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Purple doll

Happy hump day, Hope all is well in your world’s

I have lots of awesomeness to show you over next couple of days so hopefully you will likey

Today Gacha Mania opened for its October round, Its such an awesome event lots of cuteness so make sure you check it out!

Purple Doll

Hair:  Olinda Truth @ Mystic Realms Faire
Skin: Sky II America Glam Affair (Sept Arcade)
Eye Make up: Soft Smoke Eye Makeup Plum Glamorize
Eye Make up 2: My Missing Metallic Eyeliner Plum Utopiah
Lips Make up: Classic Pout Lipstick Purple Gradient Pink Fuel
Hair Bow: Woolen bowknot PP Cila  @ Gacha Mania
Tattoo: Bones Tattoo PMS – Pimp my skin (Group Gift)
Necklace:  Horror Necklace Black (Poe) Cute Poison @ Halloween Blackout
Dress: (deep purple) Spoopy Doll Dress katat0nik @ C88
Sock: Shimmer Socks – Black *Aphrodisiac*
Shoe:  Gee gee boots 2PM @ Gacha Mania

Pose: Rumi Kirin

Swamp Fairy! Tinkerbell’s Demise:

Morning all you lovely people! Haha I’m all cheery today, dunno why, same sh*t different day rofl, have to make the most of what u have got i guess, There is so many events coming up to go too and that i personally want to have a look, i feel like i dk where to start, i have got a lot fussier in buying products in the last couple of years, purely cause i have so much stuff i tend to think do i reallllly need this, to be woren once and never looked at again haha.. you know ur the same, dont judge 😛 It has to really stand out to me personally, some things are too hard to resist though, but we so many events starting at this time of the month, i think it will have to be a case of being very fussy!! my poor wallet! hehe

Soo anyway today i introduce you to swamp fairy lmao, i made her up she is cute and scary all at the same time, i think she use to be a real fairy well its Tinkerbell then the swamp gremlins captured her and now she is swamp fairy lolllll I totally just made this up but it fits

I been on a waffle today, it does happen sometimes lol 😛


Hair: Kills no.1 – DipDye&Fades Little Bones @ Chapter Four (open)
Skin: Sky II America Glam Affair (Sept Arcade)
Face 1:  Burnt Face  PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout (opens today)
Face 2:  Stitched Lips PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Chest:  Slashed Chest PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Leg:  Leg wound PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout
Outfit: Tinkerbell’s death: Dress, Mask, Green wings  Mag<3.B @ Night of living cart sale 
Wings 2: Bat Wings Rare (full hud) PMS – Pimp My Shit @ Halloween Blackout

Location: Done wiv a Twist Estate

Swamp Fairy! Tinkerbell's Demise: