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For Aiyana

Aiyana Dress_001

Hello all! Today I will be dedicating this blog to my sis Aiyana, who has been just the most amazing friend ever! I love her so much cause she carries a LOT of strength that most women should have but gentle enough to love someone and still have a heart made of pure gold! Delirium Style released these lovely dresses called “Aiyana”. There is a color changing hud that comes along with it. I hope I brought some justice in your favor sis! Stay beautiful and keep kicking the asses of the annoying assholes!

❤ Saxxy

Aiyana Dress_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Xenia in Dark Browns-DeLa

Eyes: Mysteria Eyes in Nebula-Buzzeri

Makeup: Twinkle Shadow in Forrest


Metallic Gloss in Copper-Buzzeri

Jewelry: The Sofya Set in Fire Argate-Earthstones

Dress: Aiyana w/ Hud-Delirium Style

Location: Pangloss