic Gloss in Rosy along with the Dolly Eyes in Dark Amber.

I hope you all have a great day!

❤ Saxxy

You Lift Me Up

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Tara Arcade 11-Belleza for the Arcade

Hair: Hair 23 in Noir-Eaters Coma

Eyes: Dolly Eyes in Dark Amber-Buzzeri

Makeup: Black Eyeliners 4-Pekka

Metallic Gloss in Rosy-Buzzeri

Clothing: Angora Sweater in Brown-Ison

Lala Leggings in Black(comes w/HUD)-S&C for Stuff in Stock

Shoes: Furrz(with HUD)-Latreia/D-Style

Prop:Winters Love w/ couples pose-Something New for the Mother Holle’s Winterdream Hunt(look for a snowflake)

Pose #2: Couple 270-Purple Poses

Quotes I Love

Quotes Collage 1

Ok so this has a funny storyline behind it….my gorgeous friend Ally was showing off a shirt with the quote “Sometimes I miss being friends, but then I remember you’re a bitch” seriously I think all of us need a shirt like this O_O I know at least once we have been backstabbed or trampled on by so called friends so that is why I frickin love this top from twenty13 with a hud that changes not only colors but also quotes in which are funny as hell! I will type every saying just in case you cannot see the lettering on the tops lol. They go as follows:

1. Sometimes I Miss Being Friends But Then I Remember You’re A Bitch

2. I Have A Blow Dryer That is Hotter Than That Nasty Bitch

3. Hey Cuntmuffin Go Climb In Your Douche Canoe Then Cry Me a River  & Float The Fuck Away

4. Some People Need to Be Dipped in Vagisil Then They Won’t Be Such Irritating Twats

5. Fancy A Cup Of Tea My Dear? Now Go Find Your Own Damn Man! You Dirty Nasty Bitch!

6. Bitch, Pull The Tampon Out Of Your Ass & Quit Being A Fucking Cunt

So yes these quotes are not child friendly but hey, we need to remind those irritating snorklefucks out there that fit in these categories.. and why not on a shirt 😛

Quotes Collage 2

In other news, Latreia Footwear has released some bomb ass roller blades in which I had fun playing with the color changing hud! It also comes with a skating animation, so grab a pair, and go have some fun inworld!

Ally has released a few new poses as well that I incorporatedin the collages. The middle pictures are part of the All about Bitches pose group 😀

Have a great day or evening where ever you all are!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Hair 12 in Blacks-.eep

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Platinum-Ikon

Makeup:  “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD-Mon Cheri

Subtle Lipgloss in Natural-Pink Acid

 Isla Lipstick in Crimson-League

Tattoo: Yahara-Your Cocain

Jewelry: Hoop Mesh Bracelets-Bens Beauty

Clothing:  Ladies Mesh Candy Top(Quotes)-twenty13

Blood Splatter Leggings-Q

Cotton Leggings Pack-Luas Urban Style

Shoes:  High Roller Solid w/ HUD-Latreia Footwear

Poses: All About Bitches-Something New

Location: Image Essentials


Hello all, I am back at it again! Today I start you all off with some new boots from Latreia and a vest from a new and upcoming urban brand called “The Hype”.

So I woke up thinking what I was gonna get my hands on first, and I put on the latest boots from Latreia and basically built this ensemble around it. I knew I had to blog for other companies as well and at first I didn’t know what I was going to pair the vests with. Either way I found an ensemble that represented my tough girl alter ego. The Stevie boots are the newest addition to Hera’s awesome shoe line in which she has started to incorporate color huds which is frickin awesome and also gives us the choices to wear the colors or patterns we want.

The Hype has some awesome designs by Isiah Neiro for both men and women. I always believe in small businesses that have the potential for growth, so I not only support but am proud to represent this brand. There are vests available for women in different colors and patterns. Make sure to check out the male swag as well.

❤ Saxxy

Hype Boots_001

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Fire in Black-Miss C

Eyes: Lucid Eyes in Eucalyptus-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeliner So Cute-Mons

Isla Lipstick in Crimson-League

Tattoos: Yahara-Your Cocain

Jewelry: Boombox Ring-[aberrant]

Clothing: Black Ladies Vest-The Hype

Fem Suspender Jeans in Red-M.o.w for Fi Friday

Shoes: Stevie (female)-Latreia Footwear

Location: Image Essentials

Nikki in Leather

Hello all, I guess I will try to blog as much as possible before I lose net for like a week. I guess that is what happens when you decide to move and every other day before your installation date is full grr! So I may as well take advantage 😀

Today I am showing off a super sexy corset from Ison available at Collabor88 in a variety of colors. I am also rocking these awesome shoes from Latreia Footwear. They come with a hud that provides solid colors. These shoes have spikes running along the bottom and a chain that drapes across the front of the shoe. They are awesome! I hope you all have an awesome day!

❤ Saxxy

leather corset collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Pictures of You-Exile

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Morning-Ikon

Makeup: Vintage Red Matte Lip-Blacklace Beauty

Jewelry: Asia Watch & Bracelet in Black & Silver-Gizza

Apparel: Leather Shape Corset-Ison for Collabor88

Nikki Solids-Latreia Footwear

Ice Cream Ice Cream, We All Want Ice Cream!

Hello everyone 🙂 This title was inspired by listening to non other than the awesome P!nk. I am showing off the new outfit  from Sugar and Cyanide called Emma that will be available in the store for Secret Wednesday. These awesome shoes are new and HUD driven from Latreia, thanks so much Hera! The XOXO ring is a gacha item also available in different colors at the Candy Fair or within the mainstore of S&C. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day ❤

S&C Emma Collage
Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Aria in black pack w/HUD-ExCeSs

Accessories: Bad Girl Sunglasses-Pure Poison

Multi Cross Necklace-Cute Poison

XOXO Ring in Bubble Gum-Sugar and Cyanide

Makeup: Creme Lips in Pink Cream-Pink Acid

Clothes: Emma(Top w/ Tango Appliers and Pants)-Sugar and Cyanide

Shoes: Peggy VooDoo-Latreia Footwear