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My Hideaway

Today I decided to blog on the newest bikinis from 20.Five and while I was deciding to choose on some random location, I remembered the beach Ms. Strawberry Singh took my pictures. I had been looking back in my landmarks for this place because I remembered the water being so visually attractive. In any case I used to love coming here to just escape other people at times. While doing these, Ema gifted me the fatpack of the teeth from Whatever and I am like :O really? Thank you so much for helping me re do the look of the one bikini set to a beautiful nerdy braceface.

Beautiful Braceface

Hair & Hairbase: Yui in Blacks(comes with hairbase but not used here)-Argrace

Natural Hairbase 03(tintable)-Just Magnetized

Eyes: Galaxy in Silver-The Sugar Garden

Makeup: Eyeshadow BasicSparkles in Black


Black Eyeliner Series 5 –Mons

Fire Salmander Makeover


Innocente Lipcolor in My Pink-Mock Cosmetics

Nails: Slink Nails in Laces-MUA 

Accessories: Minimalist Glasses in Titanium-Boom

Polly Necklace and Earring Set in Black-Mandala

Safari Tribe Ring in Black-Ison

Teeth: Teeth 2.0 in RichKid Braces-Whatever

Clothing: Beau Bikini-20.Five

Shoes: Sandals in Crystal Dewdrop-Maxi Gossamer

Poses: Foxy Pack-Posetivity

In other news, I donated to ALS and completed the ice bucket challenge. I think I was more excited about it than anything just to get refreshed from this scorching heat in Florida. I loved it not only for the refreshment but what it stands for. So if you lucky ones are on my fb then by all means…watch me get soaked -_-

These bikinis come with a color changing hud as well. there a few more releases that I will be blogging on from 20. Five throughout the weekend.

My Yellow Bikini

Hair: Medusa in Brunettes-Spellbound

Hairbase same as the initial picture

Eyes: Light Brown *shine*-The Sugar Garden

Makeup: Same as the first picture minus the Salamander Makeover

Tattoo: Japanese Tiger-Paperbag

Nails: Triangle/Deep-D!va

Accessories: Chained Facial Piercing


Diamond Keeper of Hearts Choker-Diamante

Love Heart Earrings in Black-Maxi Gossamer

Clothing: Ruftie Bikini-20.Five

Shoes: Vinnista Sandals in Midnight-Hucci

ArgPose: Callie-Something New

Last but not least I am using the pose my sister Ally gave from from Something New called “Callie”. It is a little sexy and a little fierce so I loved using it in my yellow bikini pics. More also to come from this store very soon.

Enjoy and the details are under their appropriate pictures.

❤ Saxxy

Chill Mode

Teal Matey Collage

Hello all! Yesterday was kinda a horrible day for me, but my mother made this awesome homemade strawberry pie! Although I try to refrain from sweets, the strawberry pie with a hint of cream cheese made my heart melt a bit. 🙂 Today I decided to go to one of my favorite beaches and snap a few pics! Ducknipple released these sexy ass shorts with a color HUD, and while I could have gone with a more grungey look overall, I decided to keep it a bit subtle. I added the cute top from Boom available @ Collabor88 with these shorts, a pair of sexy casual sandals from Reign, and the tattoos from Grungeink which I think Malachi and Recka are tying the knot today! Congrats to you both!

More new stuff is also available from MUA from different season that could compliment any look. Today I am totally rocking the Summer Full Face makeup for lips and eyes. Make sure to check out the store for other new products!

Finally, Mollie from Curve It has two pose sets available for only 50l @Havendale. These poses are from Pose Set 2.

As always, I hope you all have a terrific day!

❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing

Hair: Lolita in Black & Whites-Truth

Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Pool-Ikon

Makeup: Makeup Set in Summer-MUA

Jewelry: Gia Silver Earrings in Silver-Pure Poison

Tattoos: Kalma Tattoo(phat azz and slink hand appliers)-Grungeink@ 100 Block

Nails: Set 135-Flair@Slink West

Clothing: Good Weather Halter in Pitch-Boom@Collabor88

Devil Shorts w/HUD-Ducknipple

Shoes: Smitten Sandals in Black-Reign @The Big Show

Poses: Pose Set 2-Curve It@Havendale Market

Location: Otium 

Blurple Punk

Hey all! Today I am showing off a bit of stuff from Delirium Style, The Arcade, and I will be posting links to my locations of gacha stuff you may be looking for.

Blurple Rain

Chrissy released these Victorian style tops and little top hats. It gave me inspiration to pull together a sorta steampunk look. The little top hats are HUD driven and the tops come in several colors and prints.

The umbrella can be found at the Arcade from Boom. I love it because it has a closed and open version. While open, it has its own rain effects. The hair is the “rain” version of the Rain or Shine hair pack from Exile also available at the Arcade.

Provided Here are the Links to the yardsales of mine. If you have any questions regarding products let me know. I am trying to get rid of all my extras 😀



❤ Saxxy

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Rain in Light Reds-Exile @ The Arcade Gacha

Eyes: Mysteria in Honey-Buzzeri Cosmetics

Makeup: Twinkle Shadow in Gold & Gel Liner in Blue-Buzzeri Cosmetics

Aria Lipstick Cosmo 2 Rare pack-Glam Affair @ The Arcade Gacha

Jewelry:Pocket Watch Necklace in Black-Sleepy Eddy

Umbrella: Rain no rain umbrella in Pitch-BOOM @ The Arcade Gacha

Clothing: Burlesque Blouse in Victorian-Delirium Style

Balloon Shorts in Navy-The Secret Store@Collabor88

Hat: Lil Tophat w/Hat-Delirium Style

Shoes: Meine Boots w/ HUD-Ducknipple

Location: LPP

Smokin Tifa


Hey all, I am on a roll today evidently lol. Today I have had so much inspiration! The smallest things can inspire me at times 😀 I have been accepted to blog for Kaithleen’s, woot! I fell in love with her rompers from the Candy Fair, and checked out some of her items on Marketplace. She keeps things classy with a touch of sexiness and that is definitely more of my style! In any case for those of you who are thinking hmm….what exactly is she wearing? Well if you are familiar with Final Fantasy then you probably recognize the type of attire and the character Tifa.I added my own touches to her as she is not a blonde and is usually holding a weapon like a sword but meh :P. Tifa happens to be a very strong and independent woman and very good friend of Cloud Strife. I may lose you in the talks of this eco-terrorist protagonist so back to the fashion lol.

You can find this outfit in an array of colors by Kaithleen at the Thrift Shop starting on the 7th, so stack up your chips ladies and gentlemen, tons of great stuff to be brought.

Make sure to come check out Skyla at Jokers today @ 2pm SLT, she is sure to make you “Crisp” and “Moist” like a Rice Krispies treat dunked in milk you silly goose!

❤ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Where we Belong in Naturals-Exile

Makeup: My Goth Lip Gloss in Chrome


Mi Amor Deep Smoke Eye Makeup-Pink Acid

Tattoos: Henna & Henna 2(for Slink Feet)-Your Cocain

Accessories: Fearless Wrist & Ankle Cuffs-BOOM

Clothing: Tifa Final Fantasy Set-Kaithleen’s for the Thrift Shop

Feet: Mid Height Barefeet Feet-Slink

Justina is a Star

Well I was feeling really bad yesterday so I decided to give up….for only a few hours lol before I had to get up and try again with blogging. Basically for those who do not know, well my main computer decided hey I refuse to turn on for you! UGH! I do not know what happened but it hasn’t turned on for days and I have done everything imaginable to try and make it work except for opening it all up to mess with the battery cause it’s internal. Either way my blogging will not be as up to par as it has been with my other laptop but I will make damn sure the products I am showing off are as clear as possible. For the time being, please be patient with me as this computer takes forever to do stuff on and I seriously don’t know how much it will cost nor the time it will take for my other one to get fixed.

Today I am showing off the newest jackets from Delirium Style called “Justina”. Comes with a HUD and different patterns and colors. Also, I decided to add this little guy on top of my head, he was an advent gift from DS with a color hud for his scarf. ADORABLE!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

❤ Saxxy


Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Jada in Marilyn-LeLutka

Eyes: Spectral Eyes in Leonine(group gift)-Ikon for Fameshed

Makeup: Lip Jelly in Sangria-Boom

Twinkle Shadow in Silver-Buzzeri

Necklace: Jewelled Love-MG

Clothing: Justina Jacket in Stars


Olivia Leggings in Solids-Delirium Style

Reindeer:Rudolph(Advent Gift)-Delirium Style

Bitacora Soul

Heya everyone! Today I decided to show off a new outfit from !Soul that I thought was awesome. It is a dress, boots, and a purse all for 60l. I have loved soul for a while now, but I recently saw she is accepting bloggers applications so I was like I definitely need to show her what I have to offer, keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 In any case, even if I do not get accepted I will still continue on being a fan and customer and I hope you all will too by checking out her awesome work! Until the next blog, much love! ❤ Saxxy

Soul Green Dress_001

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Dominique in Gingerbread-Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Light Brown-Ikon

Makeup: Puppy Eye in 08-!t for the Cosmetics Fair

Lip Jelly in Taupe-BOOM for the Cosmetics Fair

Jewelry: The Andi Set(Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet)-Artistry by E

Apparel: Dress, Shoes, and Purse in Browny Green-!Soul ! Soul MP

Location: Bitacora

Adorkable Magic


Its skyla, iam back! but i brought Ema with me! :D.. I had so much fun making this picture and SL actucally wanted to work with me, i miss taking more pictures inworld and being creative but SL fights me so bad that sometimes it just takes forever so i got a bit lazy i guess.. but with Ema as my muse i will hopefully get out more she inspires me to be more creative thats for sure!

Hope you enjoy our post today 😀

Sky x



Hair: Stella – Cinnamon – Wasabi Pills @  Wizarding Faire
Make Up: Eyeliner 3 – KATHAARIAN:
Lipstick 3 – ItGirls
Nails: Candy Drip Polish HUD for Slink Hands – Mad Echo
Sweater – Damask Sweater – Salmon Toast – The Secret Store
Skirt: Skater Girl – Emerald – HOOT
Socks: Basic Knee Socks – Sand – Izzie’s
Shoes: Venture Flats – Pitch Slink Feet – BOOM @ Wizarding Faire
Owl: Tawny Owl – MishMish @ Dream Garden
Book: Wizards Book H1 – The Tales of Deedle the Dard =  okkbye  @ Wizarding Faire
Backpack: Mignon wizard school backpack – mint – B.B.CWizarding Faire


Hair: Stella – Jellyfish – Wasabi Pills @  Wizarding Faire
Skin: Ali 2 Yumyums
Mesh Mouth: Gapped Teeth Loud Mouth
Hat: Kawaii Helmet Cute Pink Envious @ Body Modification Expo 10th Oct
Outfit: loose-fit Knit + skirt set 03 Potcha @ Chapter Four
Shoes:  Cute Ballerina Mag<3.B @ Soho Market
Book: Wizards Book H1 – Fountain of Fair Fortune =  okkbye  @ Wizarding Faire
Backpack: Mignon wizard school backpack -Green – B.B.C @ Wizarding Faire

Candy All Around

Hello everyone, I am soooo tired like whoa! In any case I decided to go ahead and get all of these products out of the way and show you what Jay has prepared you all for the Candy Fair starting Oct 4th from Sugar and Cyanide. Due to the pics and styling details, I will keep this short and sweet and focus on the fashion aspect. Yes, I wore my Lush boobs in some of my pics just for Skyla you damn boob lover! I have had these for months and could never get them right, anywho don’t get too used to them, I will only wear them as needed lol. Love you all! ❤ Saxxy

Sweetheart Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Just a Reason in Wild Fusion-Exile for The Arcade

Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Pool-Ikon

Makeup: A little drama in smoke-Elymode

Kawaii stars-StrawBerry

Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth in Pink 02-Pink Acid

Belly Ring: Belly Cupcake II in Pink-Envi

Clothes: Sweetheart(top,pants,tango appliers)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Locale in Sugar-Boom

S&C Candy Fair_004


Hair: Ezra in Midnight-Excess

Tongue: Bubbly tongue-Splash

Dress: Candy Floss in Blue(available in other colors w/ tango and phat azz appliers)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Locale in Lemon Yellow-Boom

I love candy collage


Hair: Mindy in Toast-Truth Hair

Makeup: Same eyeshadow as in pic 1

Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth in Blue-Pink Acid

Eyes: Kaleido in Day-Ikon

Tattoo: Butterfly2-Pimp My Shit

Clothes: I Heart Candy(winged top and skirt)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Sophia Heels w/hud -S&C for the Candy Fair

Candy Girl Collage


Hair: Froukje in Chocolate-Truth Hair

Makeup: Brown & green eyeshadow-Elymode

Tasty Lips in Nude-Plastic Co.

Earrings: Shell Teardrop in Pearl Green-Maxi Gossamer

Clothes: Candy Girl in Summers End(other styles will be available)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Candy Pants and Shoes Collage


Pants: Eye Candy Pants in Icy,Melon, and Pink(other colors available)-S&C for the Candy Fair

Shoes: Mya Heels(exclusives for the fair)-S&C for the Candy Fair

The URL to the Candy Fair is not available at the moment, please keep an eye on our FB page or here when the time comes for it to be open to the public.