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Black Magic

Black Magic

Well it’s Saturday and I had a mouthful to say but I am kinda running low on energy today. So I will post the pic and details. Sorry about the vague post, I will be back to the talkative old me soon. Just grab some of the links below and shop till ya drop!

❤ Saxxy

Skin: Amelia in Vampy #8 RARE-Flounce @UUHBE

Shape: My Own

Hair:Velvet // Jet Black-+Spellbound+ for the T.A.G Event(make sure to start from the starting point!)

Eyes: Scope Eyes in Coal-Clemmm for T.A.G.

Makeup: Brows Lipstick, and Blush come with skin

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Tattoos: Oil Eyes-DRD for T.A.G

Oh My Zombie Tattoo-Moon Amore@The Cosmetic Fair

Jewelry: Skelly Earrings in Silver-Yummy@Collabor88

Deadly Ring in Black D.O.D Dolly-Deadpool@UUHBE

Loa Happy Skulls-Maxi Gossamer

Nails: Shine-MUA

Wings: Demon Wings in Night RARE-Delirium Style@Krave(Haunted Graveyard Gacha Event)

Bat: Hearthugger Bat in Nebula-Half Deer for T.A.G.

Clothing: Cheryl Off Shoulder Tunic w.HUD-Delirium Style

Shoes: Monster Mash in Skeleton-Deadpool@UUHBE


“Take that rage, put it on a page, take the page to the stage, blow the roof off the place.”
The Script


I guess this is why music keeps me sane, for it is the only thing that helps me during my rage periods. So many songs I can relate to when I am down or upset. Today I am actually feeling much better. I was struggling with really bad backaches since Thursday and I decided to try and walk a bit to try and loosen up some areas of my back. I hope you all are ok as I have seen more rage and disappointing posts on my social media pages. I am really hoping this upcoming week is much better for us all 🙂

Today I decided to blog on a couple of things from Pimp My Shit and a free subscriber gift.

Pimp My Shit is a part of Krave’s Summer Bash which runs until the 25th of August. Sand has released a couple of capri outfits, bracelets(not shown) and watches which the watches and bracelets are in gacha form.

If you have not heard of the new hair designer for enVOGUE well maybe now is your chance for this upcoming place. The designer has set the hair I am wearing in this blog as a subscriber gift. Make sure to visit the store for other hair pieces too.

I am keeping this post short as I am actually prepping for our Menudo meal that will be consumed for brunch and this is a treat for the family, it brings us such a nostalgic feeling. Happy Sunday to you all!

❤ Saxxy

Hair: Jasmine(Subscriber Gift)-enVogue

Eyes: Arcane Eyes in Winter-Buzzeri

Makeup: Black Eyeliner Series-5-MONS

Galactic Lips [Darks]


Manic Shadow [White]-Nox

Tattoo: :: Stars II :: HIP13021 ::-Letis Tattoo

Jewelry: Hello Hipster Necklace(Group Gift)-Reign

Watch (RARE)-PMS@Krave

Purity – Black & Silver Leather Bangles-Diamante

Mouth Accessory: Teeth 2.0 – GemPiercing-Whatever @ The Dressing Room

Clothing: Itty Bitty Top – Rage


Capris – Rage-PMS@ Krave

Shoes: From the Nikkah Outfit-SLX

Dog: Chi Chi Chihuahua – Spike – White-Alchemy/Birdy@ The Chapter Four

Poses: Alex Poses-Label Motion

Location: Image Essentials

Floral Spirit

Floral Spirit

I hope you all are having an amazing day! Pimp My Shit has released a lot of goodies for Krave Inc’s Risque Business Fair. Today I am showing off one of the dresses in the “print” version and a back tattoo that will be available. It will open on the 24th and will last until the 15th of June. The beautiful feet jewelry is the Rare from Pure Poison@ the Fantasy Gacha Fair running until the 3rd of June. All of the prizes are beautiful so it is well worth investing.

Details are below 🙂

❤ Saxxy

Hair: Eden in Browns-Little Bones

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Dune-Ikon

Makeup: Lucid Copper Nights Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Nails: Slink Fingernails in Beach-Mon Cheri

Piercings and Jewelry: StarDust Facial Piercing-Diamante

Braid Bracelets in Plum Orange-Izzie’s @ The Dressing Room

Tattoo: Flutter Away Tattoo-PMS @ the Risque Business Fair(LM cannot be given until it has opened)

Clothing: Sassy Dress in Print w/HUD-PMS@ Risque Business Fair

Feet Jewelry: Shakeelah Feet Jewelry(RARE)-Pure Poison@ Fantasy Gacha Fair

Poses: Yvette-Posetivity 

You Are My Sunshine

Sunshine Collage

Happy Sunday to all! We are almost done with your surprise! If you don’t know yet, Done Wiv a Twist team and a few others have been busy bees preparing something special for you all! I seriously am excited more than you all know lol. Consider it huge thank you from us!

Today I am showing off this cute skin and shape that is now available @ the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair from Panda Punx called Gabriella. The dress is available @ Krave by FD Designs. Other patterns are available so make sure to check them all out.

Inkie, you have a beautiful sim btw!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin & Shape: Gabriella(Kissable)-Panda Punx @ RAFF

Hair: Fernanda (variety pack)-Truth

Eyes: Striking Eyes in Olive-Dead Apples

Makeup: Party Eyelashes(Swallow Wings)-Maxi Gossamer

Lips and Eyes are naturally those hues on the skin

Accessories: Canvas and Leather Backback(rabbit 3)-Pesca

Ice Cream Jewelry Set-Bens Beauty

Summer Nails (for slink hands)-MUA

Summer Drink in Kiwi-Poche

Clothing: Ray of Light-FD Designs@Krave

Shoes: Brienne Flats in Cocoa-Fri

Location: Beautiful 4 Seasons

Back to Basics

Happy Saturday/Sunday to all! So I was accepted to blog for FC Designs thank you bunches Keiraa and Smiley I adore your buttholes! LOL. Today I am showing off two looks for two different events. I love these looks because it shows both sides of me which is the sexy and sophisticated with an edge. Make sure to check out Krave and The Open Closet. Also, thank you Lluna for the pack of sexy glossy lipcolors from Panda Punx! Enjoy the rest of your day!

❤ Saxxy

Back to Basics Collage

Look 1:

Hair: Zendaya in Espresso-Truth

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Platinum-Ikon

Makeup: Black Eyeliner 4-Pekka

Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Juicy Lips in Watermelon-Panda Punx

Jewelry: HC Earrings in Silver-Ryca

Hoop Mesh Bracelets in Black and Silver-Bens Beauty

Clothing: Afterglow(comes with Tango Appliers)-FC Designs @ The Open Closet Event

Shoes: Strapped Heels in Black-Reign

Back to Basics 2 Collage

Look 2:

Hair: Harriet in Browns-Truth

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeliner and lashes same as first

Isla Lipstick in Crimson Light-League

Jewelry: Anuttra Rings in Black/Silver-Mandala

Rock Earrings in Black and Silver-Pure Poison

Clothing: Pretty Woman Dress-FC Designs@Krave

Shoes: Heartbreaker in Black-AUX

Location: Little Village by Cica Ghost

Moving On

PMS Collage

Hello all, today I will be showing off a few things from Pimp My Shit for the Krave Urban Fair. Before I get into details about that, I would like to say a few things. First off, I am far from perfect, and I have never claimed to be. My photography in SL is what keeps me sane and anyone who tries to steal that joy from that will fail. I am not a professional at photoshop, nor will I ever be the best. I appreciate the sponsors who give myself and anyone else on the blog a chance to review their products. I apologize to viewers for a lot of the drama lately. I do believe in a good rant from time to time, but as of lately I have allowed very toxic behavior in my life and is being affected by it. The best way I can deal with it is to stay busy and pretend that it doesn’t even exist because the more I feed the ignorance, the more widespread it will get. I AM trying. I appreciate you all more than you know. We all do and that is why we have decided to create something wonderful. It is currently in the works and we are taking our time on it so it can be awesome!

Today I am wearing an outfit that will be available from Pimp My Shit @ Krave. Also available is the bracelet on my right arm. The outfit comes with a hud with different color and pattern options. I had to incorporate the cute Rare backpack from Luxe(Posetivity) from the Luck of the Irish Fair in which took me several attempts to get since I had to throw away the original I received.

The makeup set is also new from MUA. I love all the makeup themes Shanty comes up with because they are out of the box sometimes. Being different is always good right?

Hope you all have a great day ❤

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Sunny Mesh Hair-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Striking Eyes in Sunset-Dead Apples@ The Mens Dept

Makeup: Crow Full Set-MUA

Tattoos: Heart Slinks for Hands-PMS

Nails: Criss Cross Tips-Hollyhood@Fi Friday

Jewelry: Leather Bracelet in All Colors RARE-PMS@Krave

Purity-Black and Silver Bangles-Diamante

Backpack: DarkAngel Black RARE-Luxe@LOIF

Clothing: Urban Tanks and Pants-PMS@Krave

Shoes: From Special K Outfit-SLX

Poses: Cassie-Posetivity