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She & Him: MoDANNA, Ariskea, .[ pose+ivity ].

Hey guys,

Iam a bit behind cause i wasn’t feel myself yesterday at all, and i been helping Saxx so yeah blame Saxx bahahaha ❤ squishy!
So the new monthly event from Flair for Events SHE & HIM starts on the 5th July..at noon slt …
Offering high quality body enhancements, accessories and clothing for women and men..
Lucky lil old me, is fortunate enough to be one of the bloggers for it..
The LM is locked until the event but i have included it for you.. and the official website for the event: http://sheandhimsl.blogspot.ca/
I will of course be back hopefully sooner rather than later with more sneak peeks for you!


Hair: Mindy – fades – Truth
Skin: Whisper – light rose – Essences
Make up: Model 101 Eye Makeup Pink Acid
Necklace: Faith Necklace – {me.} Jewelry
Ring: Faith Ring –{me.} Jewelry
Dress:[Particuliere Collection] pencil dress silver MoDANNA COMING SOON @  SHE & HIM (Also more colours at event!!!!)
Shoes: ! Shoes DONNA  – Redgrave


Hair:  Paloma – Red Hots ! Sugarsmack !  
Skin: Whisper – light rose – Essences
Make up: Moles packDamned
Nails: Polish/Tipped&Dipped/HUD – For Slink Mesh hands – PIDIDDLE 
Necklace: Yola Necklace – Pure Poison  (Group Gift)
Dress: Futurist mesh dress // Galaxie – Ariskea// COMING SOON @  SHE & HIM (Also more colours at event!!!!)
Shoes: ! Shoes HELENA  Redgrave 

Pose: (Pic1)Hippie 5 (pic2)Hippie2 .[ pose+ivity ].COMING SOON @  SHE & HIM 

Enjoys  Skyla xxxx

Mid Summer Night

Hi hi, I know Friday was mid- summers night.. but hey ho.. it fits so meh haha..

Just a picture and credits.. cause i’m boring like that today 😛 misum_003

Skin:  Whisper *Light Rose* – Essences @ TDRF
Hair: Siobhan  Truth
Zoe Maxi [MESH] Bloom – Drift
Poinsettia Rings ~Spring Pack~ Phoebe 
Dream Gem Necklace – Bubblez Design
Sweet Spring- Picture this poses
Location: It starts with a smile 🙂 


Big hugs Skyla xxx

Eat my shorts

Hello hello..

I haven’t blogged much pass couple of days :O lmao.. did you miss me? lolz.. I was gettin some bits done.. one being helping our very own lovely saxx with something that iam sure she will tell you all more about soon!!  Its very exciting though i will tell you that much!

but ofc i still had time to collect LOTS of stuff to blog lmao.. So u may see me twice today… miracle!

Anyway on to the good stuff.. cute_005

Skin:  Cancer – Light Rose – Brown – Essences @ Zodiac
Make up:
Moles Pack – Damned
Crazy in Love: Natural Fusion ::Exile::
Polish/Tipped&Dipped/HUD – For Slink Mesh Hands – PIDIDDLE 
Doll Earrings Refreshing Mint –theBrassiere / Going Bust
Rings: Diamond Star Rings – Pack A – Cute Poison @ The Thrift Shop 
Gamer Necklace – Cute Poison / Endless Summer Hunt
 Basic Tucked Tank Grey – Tee*fy 
Niki Shorts [V2] – [R3]  @  The Thrift Shop 

(If you see me inworld i will prob be in these shorts – I LOVE them! come with hud with 15 diffferent fabrics!!..)

Pose: Killer Curves 3  Demise of Flight


Skyla xxx

Hunting Season!

Hey all _ I been away as some of you may know, its a rare thing for me.. anyway.. I came back and was so tired so thought i would just mooch and do some hunts.. Hello Titty Trail, Sexy Nerd Hunt, and Excuse my French.. and i pride myself on being honest.. I don’t want to mislead my readers.. Don’t even bother with the Excuse my french hunt.. badly organised, half the prizes didn’t work, There was no store names or urls to next place so to move on you had to spend hours trying to find it with badly written clues.. to get the LM to next one.. there was 24 prizes.. I kept.. 3 things thats it.

but anyway.. I have stuff from the Hello Titty Trail & Sexy Nerd Hunt to share with you.  😛

Skin: Gemini Essences
Hair: Plenty (hud 3) Magika
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes (Twilight Sea Shadow) Mayfly
Make up 1: Model 101 eye make upPink Acid
Make up 2:  Naturally Lippy Lipstick 7 Pack Bright Pink – Pink Acid
Glasses: (Pose pk) You won’t see meElephant poses (Sexy Nerd)
Piercing:{Anatomy}: Cleavage [Coloris Pack] –Hebenon Vial 
Mouthie: Walking gummie bear mouthy – NS:: 
Dress: Henley Mini Dress (Peach) – *Epic* (Hello Titty)
Pose: Demise of Flight (Sexy Nerd)


Top: Sexy Geek[trs]  (Sexy Nerd)
Pose: Nerd Set Focus Poses


Dress: Zebra Tank Dress  – Sassy! –  (Hello Titty)

Pose: You won’t see me Pk – Elephant poses (Sexy Nerd)

Ofc thats not all the things i got on both those hunts.. just a few.. but enjoy.. and happy hunting till next time Skyla xxxx

I DO believe in Fairies!

Hey all!

So some of you might know I’m on this shopping ban for varies reasons.. RL, SL, Both have reasons why.. lmao.. and my invent is a mess! lmao.. BUT sometimes that’s fun to create out of what u have right!?.. but as you see from the picture below that means eff the clothes and get naked bahahaha.. well no it wasn’t quite like that.. Ema very kindly sent me this hair from the  Arcade Gacha .. and I thought I’ll do something with this.. i did try and find an outfit.. then i decided to sit naked with the fairies instead LMAO.. I got a necklace on at least 😛


Skin:  Opera Summertime – Essences

Make up: Juniper Lip Lip Gloss  Natural – Pink Acid

Hair: Lory Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) –  Aquatic – Wasabi Pills @ Arcade Gacha

Headband: Sequin Head Wraps Sliver –  Paper Doll

Necklace: Milla Necklace – Pure PoisonSubscribe Gift)

Location: It starts with a smile

I should be dressed next time 😛 haha

Skyla xx

I’m not bad! I’m just drawn that way.

Hey all,

I was looking inspiration to blog, Mooching threw LM’s.. In my search i stumbled across this little gem, now how many of you have wanted, a decent mesh gown.. something i think all women should have at leastone of in there invent..and i know personally since mesh came out i haven’t found one i really like that’s mesh..  Well here i got just that – Mesh AND they have appliers for us lola lover’s – I went with the Jessica Rabbit look for this shoot, but there is plenty of choice in the store!!

1st shot is with out the appliers, 2nd shot with appliers. 🙂 jessica1

Dress: ” Koralin ” mesh gown / Lolas / Red – MAAI 

Hair: Pic one: Gattina, Pic two: Teddy: Truth

Skin: OperaEssences

Pose1:  Sexy Singer :: Bebotes :: 

Pose2: Vely {pose maniacs} 





Till next time  Skyla xxxxxx

Nuffin to wear!

Hiii all Just a quicky from me today..

Its all ways amazes me that i shop so much, and have nuffin to i wanna wear..

I thought this was quite fitting in showing you in the underwear set i picked up at BeWbAPaLoOZa  underwear


Skin: Opera Summertime 01 Essences

Make up: Eyemake and LipsPink Acid

Hair: Gattina Reds Truth

Underwear:  Wild Wink Coal Black wiv Tango applier – Blonde&BlondeBeWbAPaLoOZa

Boots:  Tall Leather Thigh Boots BlackSlink

Location: Image Essentials Photostudio. 


See you soon – Skyla xxx

Sea Horses!

Welllll hellooo and Good Morning, Wow i sound Chirpy.. haha.. maybe iam i dunno i didn’t wake up that long ago.. not sure yet..

I went to The 100 block yesterday and picked just a couple of things.. but i wanna show this dress cause welll loook how cute it is! hehe..

I also read Saxx’s Meme from Strawberry, Its very brave my Squishy well done! I totallly agree on the invent cleaning too at 30k, Iam the same near that mark and i have to deleted stuff.. haha.. as for gettin naked who me?!?!? .. and the last also… ofc not now i’m a married woman you know! lolz

Anywayy back to it..


Hair: Crazy in Love: Natural Fusion Bleach –::Exile::
Skin:  Opera Summertime 01 –Essences @ TDRF
Make up1:  Moles Pack 1,2 &3 – – DAMNED –
Make up2: Lashes 2 –  .::CENSORED::.
Nails:  Multichoice Nails ~ French Tips Misha
Dress: Pony Dress – Seafoam – [AUX] @  The 100 block
Pose: Frozen Model Poses   Frozen
Location: It all starts with a smile! 

I Hope you enjoyed, I sure enjoyed doing it, apart from fighting with the firestorm update.. (FIX IT LL) gonna try and get more blogs done.. write myself a timetable or something, just be more organised and less dreamy .. bahahaha!

Till next time ❤ to you all – Skyla xxxx

Cum make me colourful! :D


Hope your all well..  I been mooching around today.. noo The 100 Block yett hoping to go there tomorrow morning..

Soo this what i got from today… not big on the words today.. lazy saturday evening .. hehe


Skin:  Opera Summertime 01 EssencesTDRF

Make up1: Naturally Lippy Lipstick 7 Pack Nude – Pink AcidTDRF

Make up2: Makeups – Eyeshadow Evening MONSTDRF

Ring Left:  Prince-Sass Ring – Apple May Designs WCM

Nails&Right Rings:   Mess Rings in Silver – -UtopiaH-

Top:  I’mDark? _01 ~G O L A Industry~ Perfect Wardobe

Shorts:  cocoro shorts (rainbow) (TokiD) TDRF

Pose:   Ana   {pose maniacs}WCM

Till next time sooner rather than later i hope ❤ Skyla xx