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Dark Horse

Hey all

I managed to get into the Project limited last night, lucky on my last try i was about to give up.. lol.. I got a couple of things.. but had to blind buy rofl as it never rezzed to me, today i just have the gloves on i got they are so cute, there is versions with cross and other little pictures at the top of them, these are the plain ones!

Bodify is also open for it new round, the top from pretty liar and cute little boobie add on from Geek! ..

All deets are below ❤

Dark Horse

Hair: Female Trouble Clawtooth @ C88
Skin: Harley Pink Fuel
Make up: Pink Acid

Top: Peek-A-Halter Black Pretty Liar @ Bodify
Pants: Leather Leggings White Sassy @ The Azz show
Gloves: Symbolic Fingerless Gloves Plain Utopiah @ Project limited
Shoes: Corporals Black LowRiders FLite

Necklace: Chained Link Necklace Black Glam AffairC88
Boobie add on: DigiGeek Stash Girly BV GeekBodify
Tattoo 1: Small Cross Corvus
Tattoo 2: Hipz Lipz Stickyz @ Suicide Dollz

Killer Curves 3 Demise of Flight

Virtual Decay

Trust No Bitch

Hello all! Today I decided to dress it down a bit. I am showing off some newness from The Hype. The beanie, cropped tee, and skirt come in a variety of colors, there are different sayings, and the cropped tees come with tango appliers.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!

❤ Saxxy

Boo Whore Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Kenzie in Night-Truth

Eyes: Dolly Eyes in Winter-Buzzeri

Makeup: Pixie Shadow in Lilac


Gel Liner in Purple-Buzzeri

Anna Lips & Teeth in Pop Pink-Pink Acid for Fi Fridays

Accessories: Trust No Bitch Beanie-The Hype

Partygurl Bangles-AlterEgo

Clothing: Boo You Whore Tee


P U N K Y Pink Skirt-The Hype

Shoes: Black Combat Boots-Corvus for Fi Friday

Velvet Fairies

Hello everyone! Today has been an awesome day! The weather in Florida is the just right weather to do a lot of different things and I took advantage of it 😀 Aside from that I have a few goodies to share with you all, so lets get to it…

First up is the My Little Gothic Dress from Sugar and Cyanide. It comes in an array of colors for the Halloweeny feel and this will be available at Stuff in Stock for this week.

If you are all a fan of the slink hand tattoos like me 😛 then you will be pleased to know more people are making them and these happen to be awesome by the gorgeous Shaina Deed for Your Cocain. They are only 21l on the MP, so I suggest you act quick on them being that I do not know how long they will stay that price. They are feathers and birds and the detail on the tats are great!

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and Skyla I hope your headache goes away soon!

❤ Saxxy

Velvet Dress Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Mina in Black and Whites-Truth Hair

Eyes: Kaleido Eyes in Forest-Ikon

Makeup: Puppy Eye 03-!t for the Cosmetics Fair

Deja Lipgloss in Merlot-Pink Acid

Tattoos: Freebie Tattoo-Corvus

Slink Birds(must have slink hands)-Your Cocain

Necklace: Loa Happy Skulls-MG for Collarbor88

Piercings: Unisex Face Piercing Q6 ~8 Metals & 11 Gems~Phoebe

Clothes: My Little Gothic Dress in Red Velvet-Sugar and Cyanide for Stuff in Stock

Ornament Leggings(ripped)-BAX

Shoes: Fabric Platforms in Black-Slink

The world is full of monsters with friendly faces

Hello all, Hope your having a good thursday, and a warmer one than me.. iam so cold.. no heating either till i get paid tomorrow.. haha.. its ok i got layers on.. i just need some gloves cause my hands are like ice!

A few bits for you today so enjoy and ♥


Hair: Harley Reds Truth
Skin: Alli 4 Yumyums
Make up 1: Mi Amor Deep Eye Makeup Pink Acid
Make up 2: L’eau Lip Gloss (Russian Red) Mock
Tattoo: Monsters Tattoo Corvus
Crown: Pumpkin Crowns Rotten Defiance Group Gift (6 versions of 7 Crowns!)
Bodysuit: Edna Hybrid “Da Brain” silver Gang/Cold @ Perfect Wardrobe
Shoes: Bad Girl going Couture Black Hollyhood

Pose: Heidi 3 Pose+ivity
Location: Cantana

Apocalyptic Alien

Hello all

I was around yesterday, busy day in rl .. appointments etc.. then i had to DJ so time just ran away with me, but i did put this together yesterday.. only got to post it today though..

I don’t always get the time to put the effort and creativity into every picture esp if SL is playing me up but i really wanted too with this one esp.. as it’s not every day you get given candy corn skins to blog.. I’m happy with how this came out.. hope you like it 😀


Skin: Ali (Candy Corn) Yumyums @ Acid Lily
Tattoo 1: Let’s go Hiatus
Tattoo 2: Inspirtation Hiatus @ Fi*friday
Bruises: Body Bruises Corvus
Goggles: Sandstorm – WarTorn Remarkable Oblivion
Belt: Bullet F****** Belt Remarkable Oblivion
Bracelets:  Polished Cuff Bracelet Black Sassy
Dress: Livvy Dress Black Gang/Cold @ The Azz Show
Boots: Strap Boots! Mesh Black Cheeky
Bear: War-Ready I-lo {Candy Corn} Yumyums @ Acid Lily

Pose: Prissy 6 Curvy Pose+ivity
Location: The Wastelands, The Junkyard.

Trick or Treating for Tube Tops and Paradigms

Hello everyone 🙂 I hope your weekend was fabulous! Today I am showing off some goodies that will be available for Stuff in Stock, Boobies Planet, and Silicone events. Since there will be a lot of credits I will cut the talking short and get right to it! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day ❤ Saxxy

S&C Trick or Treat Collage

Boobies Planet Event

Hair: Adriana in Black-Miss C

Eyes: Utopia Eyes in Faerie Green-Ikon

Makeup: Eyeliner # 4-Pekka Cosmetics

Exotic ethnic lips in orange-Pink Acid

Tattoos: Freebie Tattoo-Corvus

Key Of-Your Cocain

Apparel: Top,Pants, & Wings(phat azz and tango appliers available)-Sugar and Cyanide for the Boobies Planet Event

Shoes: Zen in Pure Black-N-Core

S&C Fleur Collage

Stuff in Stock Discount:

Hair: Love my Way in Black Beauty-Clawtooth

Accessories: Halloween Bow in Orange Cats-Pekka for OMG

Unisex Piercings-Phoebe

Apparel & Shoes: Paradigm(top,skirt,and shoes,comes with other patterns of skirts hence the name :P)-Sugar and Cyanide for Stuff in Stock

S&C Tube Top Collage

Silicone Event:

Hair: Dotty in Black Out-Ploom

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Light Lagoon-Ikon

Makeup: Kawaii Cupcake Lipgloss and Teeth in Pink 2-Pink Acid

Apparel: Mesh Tube(w/jeans)-Sugar and Cyanide for the Silicone Event

Shoes: Swift Sneakers-Ducknipple

Halloween is coming!

Helllooo, I love this time of year just so many ways to dress up and let out that dark side – who don’t like dressing up! hehe.. Hope your monday is good and all it should be 🙂 .. If you get the chance check out the sim i took these pictures at (location below) there is TONS of little halloween stores and the sim itself looks awesome:D


Hair: Reema – Red Ombre Scale – Rumina
Skin: Ali 3 Yumyums
Eyes: Halloween Zombie A.S.S
Make up:  Mi Amor Deep Eye  Pink Acid 
Tattoo: Small Cross Tattoo Corvus
Headband: (Part of outfit) Web Kitty Set Black DCNY @ Haunted Bewbapalooza
Ring: Glitter bat ring Poptart @ The Candy Fair
Tights: Patterned Tights II Desert Izzie’s
Dress: Lazy Oaf Feline Fine Velvet Dress Rebel Gal @ Fi*Friday

Pose: Nerd Set 7 Focus Poses

Location: Pumpkin Town

Never Meant to Start a War

Hello all, most of the goodies I am displaying are from Delirium Style and Latreia Footwear which is participating in the Travel Fair that will take place from October 17-31st. I won’t do much typing, just moving onto the fashion 🙂 ❤ Saxxy

Never Meant to Start a War

Saxxy is Wearing:

Apparel: Hat, Pants, Cardigan,& Bra(Travel Fair Items)-Delirium Style for the Travel Fair

Tattoos: Medicated Tattoo & Freebie Tattoo(The World Owes You Nothing)-Corvus

Accessories: Steking Ears-Mandala

Black Kawaii Grenade Bomb Nom-Epic

Shoes: Urban Sneakers-Latreia Footwear for the Travel Fair

Travel Fair LM is unavailable at the moment, but keep an eye out on the 17th 🙂

Halloweeny Gummy

Ok, so I have to give the credit to Ema for using the “Halloweeny” term lol, but I thought it was super cute! Today I am showing off some of the few things I purchased at the candy fair(thanks to Ema) and a super cute outfit from Sugar and Cyanide that will be available at Bewbapalooza. Btw, I would like to personally welcome Ema to our blogging team, I hope that our audience loves your eclectic style as enjoyable as our friends and I do! Enjoy your Saturday everyone ❤ Saxxy

Halloweeny Gummy Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Kerri in Black and Whites-Truth Hair

Eyes: Kaleido Eyes in Forest Green-Ikon

Makeup: Exotic Ethnic Lips in Orange-Pink Acid for the Candy Fair

Flare Eyeshadow in Tangerine-Blacklace

Tattoo: Never Look Back-Corvus

Accessories: Hip Accent Piercings-Cute Poison for the Candy Fair

Stellar Piercings (Candy Metals Edition)-Cute Poison for the Candy Fair

Yummi Bear in Black Currant-Hopscotch for the Candy Fair

Love Hearts Earrings in Enamelled Black-Maxi Gossamer

Chocolate Sprinkles for Slink Hands-Blah for the Candy Fair

Apparel: I Love October(includes top, pants, and shoes)-Sugar and Cyanide for Bewbapalooza

Location: Image Essentials

Hail to Being Alive

Hello all, excuse the title cause I guess I am just feeling blessed at the moment. I am hoping you are all enjoying your weekend and stuff 🙂 Although I am no longer working at Delirium Style, I have been accepted to blog for the awesome place and it’s affiliates Latreia Shoes and EBA Lingerie, thank you so much for the opportunity! I know I may be a bit late but I just found out Belleza has feet appliers for their skins so I went back to my fav skin store, I shall miss my lulu skin! In other news, I am showing off a few things today from Sugar and Cyanide, Delirium Style, and Latreia. Enjoy! ❤ Saxxy

hail to the king_004

hail to the king_002/makeup

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Jada in Jessica-LeLutka

Skin: Ava in Medium-Belleza

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Bone-IKON

Makeup: Illution Smudge Makeup – Mix 03-Delirium Style

Wildchild Lips in Peachy Nude-Glamorize

Tattoos: Medicated Tattoo & Human Neck Tattoo-CORVUS

Clothes: Hail to the King(includes top and skirt)-Sugar and Cyanide

Shoes: Angelica in BLWH-Latreia Shoes