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Velvet Fairies

Hello everyone! Today has been an awesome day! The weather in Florida is the just right weather to do a lot of different things and I took advantage of it 😀 Aside from that I have a few goodies to share with you all, so lets get to it…

First up is the My Little Gothic Dress from Sugar and Cyanide. It comes in an array of colors for the Halloweeny feel and this will be available at Stuff in Stock for this week.

If you are all a fan of the slink hand tattoos like me 😛 then you will be pleased to know more people are making them and these happen to be awesome by the gorgeous Shaina Deed for Your Cocain. They are only 21l on the MP, so I suggest you act quick on them being that I do not know how long they will stay that price. They are feathers and birds and the detail on the tats are great!

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and Skyla I hope your headache goes away soon!

❤ Saxxy

Velvet Dress Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Mina in Black and Whites-Truth Hair

Eyes: Kaleido Eyes in Forest-Ikon

Makeup: Puppy Eye 03-!t for the Cosmetics Fair

Deja Lipgloss in Merlot-Pink Acid

Tattoos: Freebie Tattoo-Corvus

Slink Birds(must have slink hands)-Your Cocain

Necklace: Loa Happy Skulls-MG for Collarbor88

Piercings: Unisex Face Piercing Q6 ~8 Metals & 11 Gems~Phoebe

Clothes: My Little Gothic Dress in Red Velvet-Sugar and Cyanide for Stuff in Stock

Ornament Leggings(ripped)-BAX

Shoes: Fabric Platforms in Black-Slink

We All Have Our Moments

Hello all, if you follow us on fb or specifically my partner in crime for this blog Skyla, then you will know that she lost what was known as her child, family member, a loved one, and a very special kitty named Mollie. As an animal lover myself, I cried a few times today because I can just imagine if I had to see one of my animals go, I wouldn’t be taking it well.  I am truly sorry for your loss friend, it will get better and you always have your friends to support you through whatever. Skyla will be back in blogging mode tomorrow, but she needed a break today as I am sure we can all understand her time in need.

Onward with the fashion, I will be displaying the newest items from Ducknipple. Three tops and a pair of shoes all HUD driven of course to fit into your autumn collection. Enjoy 🙂 ❤ Saxxy

DN 921 Collage

Saxxy is Wearing:

Pic # 1

Hair: Genevieve in Dark Chocolate-LaViere

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom(same in pic 2 & 3)-Ikon

Makeup(same in pic 2 & 3): Glitter Pop eShadow in Synjari Kiva


Tapestry Glace Lipcolor-Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry(same in pic 2): Fall Collection Earrings(group gift)-JCNY

Phone: Phone 5 Black Mesh(thanks Ema)-ZULU

Clothes: Riel w/HUD-Ducknipple

Tight Jeans w/HUD-Alyce

Shoes: Foxy Boots in Lychee-Bax

Pic #2

Hair: Elly in Black-Miss C. for Fi Friday

Clothes: Hilton Sweater w/HUD-Ducknipple

Black Leggings-{U.R.}

Shoes: Bagani Boots in Carafe-Hucci

Pic #3

Hair: Satsuma in Dark Set-Rosy Mood

Clothes: Eli Top w/Hud-Ducknipple

Shoes: Klopper Sandals w/hud-Ducknipple