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Beach Party

Hello ma Twisters! hehe, Iam having a feel good day, I am cleaning.. cleaning always helps put me in a better mood, watching the grim wipe away or something i guess… not that my place is grimy lmao.. but u know what i mean.. making stuff tidy putting in all in its place, that’s like therapy to me, going though doing every room top to bottom – today was kitchen day the easiest cause my kitchen is always the cleanest tidest room in the house – but i scrubbed the work surfaces, floors put everything away where it should be .. anyway you don’t need to listen to my cleaning habits.. let me tell you about cute stuffage!!

Sooooo the funny puppet fair is open and OMG so much cutenesss..  defo worth checking out, not only is there exclusives for sale, but gachas with a ton of cute suff… street markets, and a 1L hunt!!

The spellbound hair can be worn cute bear hair ties that are sold separately in the store, next to the hair.

All deets below Mwahhhhhzzzz Sky x

Beach Party

Hair: Junko Spellbound
Bikini: Kawaii Bikini Mesh Mag<3.B @ The Funny Puppet Fair
Feet Tats: Bow 1  Pervette @ The Fantasy Gacha
Phone: Cute Bot Puppet phone The Funny Puppet Fair (1l hunt gift)
Poodle:  Poodle Pet – Rose MishMish @ C88
Pet: {Lovely Sumomos~ sugar} Cubic Cherry Kre-ations The Funny Puppet Fair

Pose: Glam 6 Elephante Poses (May Group Gift)
** Free for //elephante poses// VIP Group members. 1 time 300L group fee to join.

Location: Baja Norte

Pride and Prejudice


I’m trying to  have a efficient weekend so hopefully you will see alot of me 😛
I got to FINALLY get out my studio as SL behaved today..  when i’m busy it is easier and less time consuming to take pictures in my studio but i LOVE exploring SL and taking pictures but the lag has been killing me lately .. and making it take too long.. and now flickr is being a pest .. oh my dayzzzz! lol

anyway enjoy my lovelies ❤


Hair: Deanne Naturals hud Tameless
Skin: Emily [3] Yumyums
Make up: Juniper Lip Gloss Rose Pink – Pink Acid
Make up: Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes – Pink Acid @ She & Him
Necklace: Tisuki Necklace Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Earrings: Pearl Earring Set R+a
Shoes: AppleLeigh Nude Lindy
Bag: Book Purse (Pride and Prejudice) POSH
Dress: Nicole dress – ivory Sassy @ Stalkerazzi
Pose: Tata Curvy 5 pose+ivity