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Clarity is a beautiful thing

Happy weekend! Hope yours has got off to a good start, mine isnt too bad, just a quick postie before i make some saturday night grub and drink neon pink cocktails hehe and i must say – Clarity is a beautiful thing. hehe ♥

Clarity is a beautiful thing

Hair: Chrloroform Mutt Moon @  N21
Headband: Bat Headband Pr!tty @ Terror-iffic 5L Hunt (Start Location)
Skin: Sky II America Glam Affair (Sept Arcade)
Nails: Frankie Monster Bella Elephante @ Terror-iffic 5L Hunt (Start Location)
Tattoo: Lacey Elska @ N21
Top: Haunted Shirt – Ouija Dappa @ Suicide Girls
Pants: Roadside Attraction Moto Jeans Renegade @ Fi*Friday
Shoes: Fiona Boots- Black Reign N21
Bat: Flying Bat Bokeh @ Terror-iffic 5L Hunt (Start Location)
Plushie: Lil Monster Cute Poison  @ Terror-iffic 5L Hunt (Start Location)

Feeling Blue

Hii all, unlike the title i don’t feel blue but i do feel ill, I came back from my trip on Tuesday, but i been fighting flu ever since!! *feels sorry for self* nah i will be ok, just taking a few days to feel normal, when i lived in london i use to get horried chest infections all the time, but since living the countryside i never had one, so getting flu while in london gave me one of those horrid chest infections, coughing so much it hurts your whole body, it’s tiring lol.. but i wanted to blogggg and play with my new pc haha so i done a post for ya.. I been trying when on SL to get in C88 but i have been reallly on and off so haven’t got in yet haha i want in, usually with these events i can wait but i love the style so hopefully next time i blog i will of got there, I have been to the fantasy gacha and chapter four though, plus one word is still on with the theme vintage 🙂

I will back soon

Enjoy Skyla♥

Feeling Blue

Hair: Moon Child Little Bones @ The Fantasy Gacha
Eyes: Jela Gift Eye *(OO)*YUKI@ The Chapter Four
Make up:  Glamorous  Blue Mons
Headpiece: Zelda Pearl Headband ‘black’  Bokeh @ One Word
Dress: The Stepford dress – Mono LNS  One Word
Shoes:  Totomi sandal blue *Tentacio*The Chapter Four

Location: The Black Kite

Enchantment – Little Red Riding Hood.

Hey all!

Iam Excited to post this, every 3 months the enchantment chooses a new theme for their event, this time being Little red riding hood, Iam lucky enough to be in some of the few that is allowed into the event early.. I tried to do this picture justice!! I’m by no means the best photographer in SL, but i enjoyed making this, i love a theme! Its Starts 1st Feb, I will Post the LM when its started 🙂

Enchantment - little red riding hood

Hair: Kira Wasabi Pills
Make up: Red, Cherry Red Elephante Poses @ Enchantment
Nails: The Eternal Forest Elephante Poses @ Enchantment
Necklace & Ring: Red’s Medallion & Ring Bokeh @ Enchantment
Basket: Little Red’s Basket Tea.s @ Enchantment
Dress: Ylva Dress with Pelt Luminary @ Enchantment
Shoes: Storybrooke Heels: Wraith Mango Cheeks @ Enchantment
Pose: Little Red 7 Elephante Poses @ Enchantment
(Poses come with own basket also!)