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Spring is here! :D

Hey all, Still fighting with my computer 😦 but i managed to take a quick snap to show off this outfit, which totally gives me that spring feeling! I’m more a summer time girl… but Spring at least means Summer is on the way and that is defo a good thing! The outfit inc shoes will be available at the Ho Depot this month which opens on the 15th!

I took this picture on our sim which now open to all of you to come take pics or just hang out! Done wiv a Twist Estate!

I will keep fighting my computer till i can get a new one, so i will be here when i can, just sorry i can’t do better pictures right now just at home on sim or studio cause i don’t crash but i can only have my graphics up for the shortest time poss 😦 but like i say doing my best to show you all the cutenessssssssss ♥

Spring is here! :D

Hair: Nahara Spellbound
Skin: Innocence Atomic
Necklace: Teardrop Stars Phoebe ~Piercings & more @ Fi*Friday
Ring: Silver Dolphin Rings Blue Gacha Sakide
Bracelet: Love Bracelet Silver B L V D  X V I I I Fi*Friday
Top: Summer Top Retro (Appliers) Xxxtasi @ The Ho Depot
Pants:  Jean Capri (Appliers) Xxxtasi @ The Ho Depot
Shoes: Wedge Retro Summer (High Slink) Xxxtasi @ The Ho Depot

Pose: Let it go 2 Elephante Poses @ Fit for a princess

Me by me

Hey Sorry for my very slow posting at the moment, my computer has just gone F*ck you lol I cant really leave my platform with out it turning itself off – I managed to steal the boyfriends computer to take this picture, but sorry its if its not the usual quality, i sent it to myself on fb and it went all meh lol.. but hey hooo slowly blogging getting a new computer soon! so bare with me!

As you prob have seen Avery, Saxx and myself mention.. we have been working on something to share with all of you, well all i’m gonna say is it opens on sunday, i’m very excited and look out for Saxx’s next post cause she gonna tell you lots more!

so the fashion .. love this look, I feel very me in it 🙂 Enjoy!

Me by me

Hair: Eden Little Bones
Skin: {Innocence} – Creme Atomic
Make up: Eyeshadow Dramatic Mons @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Tattoo: Dirty Sinner Identity
Belt: Chainbelt Cynful @ The Big Show
Ring: Micky Mouse Ring Bens Beauty
Top: Sweetie Top Forever Young
Jacket: Cropped Denim Jacket Light Blue Cynful @ The 100 Block
Pants: Highwaisted Jeans Ricielli The Dressing Room Fusion
Shoes: Wedge Flip Flops- Pure Reign
* The shoes are from the Saturday Sale Everything 75L from a list of awesome designers – so make sure you look out for that 

Pose: Let it go 5 Elephante Poses @ Fit for a princess
** MJ has done up the Main store Sim make sure you check it out!
Location: It all starts with a smile



Hey, So I’am alive… just been have a break, I pretty much blogged not stop for nearly 2 years.. so i dk just needed it, plus real been busy this pass couple of weeks 😛  I will prob be on and off a bit next week also then i will be back to it and i promise to make you sick of the sight of my face!


Hair: Tabita – Ombres Mina @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Skin: Celestial Red China fairy Al vulo The Dressing Room Fusion
Earrings: Vintage Rope Door Knockers (Red) Dirtymind @ Fi*Friday
Top: Ayame Tunic White Mickey Pull Fi*Friday
Socks: Destroyed Socks Slink feet & azz hud  inc Forever Young @ Rock Attitude
Shoes: Wedge Flip Flops- Black Reign
* The shoes are from the Saturday Sale Everything 75L from a list of awesome designers – so make sure you look out for that

Pose: Let It Go Gacha Elephante PosesFit for a Princess