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Take a Seat and Enjoy the Scenery

Hey all! A quick post on this living room set from Bee Designs. I had no idea that Bee Designs did anything other than beach stuff…lol and I was WRONG. I actually went to the store and grabbed a couple of things from the mainstore and decided to keep it in the sim’s Winter Installment. This living room set however is part of the Urban United Better Not Pout Event in a Gacha. For all clues or hints for this event can be found here. There are some cute things available, so check it out!

The set comes with everything seen here and lighting(not shown in the pics). Good luck @ the Gacha Machines!

Bee Designs Living Room *1

Bee Designs Living Room *2

Bee Designs Living Room *3

Bee Designs Living Room *4

Bee Designs Living Room *5

❤ Saxxy

Furniture:Whistler Living Room Gacha-Bee Designs@ Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

Fireplace, Sofa, and Christmas Tree are RARES.

Location: Done Wiv a Twist

The Lovebugs Rockin the “Love” Seat

Hello all, I know this is a pretty late post, but with me having a bit of time on my hands I certainly did not forget about this love seat Kay sent me from Image Essentials, I just needed the right couple and why not the cootie and lady bugs also known as some of my great friends Ema and Dossy.

The Love seat comes with various poses for couples and the letters can be changed to your liking if you need them to be, all ya gotta do is ask Kay Weston and I’m sure she can hook ya up! I hope you all like it and thank you Ema and Dossy for posing for me 🙂 ❤ Saxxy

The Lovebugs

The Lovebugs1

Love Couch-Image Essentials