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Hotmess Event, Lots of giveaways @ The Jokers Playhouse

Hello all

Soooo today i’m going to tell you about all about the awesome Hotmess event happening @ The Joker’s Playhouse today, There is a ton of giveaways from this list of designers.. and gifties under the tree for you to pick up!
 sugar n cyanide
 barely legal couture
 Belle Poses
 PMS (pimp my shit)
Not only that there is a raffle, everyone who enters the club will be entered for a lifetime of  -|d.l.z|- how cool is that!
So things kick of at 10am with yours truly myself.. lol then carries on all day! .. The main theme being hot mess.. but at 4pm when DJ viper himself takes the stream it will be the winter prom theme.. ofc keeping with hotmess as well.. prom dresses and combat boots?! lol..

Hot Mess Event @ The Joker's Playhouse