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Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

Hello Twist readers, I feel wonderful to be back home. I had to take some time away from my usual and leave my laptop as well with no SL. As of lately things things haven’t been particularly peachy, but Skyla always has a way of uplifting my spirits.

I received a lot of different things to blog on this past weekend. I had to blog this outfit from Kaithleen’s to start the week off. This set is absolutely gorgeous and is fun to accessorize and role play in. This outfit can be found @ The Genre theme being Arabia.

Also new for this round of Lubbly Jubblies is this really pretty skin called Mychal from Panda Punx. Lluna made this super easy to use HUD for all appliers that comes with the skin! Seriously, it saves me so much space and from having to keep finding appliers for body parts. It is awesome! The skin comes with a winged eyeliner and blue eyeshadow on the eyes and a pink lipstick color.

Hope you are having a wonderful day, I will be back soon!

❤ Saxxy

Skin: Mychal Skin {Blue Dreams}-Panda Punx @ Lubbly Jubblies

Shape: My Shape

Hair: Colbie-Truth

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Bone-Ikon

Makeup: Summer Mix Sunflower w/liner-Elymode

The rest comes on skin.

Jewelry: Ruffle Around Earrings


Zaia Slave Bracelets in Quartz-Earthstones

Clothing: Arabian Ruffled Top & Arabian Wide Pants in Frost-Kaithleens @ The Genre

Shoes: Crystal Dewdrop Sandals for Slink Feet-Maxi Gossamer

Poses: Sophia Poses-Posetivity

The Beginning of a Sweet Hunt

The Cotton Candy Hunt png.

Hello All! Late night posting again! My son is getting ill again grrrr! I swear Florida and it’s bipolar weather makes my little one sick so fast! So between my normal daily activities and him being sick, yeah not the best. I had to get started on these products though cause guess what is coming up? The Cotton Candy Hunt!! I like want some now cause between the colors and cute stuff of Kawaii themed products I have a huge sweet tooth! The first products I am reviewing are from Buttery Toast(I want toast too btw -_-) and FC Designs.

Cotton Candy Collage

I did this look surrounded by the pure goodness of Cotton Candy! The hunt item from Buttery Toast is a cute lingerie set complete with phat azz and lola appliers. Thank you for allowing me to dip my hands all in your Cotton Candy machine Skyla, I may have broken it hence that face above lol >_<

Skin: Aria Skin (Asia Combination 11 A)-Glam Affair

Hair: Daisy Type B in Onyx-D!va

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Dune-Ikon

Makeup: Northern Lights in Greyscale-Buzzeri

Kat Brows in Ebony-Soiree

Glossy Lip Highlights-Izzie’s

Jewelry: Knotted Shimmer Pearls-Maxi Gossamer

Cloud Kawaii Earrings-Pure Poison

Nails: Cotton Candy Nails-Starry Heaven

Outfit: Cotton Candy Lingerie-Buttery Toast for the Cotton Candy Hunt(Coming Soon)

Cotton Candy Prop and Poses: Cotton Candy-Sugar Heart

Cotton Candy Cart and Blue Board-Follow Us

Strawberry Fields Forever Collage

The next look from FC Designs totally inspired the Strawberry love I have within to come out. From Strawberry Fields poses, to Strawberry sheep yeah you get the picture. The hunt item is a shirt in which I just wore as a dress cause ya know it looked awesome on it’s own. I totally dig that belt though! Such an awesome strawberry texture!

Skin: Erin in Medium-League

Hair: Colbie-Truth

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Strawberry Jam on Ice Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Kat Eyebrows in Light Blonde-Soiree

Strawberry Face Tattoo-Elymode

Nails: What Does the Fox Say?-Bella Elephante@The Cosmetic Fair

Jewelry: Evana Earrings and Ring-Bens Beauty

Crown: Roses Crown in White-Glow Designs

Top: Strawberry Fields Top-FC Designs for the Cotton Candy Hunt

Shoes: Pandora Flats in Clover-Ingenue

Poses: Strawberry Fields Forever-Elephante

Location: Done Wiv a Twist

Glow Designs is having a huge sale inworld, make sure to check it out!

._Glow Designs_. Cleaning Sale


I will continue to blog on Cotton Candy Hunt items within the week and stuff. It doesn’t start until the 4th of May so please keep an eye for the lm or starting point!

Have a great evening all!

❤ Saxxy

Floral Prints & a Pink Elephant

Spring is Here Collage

Hello everyone, I haven’t been blogging much, but my inspiration has mostly been going into the parcel between the Done Wiv a  Twist  & The Sound District. I got into Collabor88 and snatched up a few nice cute things. The Mood Board is watercolors so yes I fell in love with the pastels.

Tea Time

We invite you all to join us if you can make it to our first Open Mic @ The Sound District. Grab a partner, friend, or hell come alone we will keep you company 😀 It starts @ 7pmslt. Hope to see you all there!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Hang it Up in Captivating Brunettes-Clawtooth@Collabor88

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Chocolate-Ikon

Makeup: Brown and Olive Eyeshadow-Elymode

Falsies Lashes-Mon Cheri

Glossy Lip Highlights 3D-Izzie’s

Jewelry: Earrings from the Polly Set-Mandala

Elephant: An Elephant to Hug in Rose-Mish Mish@Collabor88

Clothing: Blooming Moment Dress (Pink Cardigan) & using Texture Hud 5-UFO@Collabor88

Shoes: Vinnitsa Sandal in Moonglow-Hucci@Collabor88

Pose: Dolce Vita(regal queen)-Marukin@Collabor88

Location: Done Wiv a Twist

PS, thanks for visiting our parcel we appreciate it!

Get Ready for It

Cherry Blossoms Collage

Hello readers! So here is just a piece of what we have been working on 😀 We have decided to get a piece of land and dedicate it to our viewers and blog followers to take pretty pictures and stuffs. No it isn’t a huge sim cause we don’t have the funds but enough space and decor to look all nice 🙂

I am showing off a few new things. First up is this lovely gown that comes in several colors for only 75l from Voxxi. It has a no feet/feet alpha layer and I am totally digging the print.

Your Cocain has released a few new tattoos for Fi Friday. I am showing off the Lana and Compass Love. Lana is an arm tattoo of the incredibly sexy Lana Del Rey surrounded by flowers. Compass Love come with a slink applier and gloved versions for the hand. It looks a bit Henna inspired and exotic. Make sure to check out Fi Fridays for incredible deals.

As far as the land, it will be open to the public on Sunday, April 6th. LM will be given then. Please do NOT try and enter unless you are a guest blogger! You will be ejected :/ Enjoy!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Chika 4 in Black Amber-D!va

Eyes: Promise Eyes in Dune-Ikon

Makeup: A Little Drama in Smoke


Smudged Eyeliner (Teal)-Elymode

Glossy Lip Highlights 3D-Izzie’s

Tattoos: Lana & Compass Love-Your Cocain

Jewelry: 777 Jewelry Set-Mandala

Dress: Marisa Formal Dress in Blue-Voxxi

Poses: Sophia-Posetivity


Good evening, I am going to post this really quick since I started on it earlier but got distracted by other things. Delirium Style released a couple of these cute dresses with HUDs called “Diana”. I have been inspired by a lot of boho and hippie attire so I took my pics around things involving nature. I hope you come back Sunday to deliver more goodies!

❤ Saxxy

Diana Dress Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Hair 04 in Chestnut-Eaters Coma

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Platinum(1st two pics) & Utopia Eyes in Faerie Green-Ikon

Makeup: Wicked Ways Eyeshadow in Blurple,Glitter Pop Eshadow in Bronzed Taupen(1st & 3rd picture) –Mock Cosmetics

Smudged Eyeliner in Teal & Brown and Teal Eyeshadow(middle picture)-Elymode

Falsies Eyelashes-Mon Cheri

Glossy Lip Highlights-Izzie’s

Jewelry: Gold Peace Pendant-Maxi Gossamer

Dresses: Diana Dresses in Pattern,Solids, and Boho-Delirium Style

Feet: Flat Barefeet-Slink

Serene Siri

Hello all, this will be a quick post on an outfit that I fell in love with at the Candy Fair by Masoom. It has a mesh top and non mesh skirt that flows. I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday! ❤ Saxxy

Siri Dress Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Giz Type A in Citrine-D!va Hair

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-Ikon

Makeup: Plum Orgueil Rouge Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Sakura Face Tattoo-Elymode

Accessories: Open Leaf Ear Cuff Earrings-[F]oil

Hip Accent Piercings-Cute Poison

Clothes: Siri Dress in White Choco-Masoom for the Candy Fair

Location: Japan Project Garden II

Paulina Has a Sweet Tooth

Hello everyone, I did not get my surgery as I was supposed to a couple of days ago, but lets see if it will actually occur on the 24th of this month. Anyways, so the lovely Endra has released new jewelry sets in which I absolutely love! The Paulina set I am wearing is a bronze color with the look of coins embedded. The necklace and earrings are not for the gentle look, but more so to make a statement in which it can speak for itself 🙂

I did have a chance to kind of skim through the candy fair, and I say skim because of the usual lag monster that tends to eat people alive. I think the lag ate my feet, nails, and hair at one point O_O. I actually did not buy much, but I did find this cute romper and cute flats for the flat Slink feet. I will warn you that the back is a bit short, but I did not want my butt to take the attention away from the jewelry and not only that, Endra would probably kill me 😀 I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and please make sure to get a map at the Candy Fair, there are three sims that have yummy goodies. ❤ Saxxy

Paulina Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Qopi in Browns-Truth Hair

Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Gray Green-Ikon

Makeup: Brown & Color Eyeshadows in brown & gold-Elymode

Exotic Ethnic Lips in Orange-Pink Acid for the Candy Fair

Jewelry: The Paulina Set(neckace & earrings)-Artistry by E

Clothes: Hello Sailor Romper in Brown-Kaithleen for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Candy Flats in Soft Chocolate-Berries Inc. for the Candy Fair

Poses: Ryah Pack-.[ pose+ivity ] for Fi Friday

Location: Moonlight Teahouse

Candy All Around

Hello everyone, I am soooo tired like whoa! In any case I decided to go ahead and get all of these products out of the way and show you what Jay has prepared you all for the Candy Fair starting Oct 4th from Sugar and Cyanide. Due to the pics and styling details, I will keep this short and sweet and focus on the fashion aspect. Yes, I wore my Lush boobs in some of my pics just for Skyla you damn boob lover! I have had these for months and could never get them right, anywho don’t get too used to them, I will only wear them as needed lol. Love you all! ❤ Saxxy

Sweetheart Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Just a Reason in Wild Fusion-Exile for The Arcade

Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Pool-Ikon

Makeup: A little drama in smoke-Elymode

Kawaii stars-StrawBerry

Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth in Pink 02-Pink Acid

Belly Ring: Belly Cupcake II in Pink-Envi

Clothes: Sweetheart(top,pants,tango appliers)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Locale in Sugar-Boom

S&C Candy Fair_004


Hair: Ezra in Midnight-Excess

Tongue: Bubbly tongue-Splash

Dress: Candy Floss in Blue(available in other colors w/ tango and phat azz appliers)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Locale in Lemon Yellow-Boom

I love candy collage


Hair: Mindy in Toast-Truth Hair

Makeup: Same eyeshadow as in pic 1

Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth in Blue-Pink Acid

Eyes: Kaleido in Day-Ikon

Tattoo: Butterfly2-Pimp My Shit

Clothes: I Heart Candy(winged top and skirt)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Sophia Heels w/hud -S&C for the Candy Fair

Candy Girl Collage


Hair: Froukje in Chocolate-Truth Hair

Makeup: Brown & green eyeshadow-Elymode

Tasty Lips in Nude-Plastic Co.

Earrings: Shell Teardrop in Pearl Green-Maxi Gossamer

Clothes: Candy Girl in Summers End(other styles will be available)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Candy Pants and Shoes Collage


Pants: Eye Candy Pants in Icy,Melon, and Pink(other colors available)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Mya Heels(exclusives for the fair)-S&C for the Candy Fair

The URL to the Candy Fair is not available at the moment, please keep an eye on our FB page or here when the time comes for it to be open to the public.

Getting a Bit Groovy

Hello everyone, today I will be showing off the items from Sugar and Cyanide that will be at the Fashion Story Fair. Since there will be a few collages, I will make this quite short. The era chosen for this event is 60’s/70’s 🙂 I hope you all had an awesome day!<3 Saxxy

Farrah Collage


Hair: Midnight in Paris in Wedge-Exile

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Morning-Ikon

Makeup: Brown and Gold Eyeshadow w/Liner-Elymode

Smoothie Lip Color in Tuscany-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Fire & Brimstone Necklace and Ring-Chop Zuey

Clothing: Farrah in Orange-Sugar and Cyanide for the Fashion Story Fair

Shoes: Slinger Sandals w/Hud-Ducknipple

Imagine Collage


Hair: Ezra in Midnight-eXxEsS

Glasses: Clean Glasses in White-Ellemeno

Tattoo: Kind Heart(obviously my fav tattoo lol)-Your Cocain

Jewelry: Love Heart in Enamelled Black-Maxi Gossamer

Clothes: Imagine (top & jeans w/phat azz and tango appliers)-Sugar and Cyanide for the Fashion Story Fair

Shoes: Kawaii Glitter Glam Kicks-Epic

Jacklynn Collage


Hair: Lory in Wild Honey-Wasabi Pills

Makeup: Pandora’s Mizu Thunderbird Makeover-Mock Cosmetics

Necklace: Vintage Camera Charm Necklace-Yummy

Clothes: Jacklynn (peasant top and skirt)-Sugar and Cyanide for the Fashion Story Fair

Kate Collage


Hair: Kamiko in Night Shadow-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Pool-Ikon

Makeup: Fierce Kitty Face-Pink Acid

Necklace: Give Peace a Chance in Silver-Chop Zuey

Clothes: Kate (Top and Shorts w/phat azz and tango appliers)-Sugar and Cyanide for the Fashion Story Fair

Shoes: Pin Up Platform XtremeHeelII in Candy-N-Core

Fashion Story Fair runs from September 22-Oct 6

Come Along with Me

Hello all, I hope you all are doing well 🙂 I had so many blog ideas that when I came onto SL today I was like what am I gonna do over and over, and then I realize why don’t you put them all together! I think too hard sometimes, makes my own head hurt lol.

So today I am showing off the new tops and pants from Sugar and Cyanide. The tops(not jacket) come in different colors with appliers, and the jeans also come in different colors. Vicci Martinez inspired this look for me on her music video for Come Along, she’s amazing so I hope you all enjoy!-Saxxy

Come Along With Me_001

Tryst Top in Blue

Come Along With Me_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Emeli hair in Almost Goth-Lelutka

Eyes: Destiny Eyes in Maya(group gift)-Ikon

Makeup: A little drama in Smoke-Elymode

Isla Lipstick in Pink Champagne-League

Accessories: Aviator Style Glasses(unisex #003)-HOC

Unisex Steking Ears-Mandala

Love Letter Ring All Over-MoiMoi

Tattoo: Key of-Your Cocain

Top: Tryst top in Blue-Sugar & Cyanide

Jacket: Womens Aqua Leather Jacket-Spearson & Flirt

Jeans: Sinner Jeans in Black-Sugar & Cyanide