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The Story of Innsmouth

 I wanted to travel more within SL since today is a lazy Sunday for my little one and I. I found this eerie but interesting town called Innsmouth based on the story of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” by H.P. Lovecraft. I have never heard of this story but I sat and read notecards about the original story, the wiki background, and the story that was behind this abandoned town that was left not only depopulated, but in ruins. Although I put myself somewhat in a RP mindset, I swear it was like a feeling of sorrow just rushed over me. I guess that is how well the sim is put together so great job people! I will add a bit of info for inquiring minds:

Background from Wikipedia:

Lovecraft placed Innsmouth on the coast of Essex County, Massachusetts, south of Plum Island and north of Cape Ann. The town of Ipswich, Massachusetts is said to be a near neighbor, where many Innsmouth residents do their shopping; Rowley, Massachusetts, another neighboring town, is said to be to the northwest. This would place Innsmouth in the vicinity of Essex Bay.

Lovecraft writes that Innsmouth was “founded in 1643, noted for shipbuilding before the Revolution, a seat of great marine prosperity in the early nineteenth century, and later a minor factory centre.” The loss of sailors due to shipwrecks and the War of 1812 caused the town’s profitable trade with the South Seas to falter; by 1828, the only fleet still running that route was that of Captain Obed Marsh, the head of one of the town’s leading families.

In 1840, Marsh started a cult in Innsmouth known as the Esoteric Order of Dagon, basing it on a religion practiced by certain Polynesian islanders he had met during his travels. Shortly thereafter, the town’s fishing industry experienced a great upsurge.

Records indicate that in 1846 a mysterious plague struck the town, causing mass depopulation. In reality, the deaths were caused by the Deep Ones themselves. Obed Marsh had entered into a compact with the aforementioned creatures, offering them sacrifices in exchange for plentiful gold and fish. When Obed and his followers were arrested, the sacrificial rites ceased and the Deep Ones retaliated. However, the cult activity subsequently resumed, and the interbreeding policy greatly increased, resulting in numerous deformities. Consequently, Innsmouth was shunned for many years, until 1927 when it came under investigation by Federal authorities for alleged bootlegging.

The following year, and apparently due to the results of their research, these authorities decided to detonate explosives in Devil’s Reef, near Innsmouth, and to arrest most of the locals. The Innsmouthians were not taken to a common jail, but instead they simply disappeared (or the government caused them to “disappear”).

I copied and pasted this from the introductory card and I truly hope it wasn’t too much to read, but it is rather interesting. I guess my inner geek is starting to show 🙂

In an Abandoned Town_005

In an Abandoned Town_004

In an Abandoned Town_003

Now onto the fashion because yes this awesome jacket and shoes definitely deserve some credit. Porsha added me a while back on FB and I was absolutely intrigued by her “in the works” jacket. So I was kinda patiently waiting for the finished results and as soon as it was I went to look at the different colors it was available in. I had to get the red and black. It took me several attempts to put pieces together, but finally did it and found an awesome sim to shoot pictures for. The shoes are from N-core and are the shoes created for the 5th anniversary of N-core called “Cinq”. Congrats N-core and I wish you all more successful years to come!

Have a wonderful day you all!

❤ Saxxy

In an Abandoned Town002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Veronica Mesh Hair in Night Shadow-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Morning-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeshadow Mystery Red2-MONS

Glossy Lip Highlights-Izzie’s

Tattoo: Simple Heart-Skyla’s Designs

Jewelry: Evana Earrings in Gold


Melissa Ring in Black-Bens Beauty

Clothing: Natari Posum in Blood-Millésime Ðesign

Tight Denim Skinny Jeans-Alyce

Shoes: Cinq in Black-N-core

Location: Innsmouth