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Early for Dinner

Hey all! So I hope you all had a great weekend! I have much to catch up on as far as blogging goes, but I am getting there slowly but surely. This past weekend, I had to let grudges be bygones with Ema. Yes most of you remember I had a big falling out with her. Here is the thing though, if friends were made for each other, just as lovers are, then they will be together. It will take time to get to where we used to be, but we are working on it. I look at it like this, people will be my friend after this or not. It is my life and if I get hurt again, it will be because I am too stubborn to throw away friendships that mean something. If you love someone, you don’t just throw them away you know? Anyways, I think I will be coming out of my writing shell once again eventually. If you do not like long winded blogs I suggest you skip right past the intro and into the pictures. Just try not to skip over details of events if there are any though, those are important to look at!

Early for Dinner

Kaithleen’s is a part of the Summer of Love Fair(open June 27th-July 11) and this dress is from the event. It comes in several colors and is super cute with the ruffles in the front. Panda Punx is also a part of the Summer of Love Fair and came out with a really pretty skin and shape! For some reason once I added the hair, she looked a tad bit like Jenna Dewan minus the light eyes. Just my opinion though ūüėÄ The skin comes with a pretty burnt orangey lippie and orange/yellow eyeshadow. Last item up are the nails from Bella Elephante available@ Rhapsody(open from June 28th-July 12th). This event is frickin awesome I will say that much. The nails that will be available are super cute and these nails I am totally in LOVE!! They are “Piano Man” and has mini piano keys on them.

Make sure to check out other cool things at these events and remember to save some of your lindens cause the hair fair is coming in a few weeks….just saying!!

‚̧ Saxxy

Skin & Shape: Mychal Skin and Shape {Flower Queen} in Honey Tone-Panda Punx @ Summer of Love Fair

Hair: Violetta in Black and Whites(I frickin love this hair!!)NEW! DeLa

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Bone-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeshadow and Lipstick comes with Skin

Nails: Piano Man-Bella Elephante @ Rhapsody

Jewelry: Asia Watch & Bracelet in Black-Gizza

Jennie Necklace in Black-Pure Poison

Clothing:¬†Passion Mini Dress in Black-Kaithleen’s @Summer of Love Fair

Shoes: Grass -Beige.Black-Promagic

Poses: Asuka Pose Pack+Mirrored-AUSHKA&CO@Fi Friday

Oh My Sugar Blossoms!!

Oh My Sugarblossoms!

Hehe yes I certainly got the title to this blog from a gesture within SL but “Blossom” is also the name of this gorgeous gown from Kaithleen’s that will be available @ Fashion for Life. There are several other colors, so make sure to check them out for a great cause. Also new is this beautiful skin from Panda Punx called Trysta. This skin is available @ the OMG Room. The skin comes with a light blue eyeshadow and a light pink lippie. Appliers have been attached in a hud so yes it is certainly very convenient.

As far as the Done Wiv a Twist land, we are under way trying to get it all set up but I think this time around it is much more challenging than our last project. Please bear with us as we get ideas together and do what we can as we are in different time zones between Skyla and I.

‚̧ Saxxy

Skin: Trysta {Baby Bloo} Skin Brown Sugar Tone-Panda Punx @ OMG Room

Hair: Slow Burn in Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeshadow comes with skin

Glossy Pout Lipstick in Baby Pink-Pink Fuel

Jewelry: Dragonfly Earrings in Silver-Bens Beauty

Dress: Long Summer Dress in Blossom-Kaithleen’s @ FFL

Pose: Pose from the Jessie Collection-Posetivity@ Fi Friday

I Tend to Dine Alone

Dining Alone

Hello all! Today while I was snapping pics, I was remembering when I lived in Texas how alone I felt at times. True, I had met people at my place of employment, but afterwards I pretty much had dinner alone or ate at restaurants alone. Eventually I got used to it and I had to stop the feeling of wanting someone with me all the time as if I had emotional attachment issues. So standing in front of empty chairs gave me a quick nostalgic feeling.

Kaithleen’s will be a part of the Fashionart Event starting tomorrow @ 12 pmslt. This lovely ensemble (high waisted pants and sleeveless top) will be available in several colors.

I got a chance to slip into Collabor88 and snatched up a few cute things. This really adorable huggable poodle and pink polka dot heels are just a few things from Collabor with the theme being Milkshakes & Turntables.

Panda Punx has released a new skin for the Feebs Rascal Salesroom called Mai Per Voi(Light Skin) It runs until June 1st, make sure to check it out cause you never know what deals you may encounter.

Have a great evening ‚̧


Skin: Mai Per Voi(Light Skin)-Panda Punx for Feebs Rascal Showroom

Hair: Wine For TDR 4th Anniversery-Loq @ The Dressing Room

Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 in Pale Hazel-Ikon

Makeup: Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Lipstick Cosmo-01(Aria)-Glam Affair

Accessories: Diane Frames in Black-Yummy

Anabella Ring-Bens Beauty

Poodle to hug in Cream-Mish Mish for Collabor88

Girly Satchel in Black-Fashionably Dead

Clothing:¬†High Waist Pants w Sleeveless Top in Pink-Kaithleen’s for the Fashionart Event

Shoes: Pink Polka Dot GooGoo Muck Heels-Schadenfreude for Collabor88

Poses: GAME-Marukin for Collabor88


White Sakura Collage

Hey all! Today I am doing a quick post as I think I am starting to get an earache :/ Today I decided to do a post on a dress from Kaithleen’s that will be available @ The Monochromatic Fair starting tomorrow(the 18th). The dress will be available in White, Red, Black, and Grey.

Tonight is another night of Open Mic, we would appreciate if you join us from 7-9pm slt. I will leave a lm down below. Enjoy your day!

‚̧ Saxxy

Hair: Slow Burn in Naturals-Exile

Eyes: Dream Eyes in Grass Stains-Adored@ The Cosmetic Fair

Makeup: Face Tattoo (Rosa)-White~Widow @The Cosmetic Fair

Kat Brows in Light Red-Soiree

Liz Shadow in Monochrome-Mock Cosmetics

Glossy Lip Highlights-Izzie’s

Accessories: Pearl Whisp Earrings from Pearl Whisp Set in White-Yummy

Yara Clutch in Black-Baiastice

Dress: Long Modern Dress in White-Kaithleen’s @ The Monochromatic Fair

The Sound District

Get Lucky

If you were thinking this was going to be some ramble about Daft Punk…pfft in your dreams! Today I had an interesting day fill with crashes and lag trying to roam about the skin fair preview. It will officially open for everyone on the 14th so keep an eye out for that because there are some amazing creations awaiting you! While there I grabbed some makeup cause yes I am a makeup WHORE! I loved the lipsticks from Buzzeri which I am rocking the barbie in all of the pictures. If you love gachas then be sure to check out Kaithleen’s @ the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair which will be opening in a couple of days. The dresses below are the dressed that will be available.

Kaithleen's Gacha Dresses

Enjoy ūüėÄ

‚̧ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Betty Spaghetti in Softest Black-Clawtooth@Collabor88

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Glitter Pop Eshadow in Butters Got the Blues,Iced Grape,Silvery Taupen, and Ashen Bark-Mock Cosmetics

Sweetheart Lips Tone # 3 in Barbie-Buzzeri Cosmetics@The Skin Fair(opening on the 14th)

Jewelry: Diamond Keeper of Hearts Choker-Diamante

Mackenzie Earrings & Rings in Silver-LaGyo@Collabor88

Nails: Set 159-Flair @ Slink West

Dresses: Lucky Gacha Dress in Blue,Green,Red,Pink,Purple,Raw,& Turquoise-Kaithleen’s@Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair(opening on the 12th)

Poses: Valentina-Posetivity

Smokin Tifa


Hey all, I am on a roll today evidently lol. Today I have had so much inspiration! The smallest things can inspire me at times ūüėÄ I have been accepted to blog for Kaithleen’s, woot! I fell in love with her rompers from the Candy Fair, and checked out some of her items on Marketplace. She keeps things classy with a touch of sexiness and that is definitely more of my style! In any case for those of you who are thinking hmm….what exactly is she wearing? Well if you are familiar with Final Fantasy then you probably recognize the type of attire and the character Tifa.I added my own touches to her as she is not a blonde and is usually holding a weapon like a sword but meh :P. Tifa happens to be a very strong and independent woman and very good friend of Cloud Strife. I may lose you in the talks of this eco-terrorist protagonist so back to the fashion lol.

You can find this outfit in an array of colors by Kaithleen at the Thrift Shop starting on the 7th, so stack up your chips ladies and gentlemen, tons of great stuff to be brought.

Make sure to come check out Skyla at Jokers today @ 2pm SLT, she is sure to make you “Crisp” and “Moist” like a Rice Krispies treat dunked in milk you silly goose!

‚̧ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Where we Belong in Naturals-Exile

Makeup: My Goth Lip Gloss in Chrome


Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Tattoos: Henna & Henna 2(for Slink Feet)-Your Cocain

Accessories: Fearless Wrist & Ankle Cuffs-BOOM

Clothing: Tifa Final Fantasy Set-Kaithleen’s for the Thrift Shop

Feet: Mid Height Barefeet Feet-Slink