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Winter walks

Hello just a quick post, but like i said before after Tuesday, I will be here a lot more, so you have been warned! .. haha.. I will have my blogging head on for sure! .. lots of adorbs stuff again today.. and all deets are below! Hope you all ready for Christmas, I think the build up is lots more fun than the actual day hence all my time of the year posts.. just so much Christmas cuteness i cant help it!

See you again very soon ♥ Sky ♥


Hair: Miss Frost  Fades Milk @ Perfect Wardrobe
Skin: Alli 3 Yumyums
All Make up: Pink Acid
Earrings: Snowflake Earrings Pure Poison Gift
Sweater: Winter College Sweater Frosty Love Gang/Cold Perfect Wardrobe
Pants: Zipped Leggings Forever Young @ The Azz Show
Boots: Snowy boots *Knit Mag<3.B

Pose 1: Atmosphere Collection: Last Chance 5 Elephante Poses @ Acid Lily

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Thanksgiving post from Saxx, Skyla & Ema! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! x



Well since some dipshits decided it’s ok to turn our power off for several hours on the eve of Thanksgiving, Skyla has to copy and paste this from FB lol.

So this blog means a lot to me, simply because I have a lot to be thankful for. So let me start off by thanking the two ladies who help me run this blog. You two give me the inspiration to keep blogging and I love you two like family. Looking forward to many years knowing ya! I am very thankful for having my health, this year has been nuts! I love love LOVE my kiddo, he is the reason I go crazy from time to time but it is sooooo worth it. I’m thankful for family and friends who have supported me in RL even if they are pain in the asses. I have met a guy who has assured me how much my worth of a woman really is, I could sit here and talk about more, but he is already worth a short story. Just know I am extremely thankful to have met him. Last but not least ty so much for my SL and FB friends and family, sponsors and blog viewers included! As I come to an end, I really wish all of those who celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving, love ya all! Saxxy


In the Uk we don’t have thanksgiving, but having many american friends online over the years its something I have learn’t more about.. so I would like to be thankful for my wonderful friends family, and all the good things in my life no matter how small they are.. they are what keep you going in the darker times in life.. and of course all you guys you bother to look our little blog 😛  I’m not the writer of the bunch we have saxx for that haha..  so i will keep this short and sweet, I hope everyone reading has a fantastic thanksgiving and eats wayyyyy too much food.. You basically have 2 christmas LMAO! Skyla x


I wanted to say what I am thankful for this year, so here it goes. I am most thankful for friendship, love and happy memories from my past, present and the ones I’ve yet to make. Have an awesome thanksgiving!
♥thanksgiving huggies from Ema♥


Top:  Winterview Hoody – Rose Gang/Cold @ Winter Trend
Pants: Skinny Jeans – Tan Cynful @ Winter Trend
Pn: Cynful has a black friday event 50% off

Hair: Jade Mesh hair – /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: Utopia Eyes – Deep Green – IKON
Sweater: Yuk Sweater Cupcakes – Poptart
Cotton StretchPants – tulip. 
Paola Flats – Blush – Ingenue

The world is full of monsters with friendly faces

Hello all, Hope your having a good thursday, and a warmer one than me.. iam so cold.. no heating either till i get paid tomorrow.. haha.. its ok i got layers on.. i just need some gloves cause my hands are like ice!

A few bits for you today so enjoy and ♥


Hair: Harley Reds Truth
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Make up 1: Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup Pink Acid
Make up 2: L’eau Lip Gloss (Russian Red) Mock
Tattoo: Monsters Tattoo Corvus
Crown: Pumpkin Crowns Rotten Defiance Group Gift (6 versions of 7 Crowns!)
Bodysuit: Edna Hybrid “Da Brain” silver Gang/Cold @ Perfect Wardrobe
Shoes: Bad Girl going Couture Black Hollyhood

Pose: Heidi 3 Pose+ivity
Location: Cantana

Apocalyptic Alien

Hello all

I was around yesterday, busy day in rl .. appointments etc.. then i had to DJ so time just ran away with me, but i did put this together yesterday.. only got to post it today though..

I don’t always get the time to put the effort and creativity into every picture esp if SL is playing me up but i really wanted too with this one esp.. as it’s not every day you get given candy corn skins to blog.. I’m happy with how this came out.. hope you like it 😀


Skin: Ali (Candy Corn) Yumyums @ Acid Lily
Tattoo 1: Let’s go Hiatus
Tattoo 2: Inspirtation Hiatus @ Fi*friday
Bruises: Body Bruises Corvus
Goggles: Sandstorm – WarTorn Remarkable Oblivion
Belt: Bullet F****** Belt Remarkable Oblivion
Bracelets:  Polished Cuff Bracelet Black Sassy
Dress: Livvy Dress Black Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show
Boots: Strap Boots! Mesh Black Cheeky
Bear: War-Ready I-lo {Candy Corn} Yumyums @ Acid Lily

Pose: Prissy 6 Curvy Pose+ivity
Location: The Wastelands, The Junkyard.

Welcome to the new world

Hello all!

How is well and everyone is having a great weekend, I have a few bits from the body mod expo and azz show, Hope you enjoy the rest your Saturday night and do something fun with it 😀


Hair: Alyssa Rumina (Anniversary Edition)
Skin: Ali 3 Yumyums
Make up 1: Mi Amor Deep smoke Eye Make Up Pink Acid
Make up 2: Duck Lips – Coal Pink Acid @ Body Mod Expo 1L$ Gift
Tattoo 1: Keylocked Hiatus @ She & Him
Tattoo 2: Gothic Lace Chin Tattoo Noir Milk @ Body Mod Expo
Horns: Dermal Spike Implants Milk @ Body Mod Expo
Earrings: Sweet Heart Hoops Black Atooly @ Body Mod Expo
Top: Penny Blue Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show
Pants: Zia Denim – DarkSlateGrey Cynful @ The Azz Show
Shoes: Horde Boots Prussian Malfean Visions @ Body Mod Expo

Pose: Martha 5 Purple Poses
Location: The Town of Calico

Late and Dark

Ever have one of those days where time runs away with you? That is me today .. like its 1.10am.. I never usually blog this late.. the time just went today!

Enjoy ♥


Hair: Stephie Candy –  Ploom
Skin: Ali [3] – Yumyums
Make up: Model 1o1 – Pink acid
Make up: Margot Make up –  Glam Affair
Tattoo 1: Virgo Neck – Pimp My Shit
Tattoo 2: Sexy Bitch – Pimp My Shit
Horns: Cernwn Horns –  Illusions
Bodysuit: Esme Suit Riot – Gang/ColdThe Boobie show Birthday   (28thSept)
Boots: Vivica Boots [V2] – R3volt

Like u like

Hey all
A couple of bits for you today, short and sweet cause my head is hurtingggggg!
enjoy 🙂


Hair: Wild At Heart Natural Fusion Exile
Make up: Margot Makeup 03 Glam Affair
Freckles: Hiatus
Tattoo: Mia Phatt ass Hiatus
Bag: Brocadia Clutch – Sin Gang/cold L’accessoires
Bodysuit: Maya Bodysuit Phatt ass [A] feat. [Gang/Cold] @ perfect wardrobe
Shoes: Mesh Scorpion Boots – Pink Leopard Pink Acid

Nobody owns a cat!

Hey all, Today i have this new inno dress from gang/cold it comes with a hud so there is 3 diferent style options you could have it just stripes etc.. and it comes in a varity of  9 other colours! check it out! 😀


Hair: Sam Champagne Truth
Skin: Emily [3] – yumyums
Earrings: Miau Earring Gacha Gang/Cold
Necklace: Laurette Necklace Pure Poison (Group Gift)
Top: Inno Dress (grey hud) – Gang/Cold
Pants: Black Wash Skinnies TRS
Shoes: Tribal Black Heels Mesh -NINETY- @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Pose: Adorkable

Until you spread you wings, you will have no idea how far you fly!

😛 😀


Hair: Hearts on Fire 18 Fushia Glitter – Clawtooth @ The Arcade Gacha
Skin: Emily [2] – :Sugar: / {yumyums}
Make up: Exotic Ethnic Lips – Pink – Pink Acid @ She & Him
Nails: Cutie with Hud – Room of AMO
Tattoo: Wish Skyla on MP L$30
Bracelets: Way Girlie Bracelet Gacha RARES -Heart and Star Nostalgic – :Sugar: / {yumyums} @ Stalkerazzi (LM TBA opens 6th Sept)
Outfit: Angelic Outfit-Purple – Rotten Defiance @ Perfect Wardrobe
Boots: Prototype v.2 – Pink – Gang/Cold

Pose: Purple Poses 

Life is like a zebra

“Life is like a zebra. There are whites, and black stripes on it. When you are on a white stripe walk slowly, enjoy it. When you come to a black stripe raise your collar, shut your eyes, and run as fast as you can go to get to a white one. But, remember, there is always a white stripe after a black one!”

P’s It’s my birthday tomorrow!


Hair: Time and Sound Natural Fusion 2 Exile
Skin: Emily [2] – :Sugar: (More tones in store!!)
Glasses: Gabriella glasses Zebra Artilleri
Top: Alondra Blouse Zebra – Color me @ Material Girl
Skirt: Morgan Mini SkirtPixelites @  Black Only Event
Shoe: Prototype v.1 – Zebra Gang/Cold (lots more colors in store!)

And to be cheeky this is my 2nd entry for shoetopia if u like it press it, fave it & tell me what u think.. i get nervous about it cause the other people are amazing then there is just little me trying my best lol – The prop is from my awesome friend Ally (allysondwyer) she made it for me but its now for sell so check out Something New – The shoes are awesome from Gang/Cold 🙂

Shoetopia entry 2 2013 - Skyla Tunwarm